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Chapter 1

The air was warm, the sky was blue, the birds chirped happily….until the roar of a saiyajin sent them flying from the trees. Vegeta glided gracefully through the air, barely lifting off the grass and landing swiftly. Four year Trunks laughed and clapped cheerfully. Vegeta turned, smirking the whole time and wiped some sweat from his brow. Bulma leaned over the counter of the downstairs kitchen and looked out the window. She found herself smiling as she watched her powerful lover dancing through the air performing graceful attacks and various other martial arts.

The window was open and the cool breeze from the warm summer day licked her face. Pushing her blue locks from her eyes she prepared to call the boys in for some lunch, but just as she brought her hand to her mouth to call, the phone rang.

Vegeta threw another punch, sweat flying from his naked arm. He enjoyed his son's awestruck expression at his brute strength. Vegeta found himself training extensively lately. After Kakerotto had died about three years ago, he found himself sitting around doing nothing for around a year. But only a year. He started training again, interested and excited to begin training with Trunks in a few months. Bulma had told him that she didn't want Trunks to begin training too early, but he talked her into letting him train the young boy and that would happen quite soon. Trunks was only four, but Vegeta began his own training when he was able to walk. Saiyajins developed faster than humans, and luckily Trunks had those attributes, too. He was more than ready to begin training.

"Vegeta!" Bulma's voice called from the house.

He turned, his black hair blowing in the wind, his blue pants moist with sweat, and his chest bare. He looked down at Trunks who gazed at his father with large blue eyes. 'Just like his mother', Vegeta thought.

"Come on, boy," Vegeta snapped. "We're going in."

Upon entering the house he smelled food and his stomach growled angrily. Bulma turned, a concerned expression on her face. 'Uh-oh, I'm in trouble.'

"I got a phone call," Bulma said. "Gohan said that Piccolo found something strange in a warehouse near West City. He said that they're all going to check it out in about an hour and that you should check it out, too."

Vegeta's eyebrows lowered. This was bizarre. The fighters of earth rarely went on investigative missions unless it was already in their plan. They didn't just beat the cops to some murder site and see if they could find some pointless case to get involved in. Piccolo was certainly one who wouldn't care about an unusual thing that occurred at a warehouse, so whatever it was must have been big.

Vegeta felt himself getting excited. Being a saiyajin always invoked joy when it came to a possible fight. He smirked and moved to the table. Glancing up he saw Bulma frowning.

"What is it, woman?" He asked exasperated.

"Well….what if this is something big? If Piccolo is concerned, then it could mean something bad."

Vegeta sighed. He eyed the empty plate before him and raised an expecting eyebrow at his blue haired mate. She gave a half-hearted smile and placed a large sub sandwich before him.

"If it is something, I'll just destroy it."

Bulma folded her arms and glared at the arrogant prince. "Yeah, well, that's what we all thought when we found the weird egg in Trunks's time machine! I seem to remember a certain creature called Cell invading our planet and Goku and Trunks dying!"

The little, purple-haired, four year old looked from his mother to his father. Bulma gave him a warm smile.

"Not you Trunks. A…a different Trunks."

Vegeta chuckled and began to devour his sandwich. Trunks looked at his strong dad and did the same to his own sandwich.

"No need to worry, Bulma," Vegeta swallowed.

She nodded slowly and turned to gaze back out the window. It was indeed, a lovely day. She thought back to the day that Vegeta fought the androids. She showed no fear, but inside she worried for her saiyajin prince's safety. After Cell, he became so withdrawn. The death of Goku had affected him greatly. He hadn't fought a true enemy since. Was he different now? Was he powerful enough yet to come back home safely if there was a strong invader on earth? She pushed these thoughts aside. He would be fine. The whole Z gang was going so he wouldn't be alone.

'But he could very well go on his own if there was an enemy. He could ignore the others and fight by himself like he did with Android 18. The others could just ignore him and let him die!'

She shook these thoughts from her head. Telling herself to relax she turned back to her two boys at the table. Vegeta was holding up a piece of salami as Trunks giggled and reached up for it. She laughed and kept the picture in her head.

