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"Honestly, Janet, I feel fine. I'd really rather go home." Sam's protest availed her nothing.

"Anyone who ages twenty-five years overnight has to stay in the infirmary for at least a day or two." Janet told her sternly, checking her temperature. "No fever. Any complaints – the truth, please." She cautioned.

"A few muscle cramps." Sam admitted reluctantly, knowing that this was an understatement. It felt as though every limb in her body was aching.

"Aging twenty-five years will give you some truly awful growing pains." A cheerful voice commented from outside the curtained cubicle where Janet was conducting her examination. "You decent in there, Carter?"

"Yes, sir." Waking up cuddled between her commanding officer and her friend had been one of the more embarrassing experiences of her life, but thankfully the others had refrained from teasing her about it.

Janet opened the curtains, taking a chart from one of the nurses. "Your blood work came back clear, not a trace of the chemicals from the water." She remarked. "Your body must have purged them last night when you were sick."

"I seem to remember somebody blaming us for letting Carter have too much candy." Jack pointed out, aggrieved.

Janet's reproving frown was all the response he received.

Grinning, Jack bent down to dig through a bag, producing a stuffed rabbit and handing it to Sam with a flourish. "I figured that you'd want him with you if you had to spend the night here." He teased. "And Uncle George was very flattered that you named it after him."

Blushing, Sam accepted the stuffed animal, keeping her eyes averted.

Although she had only the vaguest of memories of her second childhood, what little she had heard so far had left her in no doubt that her antics would be a favorite topic for discussion for a long time to come.

Teal'c and Daniel arrived shortly afterwards, Daniel hugging a bundle of photographs protectively.

Seeing them, Sam felt her heart sink. "You didn't…"

"He did." Jack grinned.

"You were really cute as a kid, Sam." Daniel said brightly, passing the first of the photographs, one of little Sam sitting on General Hammond's knee.

"Except when you were getting us into trouble." Jack did his best to glare, but couldn't keep a smile from his face. "Although," He said pensively. "I'm seriously considering putting a Timeout Chair in my office – it'd come in handy for when you three get out of line."

"Very funny." Daniel rolled his eyes.

"Did I say that I was joking?"

Janet bustled back into the infirmary, carrying a large bag of candy. "This is yours." She said, laying it on the locker next to Sam's bed. "I hope that I can trust you not to overdo it."

"I promise." Given that the food served in the infirmary was usually worse than that served in the commissary, having a stash of chocolate at her side would certainly make Sam's stay there more bearable.

Janet, satisfied, nodded and headed back to her office to finish filling out her report on Sam's condition.

You know, you may have to call the President to let him know that you're yourself again." Jack said, helping himself to a bar of chocolate. "You freaked him out when you two last talked."

"Oh God!" Poor Sam looked aghast, unconsciously clutching at George the Rabbit.

"And we really need to have a little talk about how the stargate is not a toy, young lady." Jack gave her a mock glare. "And why we never, under any circumstances try to dial P6J-614."

Sam winced, remembering SG-1's experience on that particular planet. "Sorry, sir."

Taking pity on her, he smiled and patted her shoulder. "No harm done – and you did much worse to Daniel."

Sam looked up at the archaeologist. "Really?"

He nodded unhappily, remembering a few of the more embarrassing experiences. "Really."

"Sorry." She apologised, brushing her now shoulder length hair, a souvenir of her transformation, away from her face. "I need to get a hair cut."

"Oh, I don't know." Jack said seriously. "I'm sure Teal'c will be happy to put it pigtails for you."

She scowled. "No, thanks."

An hour later

SG-1 had been passing a pleasant time working their way through Sam and Teal'c's combined stashes of candy while the three men related anecdotes of her second childhood.

"Are you planning on holding me to the whole bringing you back to the zoo to visit 'Mr Einstein' thing?" Jack asked good-naturedly, looking at a photograph of little Sam cuddling the rabbit.

"No, sir."

"Pity." He pulled out another photograph. "I think this one's my favourite." He announced, holding out a snapshot of Sam, Teal'c and Cassie in their Halloween costumes. "Its a good thing the Doc's innocent, unsuspecting neighbours didn't know that you were more of a little demon than an angel." He joked, downing a handful of jellybeans. "Or we wouldn't have half as much candy."

"Was I really that bad?"

"I did not find you so, Captain Carter." Teal'c told her solemnly. "I enjoyed the activities of the past days. You were a charming child."

"You actually behaved for Teal'c." Jack said. "Except when you were playing Hide and Seek."

A knock and a timid cough drew their attention to the door, where Dr Lee was standing.

"I didn't know that you had company, Captain." He said, abashed, fiddling with a long, wrapped package in his hands for a few minutes before abruptly thrusting it at her. "I wasn't able to get it exactly right, even with General Carter and Selmak's help but I was able to adapt their crystal technology to channel a laser beam." He babbled almost incoherently.

Sam unwrapped the package slowly, revealing an object that would be familiar to anybody who had seen Teal'c's favourite movie.

"It won't cut through things… not heavy things, anyway… but it looks really cool." Dr Lee announced, eagerly awaiting her approval.

"I can't believe that Hammond let you spend all this time working on a lightsaber just because Carter wanted one." Jack told Dr Lee before returning his attention to Sam. "I know who I'll be sending as a messenger the next time I need something. Talk about being wrapped around her little finger."

"Perhaps you ought to try the lightsaber." Teal'c hinted broadly, his eyes glued to the narrow metal weapon.

Despite Dr Lee's assurances that it worked, all four members of SG-1 were pleasantly surprised to see a long blade of pale blue light shine out of the weapon when Sam activated it.

"I had some help with the sound effects." Dr Lee said modestly as Sam tested his gift, which was remarkably realistic.

"You could probably get a fortune for it on e-Bay." Daniel joked. "Or not." He amended hastily, seeing Dr Lee's rather hurt expression and the scowl that Teal'c was giving him.

"Be careful you don't touch the blade." Dr Lee cautioned. "It can get pretty hot."

"Maybe that's not something you want to be waving around my infirmary." Janet remarked, startling them all with her arrival. She glanced at Sam, who was looking pretty drained – understandable, given what her body had been through recently. "Perhaps you gentlemen could come back later." She hinted pointedly.

"I'd better be getting backto the lab." Dr Lee said, bidding Sam goodbye and leaving the infirmary.

"I do have a lot of catching up to do." Daniel told Sam apologetically before leaning forward and whispering in her ear. "And I haven't forgotten about you destroying my tablet."

"We'll have to bring our home movies with us and borrow a TV." Jack promised. "Once we've made copies for everybody, of course." He said wickedly, before casting a longing eye on the lightsaber. "You know, it mightn't be safe to just leave that lying around…" He hinted.

"You're absolutely right, sir." Sam looked as innocent as she ever had at four and a half.

Teal'c's eyes lit up and a rare smile spread across his face when she handed the lightsaber to him.

"Could you take care of this for me?"

"Of course." Teal'c bowed his head, hastening out of the infirmary with the lightsaber in tow, cradling it as though it were a priceless treasure.

Jack watched him leave, amused. "You do know that you're never getting that back, right?"

"Probably not."

Janet cleared her throat meaningfully. "I'm going to assume that anybody besides my patient who is still in here by the time I count to ten is looking for a set of vitamin booster shots."

"I'm going." Jack promised hastily. "And Carter?"

"Yes, sir?"

He grinned at her. "It's good to have you back."

She returned his smile with a dazzling one o her own. "It's good to be back."


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