Chapter 14 Perfect


Lorelai was 8 months pregnant. She was sensitive, grouchy and sometimes Luke was at a loss at how to make her happy.

Luke was making dinner and Lorelai was in the living room watching The Notebook. Luke came into the room only to find her tearing apart a box of tissues while crying hysterically.

"Hey, hey, it's alright." Luke said as he tried to console Lorelai by putting his arms around her.

"No. They were so in love and nature just took over. She only recognized her husband for five minutes at the end. Then they die, together!" She sobbed.

"I'm turning this off." Luke said grabbing the remote.

"It's so sad." She wept.

"It's only a movie."

"But it could really happen. What if one day I have no idea who you are?"

Luke couldn't really think of an answer that wouldn't upset Lorelai more.

"See, you don't understand! You've got sex and offspring. That's all you want." She then ran upstairs in tears leaving Luke stunned. He simply picked up "What To Expect When She's Expecting" and read chapter 8: Mood Swings.

About a half hour later Luke thought Lorelai would be hungry because her mood swing caused her to miss dinner. He brought up a plate of plain pasta with parmesan cheese and some oranges on the side. She always wanted oranges. When he entered the bedroom she was asleep. Not wanting to disturb her, Luke gently put the plate on her nightstand. She awoke.


"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you. Keep resting."

"No stay." She pleaded and took a deep breath. "I'm sorry I yelled at you."

"It's okay."

"No it's not. I scream at you and you still bring me food and let me sleep all I want."

"You need it. You're pregnant." Luke pointed out.

"Really? I hadn't noticed." Trying to lightened the mood.

"I just mean… I read in the book that pregnant women can get upset easily. But I would never want to make you cry."

"I think I'll just stay away from tragic romances. Sookie could read human interests in People when she was pregnant. She'd cry like crazy; especially about Hollywood breakups."

"Wow." Was all Luke could think of.

"Yeah." Lorelai sighed. For a few minutes they just sat on the bed together in silence. Then Lorelai took her own initiative and gave Luke a nice long kiss.

"Thank you." He replied as they broke. But Lorelai wasn't looking for words, she was looking for action. She kissed him again and wrapped her arms around his neck. Luke knew what this could cause so he stopped.

"Come on." Lorelai whined.

"We can't. It induces labor and you know it."

"Please." She tried again.

"No. You know what the doctor said."

This made Lorelai upset once again. She couldn't have booze, she couldn't strain herself, and she couldn't have sex.

"I don't care what the doctor said!" She shouted in anger. "I want to live again. I want a drink, I want sex, I want to party. I WANT SOME COFFEE!" She pushed Luke away and just cried. He tried to soothe her.

"It's okay. You can have some soon. You can have some decaf."

"No, I want some caffeinated coffee with lots of cream and sugar." She sobbed.


Luke hugged her and tried to get her to breathe. As she began to calm down she said. "I need to use the bathroom." She pushed herself up and realized that the sheets were very wet. In the bathroom she washed her face and used the toilet. Finally, something kicked her in the back. "Uh-oh." She then walked out, and said the two scariest words a husband can here from her pregnant wife. "It's time."

All the color drained from his face. "What?"

"Hospital. Now."

"Oh God. I'll get the suitcase."

Luke grabbed the medium pink duffel bag Lorelai's hand. They made their way down the stairs together, out of the house, and into the truck.

"I'm calling Rory. She'll spread the word." Lorelai said between her contractions that were about 8 minutes apart.

"Good idea."


"What's up Mom?"

"Your brother wants to see the world."

"Huh?" Rory was very confused.

"He's knocking on Earth's door. Ouchhhhhhhhhhhh!" She screamed.


"Call everyone…and…come to…the hospital." Lorelai got out between breaths.

"Done. See you soon." Both hung up.

"She's taking care of it."

"Good." Luke said while very focused on the road. They passed a sign that said Hartford: 20 miles.


"Who do I call first?" Rory mumbled to herself. Then she dialed.

"Luke's." A feminine voice answered.


"Rory? Why are you calling the diner?"

"Lane, my mom is having the baby. Tell everyone."


"I'm going to the hospital right now."

"Everyone will know within ten minutes. Bye."

"You're the best friend in the world. See you."

Lane simply shouted to the diner "Lorelai is in labor! Spread the word"

The entire town would know soon. Next call: the Gilmore's.

Ring Ring "Hello." A very pleasant Emily answered.

"Grandma. Good, you're home."

"Well I wouldn't be answering this phone if I wasn't." She joked.

"Is Grandpa home too?" Rory questioned in a panic.

"Yes, actually he is. Do you need to talk to him?"

"No, I need you to pull him away from his work and get to the hospital; Mom's in labor."

"Oh my! We're practically out the door." Emily shrieked and immediately started walking towards Richard's office with her coat in her hand.

"Good. Go to Hartford Memorial."

"I'll see you there."

"Bye Grandma." She hung up the phone.


"Richard!" Emily shouted.

"Emily I'm very busy." He called from the office.

"We'll our grandson isn't going to wait for you!"

