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(Raven's POV)

"Titans, GO!" Robin yelled as he smirked and Beast Boy transformed into a rhino and charged at Doctor Light. Starfire, Lily and I flew overhead, Starfire's eyes glowing green, mine an eerie white, and Lily smirking devilishly down at Doctor Light. Doctor Light put up a Lightshield to deflect Beast Boy. Once Beast Boy bounced off, he put it down, but was met by a brigade of Starbolts, waterballs, and small black covered items.

Doctor Light let out a scream, and Kid Flash and Beast Boy charged at him, Kid Flash making a barrier around him as he ran super fast, Beast Boy's gorilla form swatted at Doctor Light, causing him to fall over. Robin then leapt up over Kid Flash's shield and slammed his bo staff into Doctor Light's jaw.

"It looks like your light wasn't fully charged Doctor Light, and now, you're going to jail." Robin said and the siren's pulled up.

"NO!" Doctor Light cried. "I thought I had you!" He yelled, as he was loaded into the back of a police car.

"Nice work team." Robin said and smiled. "Let's go home."


Back at the Tower, everyone was sitting in the main room, Lily was practicing her earth powers by making little rocks float around everywhere. Robin, Kid Flash, and Beast Boy were in a three man game of a stupid racing game and I was sitting on the other end of the couch reading.

"Friends!" Starfire yelled joyously as she brought in a variety of Tamaraen (sp?) trinkets. "Today is Morflog, the Tamaraen festival of Singing!" She exclaimed happily.

I looked up from my book. "Excuse me?" Lily questioned.

"Yes, today all people on Tamaran sing non stop." Starfire said and smiled happily, she set her "musical instruments" on the table.

"All day?" Beast Boy questioned as the game was paused.

"Yes, all day. Shall I begin?" She questioned, her big green eyes innocent. I stood up, slowly, I was going to break it to her slowly that no one wanted to sing all day, or listen to her bellow at the top of her lungs...

"Um, no, that won't be—um, Robin?" I asked as I shot a hopeful glance towards the Boy Wonder.

"Uh, Star? How about we just go for pizza?" He asked hopefully, standing up and smiling at her. She smiled and sighed.

"That would be glorious!" She shouted happily. "I have not had pizza in a long time!"

"Well then, let's go!" Kid Flash said happily, as he draped a friendly arm over Lily's shoulder. Robin wrapped his arms around Starfire's waist and smiled into the back of her head.

Beast Boy came up behind me and planted a small kiss on my cheek. "Yeah." He said with a smile. "How about we make it Titans Day? The earth festival of stuffing our faces full of pizza and soda?" Beast Boy smiled.

"Hell yeah!" Kid Flash nodded.

"Well then, to Titans Day." Robin said and the six of us walked out of the common room door together.

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