Summary: In a country where one group controls all the power and suppresses the weak, an unexpected person steps up and fights for them. He robs from the rich and gives to the poor. He has closed himself off to all but his band of men. Will he win his fight against the nobles, or will they kill him first?

Yeah, this is an RK Robin Hood crossover. This will be based more on the movie with Errol Flin than on the book itself.

In this fanfic, Japan will be based more on England, so I apologize for anyone who takes offense. If you want me to change it, include what you want me to change and describe it. I'm more than happy to listen.

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He had been at war with other countries and fought during the Bakumatsu in the name of the Emperor. Hell, he had been known as the infamous Hitokiri Battousai, the most deadly of all assassins, and a man to be feared. No one knew then that he was the assassin, and no one certainly knew now. He was a quiet lord, living off the land and money he had gained from the Emperor. Presently, the Emperor was on another crusade to recapture the Holy Land Japan had lost to Rhodedandre.

That's where these troubles begin, but alas, I've begun too far forward. Let's go backwards in time for a bit, shall we?

This gentle lord was the adopted son of Hiko Seijuro, the famous master of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu. Hiko had rescued him inadvertently from a bunch of slavers, and had trained him in this style.

Hiko had given him the name of Kenshin. Himura Kenshin.

Kenshin had become a skilled warrior, and at the age of fourteen, Kogoro Katsura enlisted his help to aid the Emperor to gain power. After that, it had been a few crusades, then Kenshin requested to live in the country on the land he had gained. He left the Choshu Ishin Shishi, the militia most supportive of the Emperor.

From there, Kenshin had been called back into service only when there was fear that a major enemy had returned. Most of them turned out to be minor scuffles that only lasted a short time, usually less than a month.

Okay, now we go forward to where we were at the beginning.

The Emperor, as far as Lord Himura knew, was on a crusade at the moment, and was not scheduled to return for a few months, which meant that he was in charge of any military actions against other countries. As a favor to his Emperor, Kenshin always did small things like this; he would be military advisor or military leader, were the Emperor absent.

At the moment, Kenshin was relaxing on the veranda, playing a game of chess with Shinomori Aoshi, his long time friend and fellow noble. Aoshi was the Okashira of the Oniwabanshu Omnitsu, a group of elite ninja that worked all over Japan. Few knew Aoshi was the Okashira, but most people who met the man had suspicions. Like Kenshin, he was one of the kinder lords, treating everyone fairly. But, woe to all who committed a crime in his land; he knew who had and who hadn't.

They were playing chess. Aoshi was winning, needless to say, and Kenshin was wearing a scowl as he concentrated and worked on his next move. A messenger rode up to the house.

"Okashira!" The messenger was Beshimi.

Aoshi watched him with indifference as Beshimi rushed towards him. Beshimi handed him a piece of paper, then tried to catch his breath. Aoshi read the paper, and, although the change was a slight thinning of the mouth, Kenshin could tell whatever was in the letter had either worried or upset him. Aoshi tossed the paper at Kenshin.

The Emperor of Japan has been captured by the Rhodedandre during the crusade. He is either dead or being tortured.

His younger brother, Shishio Makoto, has proclaimed himself Emperor.

It took Kenshin a few minutes to digest what he had just read. "Shishio has proclaimed himself Emperor!"

Aoshi shook his head. "You cannot proclaim yourself Emperor, but he has taken complete control of Japan. From what the spies in Tokyo say, he has arranged to be officially recognized as Emperor as soon as he is certain his brother is dead."

Kenshin frowned. Shishio as Emperor, whether or not it was official, was bad.

To my knowledge, there is no place called Rhodedandre, but if there is, I apologize in advanced. They will not be the main evil, just used in the story.

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