Chapter 1


Hinata Hyuuga always had a thing for Naruto but she was such a shy girl Naruto never knew she had a major crush on him, but one day Naruto one day found out and was pretty surprised that anyone would have a crush on him. Naruto was originally trying to get Sakura as a girlfriend but she was always trying to get Sasuke, which made it very difficult to get her.

The Story

"At this rate she wont last 10 minutes, we've got to get her to the emergency room right now!" Yelled the head medic Hinata coughed up more blood as she lay there shivering.

The medics picked her up and put her on a stretcher and the medic yelled. "Move it!" they rushed to the hospital which was right next to the arena. They wheeled her into the emergency room and hoisted her on to the operating table.

"She has gone into ventricular fibrillation, we need to operate now!" The doctors quickly took her sweatshirt off and tossed them aside then ripped open the t-shirt she was wearing underneath, the doctors then put on faces masks and rubber gloves, the doctors brung the main surgeon the cutting tools.

(If your wondering why they ripped open her t-shirt you should watch some emergency ER shows they do it all the time lol.)

Since she is all-ready blacked out there is no need for sleeping gas. One doctor held an oxygen mask to Hinata's face. The surgeon carefully cut a line down Hinata's bruised chest around where her heart is, the surgeon was opening up Hinata's chest to get to heart.

As the doctor opened and carefully moved muscle tissue aside, when the surgeon made his way to Hinata's heart, he began patching up her damaged heart, the doctors around the surgeon were keeping the blood from spilling everywhere with cloth and towels.

(Lol I don't know how they do open heart surgery so that's why I didn't go into detail.)

After about 30 minutes of operation she was finally in stable condition, she woke up feeling queasy, the nurse was cleaning the room from the operation, "Well your finally coming to, oh you might want this bucket because you still got blood in your lungs." She handed Hinata the bucket, Hinata started coughing somewhat violently, she coughed up a lot of blood, while coughing she gave up trying to hold down her stomach contents a threw up, a lot of what she threw up was blood, she sat back up but her stomach lurched and puked up more into the bucket, the bucket now looked quite full.

A day later she was released from the hospital, Hinata was still recovering in her bed even though she was released from the hospital because she still had a few problems that could burst the healing parts of her heart. Naruto and the rest of his squad didn't have any missions at the time, Naruto could not get Hinata off his mind, and he had to go see her.

Naruto walked over to the Hyuuga residence and knocked on the door, Hinata's mother answered the door. Naruto was asked in an unusually polite voice, "Mame is it alright if I see Hinata?" She stood aside and let Naruto in the house, Naruto sat down on the sofa in front of the window. "She's asleep right now, but would you like some tea?" said Hinata's mother. "Yeah tea would be nice." Said Naruto, Hinata's Mother poured some tea and brought over a cup of tea and handed it to Naruto, "Hinata was sleeping the last time I checked in on here, but you can go up to her room if you want." Said Hinata's Mother.

Naruto nodded and walked up the stairs toward Hinata's room, Naruto cracked open the door which some-what creaked as he opened it, Naruto opened the door some more. Hinata slightly opened her eyes and turned her head and looked at Naruto, she blushed at the sight of Naruto, and she quickly rolled over in her bed to try to hide her face. Naruto walked over next to Hinata's bed.-side. Hinata's face turned a brighter red., Naruto some-what blushed, he smiled, because he knew she was awake.

"I just thought I stop by and see how you are because I have nothing to do today and…"Naruto was cut of by Hinata, "Naruto." she whispered, Naruto leaned closer, "What?" asked Naruto with a sort of blank face. "I… I love you Naruto" Naruto's face turned as bright red as a tomato. "

Hinata sat up and kissed Naruto on the cheek. Hinata laid her head back down. "I …. Love you too Hinata" Said Naruto, "Hinata you need to sleep, I will see you tomorrow Hinata" Naruto stood up and walked out. Hinata closed her eyes and fell back asleep with a smile on her face. Naruto walked down the stairs with his hand on his cheek wear Hinata kissed him and thought, "I had no idea she liked me that much…"As he reached the bottom of the stairs he asked Hinata's mother "How much longer until she can get out of bed?"

