What happened in the two months Athrun spent on the archangel? Set in the midst of seed and way before destiny. Watch out for a little humour. It's just a series of drabbles…

Ten things about Athrun

Chapter one: Haro

It was one of those days you spent gazing out into space, because there was nothing else to look at. For Athrun Zala however, there was plenty to look at. He spent the day touring the Archangel with his childhood friend, Kira Yamato. He could only marvel at the differences between the two battle crafts, while both were space ships, he couldn't help but notice how different the make is. The Nazca class ship was designed like the ZAFT uniform, precise, practical and personally he found it boring. The Archangel however, was equipped with of all sorts of things, a viewing deck for example. Which was something completely useless aboard a battle ship. Athrun Zala does not know yet, but in time the viewing deck will become his favorite place.

Bored, he requested for Lacus to return the pink electronic toy for a bit so that he could check and do some maintenance. And that's where the excitement started… …

"Let's check the memory chip now." Athrun said as he clipped the wires to the interior of the electronic device. Kira nodded, he liked the familiar feeling of going through seemingly endless programming with Athrun. It reminded him of their days back in elementary school. A lot of time has passed since then, and a lot has happened. They were enemies for a time, Athrun killed Tolle and Kira murdered a boy named Nicol. But Kira wanted to forgive Athrun, and vice-versa, and Cagalli's presence helped them do it.

Kira turned to look at his friend now, an enemy, a ZAFT soldier. One who almost killed him, now sitting there in front of the computer looking pleased, he wasn't sure of his allegiance yet. But before the day comes, Kira just want Athrun to stay where he is.

Dearka came up beside the pair of them with Sai, "Watcha up to?" he questioned in his bass tone voice.

"Servicing Haro…" muttered Athrun absentmindedly, as he clicked on the memory replay option on screen. An image filled the screen and girls' voices were heard, some were giggling while others were talking, A horizontal beam spanned the length of the screen, blocking off majority of the image.

"That's odd…" Athrun said, "This series of images should be so recent that it must have been taken in the Archangel, but I don't think I've seen this place before. Kira, was there any place you didn't take me to?"

Kira did find the image vaguely familiar, but as he tried to think harder, he could feel it slipping out the remembrance. Sai however, did remember and he gasped. Dearka shouted, "Spectacles boy, tell me!" Sai blushed, and motioned for Dearka to come closer and Athrun couldn't hear what Sai whispered into his ear. Dearka's face remain emotionless for a moment, then a large grin lit his face.

"Everyone, come round. Good stuff's showing here! Sacred place where no male has ever been to, secrets unraveled!" he shouted excitedly, some of the crew in the maintenance room did drop their tools and gathered round, murmuring among themselves. Dearka shooshed them and pointed at the screen displaying Haro's memory.

The conversation can be heard now, and the voices identified as Miriallia, Lacus and Cagalli. (Now identified as M, L and C respectively)

M: I can't believe captain Ramius actually decided to take that two in…

L: What's so unbelievable? Athrun and Mr Elthman are not bad people.

C: I know they are from ZAFT, but Athrun is definitely not our enemy now. And I'd worry about that Dearka more, he looks like he interested in Miria.

M: Who says… (Miria blushes) He can keep his affections to himself, I'm not falling for the guy that killed Tolle. And he looks like a pervert, who knows what Coordinators are made of? (Dearka started swearing 'Not me!', but Sai covered his mouth. Wanting to hear what the girls are saying next.)

L: Flesh and blood.

M: Oh Lacus, I'm so sorry…I forgot Kira…

C: Lacus…tell me, what do you think of my brother? He may be a coordinator, but he's definitely slow in getting these things. (Kira could feel his throat dry now, his heart thumped violently in his ears as Lacus hesitated. "Kira, you are blushing." Athrun told him.)

L: He's gentle…… he's kind and he's trustable.

M: Sounds like you're describing your fiancé… I agree with you, and on top of that, I think Kira's handsome. And the ZAFT guy, er… 'at the Salsa', him too. They must be hot favorites in school. (Dearka shouted, "Hey, why am I not on the list?" Kira giggled, telling Athrun, "You're hot, not me. You're the one receiving a lot of chocolate on valentine.")

