Naruto & Hinata's Love story

Chapter 2

In the morning Naruto woke up it seemed like a normal morning, but after eating his breakfast he glanced at the calendar and realized that he needed to go meet his squad at the usual spot so they can receive a mission. He again rushed to get his clothes on cause he had needed to be down there a 9am but it was already less then 5min till then.

Naruto rushed down to where he was supposed to meet his squad, as he got there which was about 10 minuets late and Sakura was getting impatient with Naruto as usual. "Ughh… Naruto you're late again!" yelled Sakura

"Calm down Sakura he's only 10 minuets late, there's really no need to get worked up about something like that." Said Kakashi.

"But he's always late." Said Sakura... Naruto smiled and started scratching the back of his head like he always does when puzzled or felt stupid. They all started to walk down to receive their mission, on the way Sakura was flirting with Sasuke, Sasuke as usual was ignoring her comments and flirts. After they received their mission Naruto decided to go see Hinata before he left on another mission, luckily this was another short and somewhat worthless mission. Naruto walked down the path to Hinata's place.

Hinata was looking out her window while changing out of her pajama's not thinking that anyone was going to see her in her window, she turned around to grab her clothes, as she put on her sweat pants she glanced out the window and saw Naruto. Naruto looked up and saw Hinata looking out the window; Hinata gasped and quickly grabbed something to cover her bare chest. Her face turned bright red. Naruto waved idiotically to Hinata. "Sorry have I come at a bad time." Naruto chuckled. Naruto slightly blushed.

Hinata quickly grabbed he purple shirt and threw it on. "Hey I will come back later if you want me to." Said Naruto. "No it… its fine, come on in I'll be down in a sec", Said Hinata. Naruto walked into the living room of Hinata's home, Naruto noticed Hinata's father nor mother was there.

Hinata came down the stairs and sat next to Naruto on the sofa, Naruto had turned the TV on, which looked like it hadn't been used in a while because of all the dust accumulation on the screen. "N…Naruto, in the window d…did you see um… my um…." "Don't worry about that, no need to be embarrassed, believe it, if anyone should be embarrassed is me because all the times I made a fool out of myself, and painting the graffiti on the Hokage faces didn't help." said Naruto. Hinata chuckled.

"But hey lets watch some TV" said Naruto with a smile. Naruto started flipping channels till he got to that he found kind of interesting, the movie was called "Kiss of the Dragon". After Naruto set down the remote Hinata laid her head on Naruto's shoulder.

When the credits to the movie where now starting Naruto stood up and stretched as if he just woke up. The doorknob rattled and Hinata's father walked into the room.

Hinata's father glanced at Naruto and then glanced at Hinata.

Hinata's father closed his eyes and shook his head in disappointment, then continued walking. Neji walked in just a tad behind Hinata's father, Neji glared at both Naruto and Hinata, and then he continued to the court yard with Hinata's father.

"I guess this would be a good time to leave, huh?" Said Naruto while scratching the back of his head. Hinata nodded. "Yeah maybe we can see a movie tomorrow or something." Said Naruto. Hinata smiled, walked over to Naruto and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. Naruto turned a little red. Naruto looked at Hinata's face and saw her face was blushing a little. "Well see you tomorrow." Said Naruto