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Author's Note: This is probably the craziest idea I had ever got! I will try to make it really funny and exciting! Hope you all enjoy it:P

Summary: Have you ever wonder how your life will be in someone else shoes? Well Kuki, Wally, Hoagie and Abby will find out! After a bizarre accident while playing around in Hoagie's laboratory. They all switched bodies! How will they deal with their crush's body? More importantly, how can they tell everyone else? 3/4 2/5

Ahh! I am in my Crush's body!

Chapter One- The Accident

By Cyrix

"AHHHH!" Wally screams with terror and starts to run away. Suddenly he is grabbed by Kuki.

"Hey! You aren't thinking about leaving are you?" she asks him angrily with her hands on her hips.

"Well duh! I can't believe I actually agree to this!" Wally replies back to her angrily also.

"But… but… Rainbow monkey's sharing and Caring show is on next!" she tells him.

"Ugh! No way am I going to watch two cruddy rainbow monkeys hug and kiss each other!" he replies back to her. Then he heard a sniffle and turn around to see Kuki starting to cry.

"Oh no… that's not going to work this time!" Wally shouts and turns around not paying attention to her.

"Aww… come on! Pleaseee?" Kuki asks him while doing her puppy eyes.

"That's not going to work either…" Wally tries to turn away from her but something kept making him turn back to her. Soon he gives up to her.

"Aww man! It worked! Fine! Let's go watch your cruddy show!" Wally tells her. Kuki immediately brighten up and pull him to her TV.

"I am so going to regret this" Wally thought.

"Wow! I can't believe it still worked!" Kuki thought.

They both sat on the huge stuff animal and watch the show. In the show, two rainbow monkeys came out. One is sky blue and the other one is red.

"Aww!" Kuki shouts out loud scaring Wally really badly.

"Ugh! I can't believe you made me watch this crud!" Wally shouts out angrily.

"Sharing is caring!" the blue rainbow monkey said.

"Now show someone that you care for them!" the sky blue rainbow monkey said and hugs the blue one.

"Ugh! That is so-"Wally start to say before he felt Kuki hug him. He starts to turn red and turn away to hide his blush. On the show, two other rainbow monkeys pop out. One is green and the other one is orange.

"Good! Now kiss that someone to show how much you really care for them!" the green rainbow monkey said. Wally felt a kiss on his cheek and instantly become red.

"Okay! Now say I love-"the orange rainbow monkey starts to say before Wally break from her grip and run out of the room very fast.

"I love you Wally" Kuki said while closing her eyes. No response. "Wally?" Kuki asks then opens her eyes. She looks around the room. Then she got angry and screams really loud "AHH! I finally say it to him and where is he? GONE! Wally!" She runs out of the room chasing after him with fire in her eyes.

Meanwhile… Hoagie was in his laboratory designing a new device. The device looks like a big laser pointer coming out of a box.

"Hmm…" Hoagie looks at the device and then writes something on a notepad. Then he smiles and got up from his chair. "Yes! I finally completed my device! Now I just need to test it to see what it does" Then he walk over to the door and open it. "But first I got to tell Numbuh Five and the others! Also a chill dog! Man, I am hungry!" He runs out of the room in a hurry. He was so in a hurry that he left without locking the lab door.

"COME BACK HERE WALLY!" Kuki screams with fire in her eyes.

"Oh crud…" Wally said to himself and tries to get away from her. He runs into the lab room and looks around for a place to hide. Suddenly the door bangs open and standing there is a very mad girl. Kuki sees Wally trying to hide in a cabinet and runs toward him. Wally sees her approaching and quickly runs the other way. Soon they are both running around in circles. Wally tries to jump over the table and accidentally hit the switch on the device. Kuki finally catches Wally and jumps on top of him. They both didn't notice the device turning on and pointing at them. Before they both could move out of the way, ZAP! There is a whole bunch of smoke as the device shoots at them.

Soon the smoke clears away, and Kuki and Wally are lying on the floor. The device all of a sudden breaks down and falls to the floor. There are voices on the outside as the door opens up.

"Yeah Numbuh Five! I finally perfect the device! Now let me test- IT!" Hoagie screams out loud as he sees his device all broken on the floor. He drops to his knees and starts to cry for his beloved device. Numbuh Five looks at him and shakes her head. Numbuh One looks over and sees Kuki and Wally getting up from the floor.

"Numbuhs Three and Four, do you have anything to do with this?" Numbuh One asks them in a serious tone.

Kuki walk over toward them and shout "Well, if she wasn't cruddy chasing me then maybe we wouldn't have destroyed Numbuh Two's thing!" Wally runs over to her.

"Well, he wouldn't watch Rainbow monkey's share and care show with me!" Wally shouts out loud. But the others didn't respond back to them. They are staring at them weirdly.

"What?" Kuki and Wally both ask them at the same time while Wally has his hands on his hip and Kuki have her sleeves crossed. Then they stop and look at each other. They touch each other on the faces.

"Crud! I am a cruddy girl!" Wally in Kuki's body shouts in a girly voice.

"Ahh! I am a boy!" Kuki in Wally's body screams. The others just stare at them as Kuki runs around in circles and Wally saying "What do I do?" over and over again. Numbuhs One and Five glares at Numbuh Two.

"Numbuh Two! What did you do?" they ask him.

He tries to smile as he replies with "hehe?"

Author's Note: LOL! I wonder how Kuki and Wally will adapt to their new bodies. Next chapter we see how the others deal with this bizarre incident! Review!