C: His name is Athrun Zala, not 'at the Salsa'. He's not Lacus's fiancé anymore.

M: Does it matter so much to you? I get it…! You like that Salsa guy!"

C: Not Salsa, Zala! The PLANTs Chairman's surname.

M: You like Salsa! Why…he's rich? He's looks good? He's nice?

C: Well… (Athrun held his breath this time, not sure if he wanted to hear the answer. Dearka deliberately tickled Athrun's neck, "Ooo… Salsa I like.")

C: He's perfect.

And at this point the perspective changed, (What really happened was that Haro rolled out from under the bench.) and without the beam blocking. All of them could see what was really happening, it showed Miria walking out of the view of the camera saying, "Hurry up, we only have fifteen minutes to bathe."

"Kay." Chorused the other two as Cagalli hastily removed her socks. Both of them proceeded to undress and Athrun could feel weight pressing in behind him. The folks around him were pressing in to get a better view of what's happening. He just sat there stumped, occupying his mind with guessing the venue where the footage is taken. There was a collective intake of breath as Lacus removed her pants, and her undergarment was seen for a fraction of an instant. "Oo… pink."

Cagalli turned and her back faced the camera and she draped the shirt off her fair back. The men slowly broke into a chant, "Strip, strip, strip…"

Kira spread out his arms and stood right behind Athrun, finally remembering the place where a bucket of water had been thrown at his face. "Enough, I can't allow this…"

"Come on, you want to see it yourself right? Out of the way, this is getting exciting." cooed Dearka and shoved Kira away.

Athrun snapped out his trance, deciding its better that Kira didn't take him to the place after all. Swiftly he shut his eyes tightly and clicked on the 'close' followed by the 'delete' button. He could hear people booing behind him, and realized for the first time that Natural men are not that different from Coordinators men.

"What are you guys doing?" came a voice from behind. Athrun jumped, the voice belonged to Cagalli. He was so guilty, Cagalli complemented him and all he could do to repay her was to show footages of her undressing in front of everyone in the maintenance crew. He stood up and turned to look at her straight in the eye, resolving to tell her the truth and apologize.


Dearka cut off his sentence, throwing him a dirty look. "None of your business, I should ask what you're doing here."

"I'm checking whether he's done with Haro, Lacus wants it back."

Athrun considered his options, "Well…" he bit his lip. "Just a moment." he hastily turned around and reassembled the pet.

Kira kept his most innocent face on while trying to see what Athrun is doing. Out of the edge of his vision, Kira could see Athrun slotting the memory chip back in place and arranged a few wires before capping it back. He presented it back to Cagalli meekly, who snatched it from his palm and stalked off.

When Cagalli is out of earshot and the crowd has returned to their original task, Kira exploded.

"Athrun, that Haro…you just put the memory chip right back! What if someone takes it apart just for the chip, we must do something to protect Cagalli's and Lacus's modesty?"

"Calm down, you think I'll allow that after the close …high tide just now?" Athrun rebutted, his ears turning pink. "I activated… the defense mechanism."

"Defense mechanism?" asked Kira, "That's unlike you… What does it do?"

For the first time in four years, Athrun smiled mischievously. Indicating that he's happy and someone else is going to be very sad, you've got to feel sorry for the Haro raider.

Down the corridor…

"Ahhhhhh!" yelled Dearka as he ran from the pink toy going into sugar-high mode. Sai was just behind, and screamed, "Elthman! It's all your fault!"

"Who would know that the Haro will start blasting!"

Behind them, the Haro bounced down the corridor, periodically emitting a highly concentrated laser beam from its eyes that resemble a miniature beam rifle. The worst part was it shouting in the high and squeky electronic voice, "Pervert, Pervert." And the better part was Cagalli chasing after them with shoe in hand.

"I hate you, ZALA!" screamed Dearka.

Nonsensical, isn't it? That's the whole point. It's supposed to entertain and I hope it does, about Athrun, he's not as pure, sweet and gentle as he looks. A trick or two sometime doesn't hurt anyone, that might explain why Dearka dislikes Athrun… Next chapter more nonsensical, Sumpah.