In an hour Vegeta was standing at the front door, clad in his attractive blue, yellow, and white armor that Bulma made for him. Her sapphire eyes moved up and down, gazing at the appealing curves. He just looked so….princely. The white gloves, the white boots, and his tall black hair. She walked up to him and embraced him. Vegeta found himself smiling as she worried for him.

"Foolish onna," he muttered as he placed a shiny glove on her head.

She gazed into his black eyes and leaned in for a kiss. Their lips met briefly and then released. Again, Bulma was stricken with how passionate Vegeta had become since the Cell battle. After the year of isolation he broke free and seemed to accept his place on earth. Next to Gohan, he was the most powerful warrior in the universe. Perhaps he felt he owed Goku something? Vegeta had been blamed for Goku's death by a few of the other fighters of earth, and maybe it had actually affected him. He opened up more to her. He seemed somewhat distant when it came to Trunks occasionally, but he was still able to open up to him from time to time.

Vegeta gave her a rare smile and opened the door. Without a word he took off into the air, his light blue ki trailing behind him. Bulma sighed and felt a small hand slide into hers.

"Daddy will be fine," his young said, his confidence filling her. "He's the strongest fighter ever!"

Vegeta concentrated his mind as he flew over the busy city in which he lived. He felt the energies of the others pop into his head and he banked to his left, heading toward the industrial area on the outskirts of West City. He flew over junkyards and stinking factories blowing out large black puffs of smoke. He coughed lightly as the smell of coal, oil, and other gasses filled his nose. He came closer to a large warehouse that held a few machines made by Capsule Corp. It didn't surprise him, though. The Briefs' company pretty much owned every automobile on this side of the world.

The warehouse was about four stories tall and made of red brick. It was narrow and old and looked as if it was falling apart. Vegeta circled around it and stopped as he heard Gohan's young voice call out. He turned and saw the half-saiyajin waving at him from a large broken window. His cold black eyes fell on the powerful, happy-go-lucky boy and he scowled. It still felt as if Gohan was more powerful than he was and he felt anger rise at that realization. Pushing down the burning rage he floated to the window and entered the musky building.

It seemed virtually deserted, but he could see forms of people lying on the dusty floor. Obviously the factory was still in use, but it was kept in terrible condition. It was so dark, Vegeta could hardly see the others, but with his saiyajin eyes he could tell who everyone was.

Along with smell of mildew, mold, and dust, Vegeta's distinct sense of smell could pick up the blood spill. The forms he saw on the ground had to be bodies. But why were they there? And who did it?

"I'm glad you're here," Piccolo boomed.

Vegeta looked toward the Namek. In the darkened room and broken window, he looked an eerie forest green. The cape around him was a deep shade of gray as well as his turban.

"And why is that?" Vegeta barked.

"Just some interesting information," Krillin spoke up.

The short human was kneeling next to one of the fallen humans. Vegeta scoffed to himself. It was stupid how much these fighters cared for fallen humans they didn't even know. Vegeta walked up to the small warrior and the body next to him. That human was still alive, but barely. On closer inspection, Vegeta could see that the worker's stomach was ripped open and intestine rolled across the dirty ground. Quick gasps caused the human to shake uncontrollably.

"What happened here?" Vegeta asked darkly.

He could see Krillen's eyes shimmer in the darkness. How was it that he, the saiyajin prince, could not sense this massacre when it was right by him? He heard Piccolo step up behind him.

"I was training in the forest on an island not far from here," the Namek explained. "I felt, or rather sensed, something dark and shadowed pass by me. I couldn't see anything in the sky or near me even when I left the island to scan. All I know is that it was heading west. I concentrated my mind and opened it up to all the kis in the city. Then I felt it. A sudden panic took place among the people here. Energies dropped, but I felt no large force or the attacker. I came to this area, and this is what I found."

Vegeta had listened intently and frowned. That was strange. These people were obviously torn open by sheer force of strength. How could they no one feel the enemy?

"Yeah, but tell him the most interesting part," Tien spoke quietly, moving forward, too.

The room buzzed with a nervous tension and the person holding Krillen grabbed his boot suddenly as pain coursed through him.

