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Summary:Ever wonder how your life will be different if you switch bodies with your crushes? Well after a crazy accident in the lab, Numbuhs Five and Two and Numbuhs Four and Three were all switched! To make matters worse, they have to live in that body until the device is fixed. How will they do it? Especially in an opposite sex body? And will living in their crush's body change their view on him/her? 3/4 2/5 1/362

Ahh!!! I am in my Crush's body!!

Chapter Eight- The End?

By Cyrix

"Hoagie!!" Abby screams while holding him tightly in her arms.

Wally and Kuki watches sadly as she shakes Hoagie while crying. Kuki cries into Wally's chest from watching her.

No! You can't be gone! Please come back!" she tells him while hugging him tightly.

Suddenly Hoagie speaks up "I won't ever be gone. I always want to be with you"

Abby looks up and replies back "What?! But you were… I saw you were… How are you alive?!" Wally and Kuki stares at Hoagie in shock.

Hoagie smiles and responds back "I don't know I was sure I got hit also, but I feel fine now. I just felt the shock before, that's it"

"It's a… miracle!!" Kuki shouts out happily while throwing her arms up.

"No Numbuh Three, it isn't" someone in back of her said. Everyone turns and sees Rachel and Nigel standing there in the doorway.

"What do you mean it isn't?" Wally asks Rachel.

"It isn't a miracle Numbuh Four" Rachel answers back.

"But why not Numbuh 362? Hoagie survived when he got hit by that laser!" Abby tells Rachel.

"Because… Numbuh Five, the laser was harmless" she tells Abby and walks over to the device.

"Harmless? How do you know it is harmless?! I might not be harmed, but I might develop side effects later on!" Hoagie shouts out while panicking.

"Numbuh Two, you won't develop side effects because the laser was harmless" she replies back to Hoagie.

"But why though?!" Hoagie asks her and everybody walks over to her waiting for her answer.

"Because… I made the device so I know it is harmless" she answers him.

"What?! Hoagie made the device! We all saw him! What are you talking about?" Abby replies back to her.

She looks at Abby and said "True, he did make the device, but it's my blueprint"

"What? Nooo, its mines! Where's your proof it is yours?" Hoagie protests against her.

"Didn't you find it near a chili dog?" Rachel asks Hoagie while smirking.

"Yeah… HEY! How you knew I found the blueprint near a chili dog?!" Hoagie answers back while surprise that she knew that.

"Because… I put it there" Nigel all of sudden said out of nowhere. Everybody turns to him.

"Okay now I am so cruddy confused" Wally tells everyone. Kuki giggles at his comment.

Rachel walks up to Nigel and said to the others "It's simple really; Nigel and me planned this whole thing out"

1 hour later of explaining…

"So you guys got it? What do you guys think?" Rachel asks them while smiling at them.

Abby steps up to her and said "Wait, let me get this straight, first you made the blueprint then Numbuh One put the blueprint near a chili dog…"

Hoagie goes up to both of them and continues for Abby "Sooo that I will go to it because I love chili dogs so much and that I really wanted to build a device so that I will be tempted to build it to show Abby and the others…"

Kuki walks up to them and continues for Hoagie "Then when I was chasing Wally over all the treehouse and when we entered the room. The microchip inside the device detected that we were in the room so it turned on and started aiming for us…"

Wally follows the others and continues for Kuki "So we will switch bodies and later on learned a lot about each others. Numbuh One placed the DVD, which wasn't really a DVD but a DVD you made yourself, in the movie database. Which you knew Kuki will get attracted to that right away and make me watch it with her. Then we will admit our feelings to each other…"

"And then later you placed another device you made that can detect whenever us four are in the room at the same time…" Abby continues for Wally.

"So the microchip in the device in the first place was designed to aim at us?" Abby asks Rachel.

"The microchip also was designed to make the device explode every time it is fixed?" Hoagie asks Rachel.

"The DVD was actually designed to make me and Kuki finally confess our feelings?" Wally asks Rachel.

"And that when we finally admitted our feelings to each other, we switch back?" Kuki asks Rachel.

Rachel nods and smiles "Yup, Yup, Yup, Yup!" All four of them looks at each other and look back at her.

"Niceee Numbuh 362" Abby replies back.

"Yeah that was pretty clever there" Hoagie replies back.

"Wow, all this just to make us finally admit our feelings!" Kuki shouts out loud.

"I knew that DVD was really cruddy weird!" Wally tells Rachel. Everyone laughs.

"Yeah, but without Nigel's help. None of this would be possible" Rachel tells the others and turns to Nigel.

Nigel walks up to Rachel and holds her hands "Yeah, that's another thing we have to tell you guys. Me and Rachel are a couple!" Everyone walks up to them congrating them.

"Woot! Go Numbuh One!" Hoagie shouts out patting his back.

"Good job mate!" Wally tells him and shakes his hand.

"Yeah, good for you Numbuh One! Finally got someone that is better than Lizzie!" Abby tells him with a smile.

"Yay!! Now we are all couples!!" Kuki shouts out happily.

Rachel laughs and smiles at them "Yes we all are"

Nigel kisses her and said "Yeah we all are" Wally kisses Kuki and Hoagie kisses Abby.

Nigel stops kissing Rachel and tells the others "Come on guys! Ice cream! My Treat!" Everybody cheers and rushes out holding their, crushes that are no longer crushes, hands as they all run toward the ice cream parlor happy with their lives finally.

Back at the treehouse, the device turns on and starts shaking violently and then shoots out a big huge laser up to the sky. Then it turns off and falls a part on the floor. Broken once again…

End Transmission?

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