"She should be out of bed in the next day or two" Said Hinata's mother. Naruto nodded and walked out the door and headed for home. The next morning, Kakashi and the rest of the group ended up banging at Naruto's door. Naruto quickly jumped out of bed and ran for the door thinking it was an emergency, he opened the door.

"What's going on" said Naruto. "Naruto can you do anything right" scowled Sakura, "We have to go get a mission, so hurry up and get dressed Naruto" explained Kakashi. Naruto Rushed to get his clothes on, and then the squad walked down to sign up for a mission. It's only a Class C mission so it should only take a couple days at the most. After a few days Naruto and the group came back from their simple mission.

As they came back into the village in the trees Naruto saw Hinata training, she was training pretty hard to be only on her feet for a day or two, Hinata turned and smiled at Naruto, Naruto waved idiotically and smiled back. Hinata started to blush, and then she went back to training. Naruto headed back home because he had nothing else to do that day.

As he got home he grabbed a cup of instant ramen out of the kitchen for his lunch, he had been starving cause he didn't even have breakfast that morning because he woke up late and the rest of his squad was ready to leave for home. The whole time he was eating he thought of Hinata; he didn't know whether or not she had lunch so he fixed up another cup of ramen just incase, he sealed it and walked out the door and headed to wear he saw Hinata training.

When he came within sight of Hinata he noticed she was now training he target practice with kunai knives, as he got closer he said "Hey Hinata what's up?" Hinata dropped her kunai knife and began to poke her index fingers together; she then turned to look at him, "Hi Naruto." She said in her normal soft voice."Hinata have you had anything to eat today?" Asked Naruto;

"No, why?" said Hinata, "I have a cup of ramen already made if you want it Hinata." Said Naruto; Well I'm not really…" Hinata was cut off by her growling stomach. She looked slightly embarrassed, Naruto tossed the cup of ramen to Hinata, and Hinata caught it and said with a slight blush "Thanks Naruto." "Hey it's no problem, believe it." Naruto smiled.

While Hinata was eating, Naruto asked "Hinata has your sensei taught your squad about controlling your chakra?" "Well she has talked about it but she really never told us a good way to control our chakra." said Hinata. Hinata put down the chop sticks and drank the rest of the broth in one gulp. "I can teach you a very good way of controlling your chakra." Naruto stood up and focused his charka to the bottoms his feet, then he ran at the tallest tree with a perfect side to run up it, he ran until he got up to the branch that was about 50 feet up and stopped on that branch.

"All you have to do is focus all your charka to the bottom of your feet." Said Naruto looking down at Hinata. "But I can tell you this its not that easy the first time" Then Naruto then started to show of by focusing more of his chakra to the bottoms of his feet and hanging upside-down on the branch. Hinata smiled. She stood up and tried focusing her chakra to the bottom of her feet, she ran straight at the tree she only made it about 20 feet on the first climb but about on the 4th try she got as high as Naruto. Naruto watched her train till sunset and when the sun was setting in the sky Naruto and Hinata both stood on the same branch watching the sunset, Hinata felt she wanted to also impress Naruto, so she again focused her chakra, and purposely fell backwards stood upside down on the tree branch.

When she did her sweatshirt fell a little passed her belly-button, before it fell any farther she quickly pulled he sweatshirt back down, she blushed a bright red. Naruto smiled and said "Hey Hinata pretty good, believe it, you were able to catch your sweatshirt and still keep your chakra balanced at the same time." Hinata jumped down and climbed back up the tree to where Naruto was.

It was now after sunset and it was getting dark. Both Naruto and Hinata both jumped down off the tree, when they were both walking down the path together, as they reached Hinata's home, Hinata kissed Naruto on the cheek and said, "See you again tomorrow Naruto." Both Hinata and Naruto blushed, "See you tomorrow Hinata." Hinata then walked up the steps then opened the door slightly then looked back and smiled with a blush at Naruto then continued into the house.

End of Chapter 1.

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