"Maybe Vegeta should ask this human what the attacker was looking for," Piccolo muttered.

Vegeta felt his heart quicken suddenly. They were holding out on him and it was beginning to annoy him! He bent down and grabbed the tortured human roughly by his torn shirt. The man groaned as blood slowly leaked from his mouth. If Vegeta wanted information, he would get it before the weakling died.

"Hey, not so rough!" Yamcha yelled moving from the darkness.

Obviously the stench of death and carnage was too much for the weak fighter so he stood as far from the scene as possible. Vegeta sneered and looked down at the dying human who stared at him with terror.

"You," Vegeta demanded. "Tell me, who attacked you? Why did he do it?"

A weak hand wrapped around his white glove, leaving a red stain across it. Vegeta scowled but didn't shake it off. Something was not right here. Something seemed oddly familiar about these killings, but he couldn't place it. The man gasped and opened his mouth revealing bloodstained teeth. He gagged a few times and stuttered before he could make words.

"T-tall," his voice gasped. "Tall….dark."

Vegeta rolled his eyes. He had dealt with the dying before and it was never easy. They were so damn hard to talk to. Plus, the fact that the weakling's intestine was all over the floor probably didn't help matters.

"His teeth were jagged. Y-yellow, sharp. Towering, he towered!" He coughed up some blood and gripped Vegeta's hand harder. "It stunk. His flesh….gray, rotting. It's voice….no….no voice. Moaned….groaning. It seemed….to come from shadows. Rattling in voice box….hissing."

Vegeta couldn't take his eyes away from the torn human. This creature sounded too familiar. But no…it couldn't be. A cold sweat broke out on Vegeta's forehead as an icy panic gripped him. He became unaware of the others around him as the human rattled with dying breath. Vegeta's heart raced as he went on.

"It wore cape. Black cape….ripped. Its hair…its hair…." He convulsed suddenly and trembled. Vegeta felt his panic rise more. No! He needed to know! He needed to know what this creature looked like and what it did! Vegeta eyed the human with unconcealed uneasiness.

"Its hair what! Long, dread locked! Gray? Rotting as well!"

The brown eyes of the worker widened and he slowly nodded, more blood dripping from his mouth. Tears fell from his eyes as he looked into Vegeta's panicked face.

"Long hair….dread locks. Gray, green, rotting."

The fighters looked at each other. Whatever this warrior or creature was, Vegeta seemed to know of it. In the darkness the earth fighters couldn't see the tremors run through Vegeta's body, but Gohan and Piccolo could. If the most egotistical, arrogant fighter alive was terrified, then there was a problem.

"And….did he say something?" Vegeta whispered, his voice coming out high-pitched.

The man looked confused, but then convulsed in pain. The grip on Vegeta's glove tightened again and then slowly released. He was losing him.

"WELL?" Vegeta yelled.

The other fighters tried to tell him to keep it down, but he roared at them to shut the hell up. The dying factory worker nodded, his eyes shimmering with terror.

"Saying….saying…prince vegetables. Where?"

The room suddenly spun as the blood rushed from his face. A bucket of ice-cold water had drenched him. The shock was overwhelming. No…NO! He forced himself to look at the bloodied mess before him.

"W-what?" he stammered, his lower lip shaking suddenly.

"He said….Cap…capsule corp. company…where? Saying…saying….p-prince….vege…vegeta….."

The man struggled, trying to catch his breath and then fell limp with a sigh. The hand slipped from Vegeta's wrist and landed with a thud to the sticky, bloody floor. The room was quiet again. The fighters glanced down at the saiyajin prince, nervous at his silence. He was obviously shaken, but why exactly? What did this…thing want from him?

The small saiyajin stayed still as he crouched next to the dead worker. He kept his face down as the words went through his head. A numbing terror controlled his mind and body and his expression was a mask of shaking fear. A fear that he hadn't faced since he was a child had returned. The one thing he ever truly felt utter horror toward was after him. He couldn't move. It just wasn't possible.

"So what does this mean?" Yamcha's voice blurted, causing Vegeta to flinch back into reality.

He looked at the human below him and then glanced around the room. The broken window allowed some light into the darkened, dungeon-like area. He could see the shimmer of a light bulb on the lowered ceiling.

