Donald was suddenly awakened by the loud footsteps of a certain big-footed teenager. At least he hoped it was Sora, because if it was Goofy sleepwalking again, then Donald would swear off sleeping forever. It wasn't exactly pleasant to have a middle-aged dog-man sleep humping your leg.

"Move over, Donald," mumbled the sleep-deprived Sora, kicking Donald in the head, urging the duck to move over. "Goofy was hogging the bed. I need sommere else to sleep."


Donald crossed his arms, ignoring the slight pain in his poor duck-skull. Sora groaned, before throwing his own pillow onto the single bed (nearly over the duck, I might add) and squirming his own way under the covers. Donald suddenly found himself pressed up against the wall, with the lanky teenager half sprawled over him and half falling off of the bed.

See, Sora had to share a double bed with Goofy. The Gummi ship was only equipped for two people, and since Goofy had the bigger bed, Sora got stuck with the dog. But it wasn't a very good arrangement for anyone, since Goofy snored and tended to sprawl out everywhere, and also had a weird habit of sleep-molesting people. It had happened to Sora several times, so the freaked out boy had promptly gotten out of the bed and slept in the driver's chair in the cockpit.

Donald grumbled, crossing his arms, and attempting to use the wall as a sort of pillow. It was hard to sleep when you were uncomfortable and crammed up against a wall. Suddenly, he felt a sharp jab at his arm.

"I can't sleep," said Sora. Donald squawked slightly, and ignored Sora, trying desperately to find sweet slumber. Instead, Sora just poked him again.

"Are you awake, or just ignoring me? You can't be sleeping yet, can you? Donald. Doooonallllld."

Sora continued poking Donald for what felt like forever to the poor ducky. Eventually, Donald got sick of it, and turned to Sora. "Stop it! Or I'll poke you off of the bed!"

Sora snickered. Donald raised a non-existent eyebrow. "What are you laughin' at?"

"You talk funny."

Donald made that 'angry' squawk, which was really long and sounded extremely funny to human ears. Poor Sora fell off of the bed, tangled in the covers and laughing his ass off. Donald rolled his eyes. At least he had his bed back.


Both Sora and Donald were looking worse for wear. Sora's spiky hair was less… spiky than normal, and Donald had large bags under his eyes. Neither of them got much sleep after Sora had invaded Donald's sleeping space.

"WULL, WE'RE SITTIN' IN THAR COCKPIT!" Goofy just sort of stood at the entrance to the cockpit, breathing heavily in that Goofy-like way that Goofy usually did. Sora and Donald just stared at him.


And then Goofy was promptly hit in the head with a big yellow shoe and a mage staff.

i'm sorry for writing this. xD but because of a squabble my parents had over snoring, this ammounted.

oh, and also because the image of goofy sleep-humping someone is far too precious.