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Voice in my head: Sure you do!

Me: No I don't... Be quiet Fred!

Voice: Fine, but this conversation is SO not over!

"No!" He heard the voice scream, through his head. 'You can't shoot him, Sam, he's your brother!' But even as his thoughts screamed at him, Sam pulled the trigger. Nothing happened, and he pulled it again. Still nothing happened, frustrated he kept pulling the trigger until finally...

Sam sat bolt upright in bed, and gasped. His head was pounding, and he had to close his eyes against the glare of the early morning sun. Dean looked at him from the other bed, and concern showed in his eyes

"You okay Sammy?" Dean asked, and Sam looked at him, as if noticing him for the first time. "Sammy, your nose is bleeding." Dean said in concern and threw the blankets off himself, and got up. He headed for the bathroom, and Sam put a hand to his nose.

Sure enough when he pulled his hand back, there was blood on it. Dean came back out of the bathroom, carrying a towel, and handed it to Sam, who stuck it to his bleeding nose.

"Thanks," Sam muttered, and Dean looked back at him, concern still evident in his eyes, yet he nodded.

"What happened?" Dean asked as he started getting dressed.

"Nightmare," was Sam's only response.

"'Bout what?" Dean asked, lacing his boots up.

Sam looked at him, and then looked back down, removing the towel from his nose, which was no longer bleeding. "Nothing." He said, and Dean looked over at him.

Sam walked around, feeling his brother's eyes boring into him. He ignored the feeling, and grabbed clothes, walking into the bathroom.

As the door shut, Dean sighed. He knew that Sam had been dreaming about that night at the Asylum again, he could hear him mumbling in his sleep. Dean had tried to make him realize that what had happened that night hadn't been his fault. The nightmares had finally ended about a week ago, and then when they had met that traveler, they had started back up again.

Now Sam's nose was bleeding from the stress of the dreams... It couldn't be a good sign. As much as he hated them, he might have to take Sam to the hospital soon.

Sam walked out of the bathroom, and mumbled something like, "Gonna go get some breakfast," before he walked out the door. Dean sighed once again, and got up. He would call the doctor later, and then tell Sam. If he had to, he would sedate Sam, and carry him into the doctor's office if he had to.

Sam walked into the local store, and down the first isle. He grabbed a muffin off the shelf, and then thinking about it, grabbed another one for his brother. Down the next isle, he grabbed a bottle of aspirin, and grabbed a cup of coffee from the machine down the next.

"Hi Sam." A familiar voice said, and Sam looked up to find himself staring into the eyes of the traveler he had met the other day.

"Hi, um Emma, is it?" He asked, and she nodded. "Well, have a nice day." Sam said after an awkward minute of silence.

"Yeah, you too." She said, and walked away.

Sam paid for his things, and walked out of the store. He felt as if he was being watched, so he took a turn, and found himself walking down an alley. 'Shit!' He mentally cursed, but kept walking as if he knew what he was doing.

He took out his cell, and dialed Dean's number. He placed the phone to his ear, and waited for his brother to pick up. "Sam?" Came the voice over the phone.

"Dean, listen I think someone is following me." Sam said, his voice low.

"Where are you?" His brother asked, voice anxious.

"The alley, near the-" He was cut off, a groan ending his sentence as something hit him in the back of the head.

"Sammy!" He heard his brother's voice yell through the phone as he fell. That was the last thing he heard before darkness engulfed him.

"Sammy!" Dean yelled into the phone as he heard a groan from the other end of the phone.

"Your brother can't talk right now, he's a little tired." A female voice said, and Dean automatically recognized.

"Emma? What did you do to Sam!" Dean yelled into phone.

"That's for me to know, and you, well for you to wonder." Came the cryptic reply, and then the disconnected tone on the phone sounded as she hung up.

"Don't worry Sam, I'll find you." Dean muttered to himself. He grabbed his coat and headed out the door. He knew something was wrong with that girl when he had first met her, he just couldn't figure out what it was.

Getting in his Impala, Dean headed for the store where he knew Sam would have went. He pulled up outside the store five minutes later, and got out. Walking down the street, he saw the alley that Sam must have gone down, and walked down it.

There was a bag lying on the ground that had muffin's, and aspirin in it, and a broken coffee Styrofoam cup with coffee spilled all around it. Sam's cell phone lay closed on the ground next to the bag, and Dean picked it up. The phone was still warm, so he knew they hadn't gotten far.

Running down the alley, Dean turned at the end, and found himself facing a dead end.

There was a note at the end of the alley, and Dean grabbed it.


Let your brother's nightmares begin.

Emma (Nightmare Demon)

Dean cursed and crumpled the note, wondering how he was going to find out where Sam was. The Nightmare Demon would explain Sam's nosebleed after his nightmare this morning, Dean thought to himself.

"Awe crap! Psychics are more vulnerable to Nightmare Demons!" Dean said out loud. Fear for his brother was starting to double. He remembered that their dad had an article about the demons in his journal, and Missouri had told them that Sam was more vulnerable to them, because of the premonitions and his job; and Dean had let him get taken.

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