"What!" He shouted coming out of his office.

"Lorelai's in labor. Get your coat."

They both ran out the door. Richard was in his good shoes too.


"Ouch! Ouch!" Lorlai screamed as she was wheeled into a room for her to stay until she delivered. Luke's hand was very red by this time. As she got settled in, a very powerful contraction came on.

"You're doing great, Lorelai."

"Oh what do you know?" She shrieked. "You were just too lazy to get up, walk across the room, and get the condoms!"

Luke was at a loss for words. "Uh, I love you?" He said weakly.

"You just say that right now because this is all your fault and you don't want me to break your hand." She replied angrily. The contraction soon passed and she confessed. "I'm sorry. You know that I'm irrational right."

"Yes and I still love you."

"Thank you." They held hands delicately.


Rory, Emily, and Richard nearly knocked each other over in the hallway.

"Rory." Emily said. "Thank goodness we found each other. What room is you mother in? I was in such a panic I forgot to ask on the phone."

"Right in here." Rory pointed to a room about five feet away. They all hurried inside.

"Mom!" Rory was greeted with a hug from Lorelai and then one from Luke.

"Rory. Thank goodness you're here." Lorelai said quite relieved.

"I'm glad I made it."

"I wouldn't miss this. Oh and Paris says that an epidural would really help."

"It's too late. My labor was really advanced when I got here. They say I'll be delivering in about a half an hour."

"That's incredible." Richard piped in.

As Rory and Emily gathered around Lorelai, Richard and Luke had a man to man talk.

"So were you ready for Lorelai?" Luke questioned. His nerves were clearly getting the best of him.

"I don't think anyone at anytime could be ready for Lorelai."

"That is true." Luke agreed.

"But even when she was sixteen and pregnant I couldn't be prouder of her for taking on the role of mom so…strongly. She never thought about abortion or adoption. Rory was her baby and that was final."

"That's one of the things I love about her."

"One of the many things."

"Hey, you guys, what's with all the whispering? I thought girls only did that."

"Sorry." Luke walked over and gave a kiss.

"AW." Everyone chimed in.

"Aw jeez." Luke mumbled.

"Well, I can see why you're in labor Mom." Rory giggled.

"Hey…..and dirty."

Thank goodness for a very embarrassed Luke, a nurse walked in and said: "I'm just going to check how far along Lorelai is. I'll just need you all to step out for a minute." They all obliged. The nurse checked and said: "I think we need to move you to the delivery room. You're at nine centimeters."

"Wow." She breathed.


Lorelai was in pain, Luke was holding her hand, and a doctor was staring in between her legs. A female doctor, thank heavens, because Luke would not want another man looking at his wife's private area under any circumstances.

"Alright, Lorelai, give me five good breaths and push hard."

"Hee hoo, hee hoo, hee hoo, hee hoo, hee hoo," Then she pushed. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Owwwwwwwwwwww!" Luke tried to hold in, as his fingers were being crushed.

"What are you owing at?" Lorelai screamed.

Before Luke could explain any thing the room was filled with a loud "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

"And it's a boy." Announced the doctor.

"A boy." Both Luke and Lorelai whispered to themselves.

"Ok, Dad, time to cut the umbilical cord."

Luke grasped the scissors and cut little baby boy Danes free from his placenta. One of the nurses gave him a good cleaning and wrapped him in a little blue blanket. Then he was handed to his mommy. The doctors cleared away and left the couple alone to bond with their new baby boy.

"Look what we made." Lorelai was tearing up.

"He's perfect." Luke said.

"Our precious little boy." She whispered and kissed his forehead. "It's your turn to hold him." Luke took his son and sat down in the chair next Lorelai's gurney.

"What are we going to call him?" Luke brought up.

"William." Lorelai proclaimed with confidence.


"Your father is was and is your hero. He should be honored. Plus I already named Rory after myself so my family name has already been passed on."

"Are you sure?"


"Thank you." Luke got up and kissed her. "William Richard Danes."

"Keeping with the theme. I love it and my father will be very happy."

Just then the nurse came in and said. "We have to take care of the afterbirth. Your son will go in the nursery." Luke sadly handed his son to the nurse. "Does he have name?"

"William Richard Danes." They said together.

"Alright. Your family can see this little guy through the window and when the afterbirth is finished you can hold him all you want."

"Go tell everyone while I get this crap pulled out of me." Laughed Lorelai.



The second Luke walked in the room everyone rose to their feet.

"Well?" Emily questioned.

"It's a boy. Come on I'll show you."

They all migrated to the nursery window and looked at little William in the second row.

"William Richard Danes; a very strong name." Richard praised. "And I do feel honored.

"Who thought of the name?" Rory asked.

"Lorelai thought of the first name, I thought of the middle name."

"He's amazing." Rory whispered.

Later everyone visited and they got several phone calls from various townspeople.

When everything calmed down Luke and Lorelai sat together while Lorelai fed Will.

"I never thought one year could change my life so much." Lorelai said.

"I never new a marriage on a promise could be this perfect." Luke added.

The End