Please, I need the feedback.

It was pharaoh Atem's coronation day. He was not worried about that. He was worried that he would have to pick a wife. He made a huge deal arguing that he would only have one wife. He wanted to pick one special wife. So here he was, walking in a straight line while the most beautiful women of the kingdom at his feet revealing their faces. Atem was getting worried because he didn't like any of them. Finally he got to the end and saw a beautiful girl that had chestnut hair with a hairclip that was keeping her hair from falling in front of her face. She had on a white tank top with arm bracelets. She also had on a long white skirt. Atem fell in love with her instantly. Atem knelt down when he saw her.

"What is your name?" Atem asked.

"Anzu," the girl replied shyly.

So is it a good start?