By Ellie

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Chapter 1

Cuddy peered through the front windshield of her car as she questioned for the thousandth time the wisdom of trying to go to work during what was gearing up to be one of the worst blizzards in New Jersey history. The blizzard itself had snuck up on the local meteorologists. They had been predicting only a couple of inches of snow when she went to bed, but by the time her alarm went off in the morning, they were saying that the local area was going to be covered in at least a couple of feet of snow by the end of the day.

Cuddy had quickly thought about her options. She could stay at her home – trapped – with nothing to do for the next couple of days or she could get some clothes together and head for the hospital before things got really bad. It hadn't taken long for her to get dressed, pack a few sets of clothing and some toiletry items, and get into her car to go to the hospital.

She was about half way there when she came to the conclusion that she may have made a mistake. The roads themselves were slippery. "But not any worse than they had been in Michigan a thousand times before," she kept on telling herself. The problem was visibility. The snow was blowing hard and making it difficult for Cuddy to see where she was going.

"You couldn't just sit back and enjoy a vacation, could you Lisa?" she asked herself as she was carefully making a turn onto a residential street. Suddenly, a blur crossed her path and she slammed on the brakes. Her car swerved around and around as she unsuccessfully struggled to regain control of vehicle. She saw the light post in front of her just a second before she crashed head on into it. The seatbelt strained against her chest, and the airbag deployed as she came to a sudden stop.

Cuddy could hear her heart pounding in her ears as she opened her eyes. She could see the white talcum from the airbag mixing with the snow that was entering her car from the cracked windshield. She took several deep breaths to try and steady herself as she checked for injuries. Her neck was a little sore. She had some scrapes on her face and some small burns on her arms from the airbag, but overall she was fine. She grabbed her bag and slowly got out of the car to see if it looked like it was about ready to burst into flames. Her front end was pretty smashed up, but she could detect no signs of anything catching on fire.

Cuddy opened her purse and looked for her cell phone. It wasn't there. She thought back to her morning and realized that she must have left the damn thing on her kitchen table as she was getting her other things ready for work.

"Just brilliant, Lisa," she told herself, mockingly. She pulled her coat around herself as she realized that she would have to go to one of these townhouses, pray that the person who lived there wasn't some sort of deviant, knock on the door, convince them to let her come inside and quite possibly stay there for the duration of the storm. Cuddy did not like her chances.

She looked through the falling snow as she tried to remember exactlywhat street she was on,and then it hit her. She knew exactly where she was. She was on House's street. Cuddy felt relieved and worse at the same time. House was definitely a deviant, but she knew that she'd be safe there. But he would be vocal about her stupid mistake. She could just see him picking at her – possibly for the next few days – over how she didn't think that it was possible for the hospital to run without her. Cuddy leaned against the car for a moment, contemplating how yesterday she had been enjoying the fact that House was on a mini-vacation and she wouldn't have to deal with him for the rest of the week.

Cuddy hadn't been surprised when he asked for a few days off after Stacy had resigned from the hospital. He needed time to process whatever happened between Stacy and himself and his feelings about her subsequent departure, and he needed to do that in a place where the walls were not transparent. Cuddy understood that. She hated the thought of disturbing him in the middle of his brood and quite possibly catching him in the middle of an alcoholic binge, but she realized that she didn't have much of a choice. She shouldered her bags and started the trek to House's place.

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