Marriage On A Promise

Hey! This is a story about Luke and Lorelai. I am a total JJ! This story is set in no particular time, but Jess and April are not in the picture. Both Luke and Lorelai are single and Rory is at Yale.

On a bright, sunny Saturday morning Lorelai woke up around nine-thirty and just stretch herself out on her bed. She wondered if she would forever be the only one to sleep in that bed trying to keep herself toasty at night. With the typically feeling of having too little coffee in her system, she got up and climbed over her dirty clothes mountain to her closet to grab some garb and go to Luke's for her heavenly java.

As she began to pull on a shirt that was on the top shelf of the closet, not on a hanger, a few things came tumbling down onto her. Unlike the disco ball which was round and the hat and purse which were soft, the pointy corner of a book hit her just above the eyebrow.

"Ouch!" she yelped. Then she recognized the ruby red book. It was her journal from just a few years ago. "Wow I thought I lost this." She said to herself. She proceeded to just casually flip through the pages, when on the third page she say bright pink pen and read the old entry. What she saw shocked her.

Dear Diary,

Today was a crazy day (Just like every other day). Rory got an A- on her report on "To Kill a Mockingbird" and cried in my arms. She's just 13 and has read the book six times. It's just one, on a long list, of her favorite books. The teacher claimed he lowered her grade to keep motivated to keep working hard. I'll just have to show him what a bigger and scarier Lorelai can do to him!

But on a funnier but also more pathetic note, Luke and I made a serious promise that if we don't find that special person we can or marry or get married in five years that we will marry each other. He swore on his flannel he would and I swore on the full cup of hazelnut coffee in front of me (which was extra good today). This is a promise I think I am going to take seriously. After all, tons of arranged marriages in history have worked out, right? Plus, tons of people marry their best friends and are completely happy.

I just hope I find someone before I have to beg Luke to keep his promise.

After reading the short passage and flashed back to the actually day she made this huge promise.

During a lull in the diner around two thirty on a rainy day Lorelai sat and just sipped her coffee at around the same speed a tortoise chews a carrot.

"Hey Luke?" she questioned.


"Do you think there's someone for everyone?"

"Well, considering there are 300 million people in the United States I say there has to be."

"No, I mean someone really special."

"Where is this coming from?"

"Just thinking, since I am now all by my lonesome."

"What happened to that Jeremy guy you could stop yapping about who loved watching Willy Wonka? You seemed psychically linked to him the way you talked about him all the time."

"Well, he loved Willy Wonka and the kids in it, but, wasn't into dating someone with her own kid."

"Jerk." Luke mumbled almost inaudibly.

"Huh?" Lorelai questioned.


"No, you said something."

"I said he's a jerk if he won't date you because of Rory. He 's probably afraid Rory would be smarter then him. Which she would be."

"That's sweet. I want a guy to like Rory the way you do."

"Well you'll marry a smart guy because a smart guy would love Rory to death."

Just then the light bulb in Lorelai's head went off. She just had thought up the boldest idea of her life.

"Well then how about I marry you."

"What?" Luke exclaimed, completely flabbergasted.

"I just thought up a brilliant idea! In five years if neither of us are, a) married, b) engaged or c) in love with the person of their dreams, we marry each other."

"That's insane!"

"No it's brilliant. Marrying your best friend."

"No way."

"Well how about I agree to marry you to be your companion, and nothing dirty." She swore with her three fingers up like scouts honor.

"Now that's a cheap deal." He replied.

"Oh so you'd marry me with a promise of a getting lucky."

"I' m only human."

"And being such a man." She deadpanned. "Listen, just forget it okay. I understand if you think I'm too crazy to live with until you die. I've heard it before."

"Listen I'll do this if it means that much to you. Even though I think you'll find someone before me. And you'd die first the way you eat."

"Really?" She brightened up.

"I swear-"

"-on you're flannel"

"On my flannel that if in five years time I don't find someone I will, willingly marry you, Lorelai Gilmore."

"And I swear on this cup of coffee in front of me, that if I don't find someone in fiver years time I will marry you, Luke Danes.

Then they proceeded to shake on the deal.

"Thanks…honey." She snickered

"You're welcome…sweetheart." He replied sarcastically.

With that Lorelai left the diner thinking that marrying Luke would be a wonderful thing. She liked him a lot (never saying that out loud). He was wonderful man who cooked for her, protected her, and loved her daughter like his own.

Snapping back into reality, Lorelai realized today's date. She threw on a juicy velour sweat suit and ran out of the house like Speedy Gonzalez.