"Do you think one of you could turn that light on up there?" Vegeta asked with no trace of princely arrogance. He sounded defeated and tired, not in control at all.

As he heard Tien make his way over to the light Vegeta gathered up all his strength to compose himself. Just as he removed all the terror from his features and struggled to regain his usual blank emptiness, the light switched on.

He heard a quiet moan as the sight before them sickened the other fighters. About six people lay dead on the gray, bloody floor. The room they were in was on the third floor of the factory that created parts for automobiles and other modes of transportation. It looked like a small workroom full of conveyor belts and other machines made for creating products.

The five other humans who were dead when he arrived were a complete mess. Limbs were missing, organs were splattered across the floor, heads and parts of the bodies were split open and torn apart. Vegeta could tell what happened. He needed to confirm it, though.

The human who had spoken to him was lying on his side. Vegeta pulled him over onto his back, the squishing of organs ensuing from the action. Yamcha gagged and quickly walked from the sight. The other fighters watched as Vegeta worked, with interest and disgust. Without hesitating Vegeta pushed the intestine out of his way and plunged his gloved hand into the gaping hole. If he hadn't felt the terror gnawing at his own insides he would have found the gasp and gags from the other fools funny. But he had work to do.

He fished around inside feeling for any missing organs. Stomach: check, bladder: check, spleen: check, lower intestine: check, large intestine…clearly there and on the outside of body. He reached up higher until his elbow was on the inside of the corpse. After years of assassinations, murders, and many other unspeakable acts, he was quite capable of searching on the inside of a body with his own hands. It wasn't his favorite way of trying to discover what he needed, but he had to know.

His hand slipped past lungs, ribs, heart, and other muscles and tissues to find nothing missing. He removed his hand angrily and wiped his glove in confusion….yet relief. Perhaps the creature that did this was not the one that he thought. The one he thought was a consumer of flesh, organs, and other bodily parts. It was a creature of torture, which obviously, whoever or whatever did this was, but he saw nothing missing on this human.

"What….what's going on?" Gohan asked, shocked to see Vegeta behave this way. It was unnerving.

The dark eyes of the prince scanned the body. He was about to feel a small wave of relief when he suddenly noticed the large red stain darkening over the human's crotch. Vegeta's eyebrows lowered and he leaned forward. There wasn't much blood around the dead man's legs except for right there, right where….

The other fighters followed his gaze and their eyes widened. Yamcha peered over the shoulder of Tien and shuddered at the red stain that darkened the corpse's nether regions. As Vegeta moved forward Piccolo reddened in the face and covered Gohan's eyes. The saiyajin prince hesitated as his hand hovered over the area of pants, but he slowly pulled the waistband of the work jeans, his stomach shaking. The fighters watched as Vegeta peered under the pants and stared in shock. His face then bleached of all color and he stood quickly.

An expression of pure horror had engulfed Vegeta. The fighters stared as he trembled and stared down at the corpse. IT was gone. Devoured. The member was torn, ripped from the body and obviously consumed. A fear like he hadn't felt since he was young controlled him. A numbing panic washed over him and he felt a black hole open in the pit of his stomach.

"V-Vegeta?" Krillen asked uncertainly.

They all knew, except for Gohan of course, what Vegeta had seen, or not seen, and were completely disgusted and confused. Some sick twisted creature was after the saiyajin prince and he was scared. Not even Tien or Yamcha could bring up an insulting comment or brash remark as he stood before him, on the brink of going into hysteria.

They all watched in fascination and disbelief as Vegeta's pale skin grew completely white and his rolled up into his head. Piccolo caught him before he landed in the bloody mess of the human. The namek frowned as the blood covered Vegeta stained his white cape and purple training gi, but he held the limp saiyajin up anyway.

"We need to get him home and talk to Bulma," the fifteen year-old Gohan said.

With one last look at the dead bodies on the ground, the fighters took off from the bloody floor and flew out the broken window. They headed to Capsule Corp., all clearly shaken at what they just saw. Whatever was after Vegeta was obviously going to be problem. They all flew in dismay. Never a moment of peace on earth.

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