Pick Up the Pieces

Notes/Disclaimer: Card Captor Sakura and all its characters belong to the ever-fuzzy CLAMP. I love them dearly and am making no money from this enterprise. All I own in this is Rand, and I wouldn't even want him if I didn't have toclaim him. The idea of Touya's dad putting an addition onto the house for Yuki, as well as the idea of a magic-stealing villain, comes from the CCS fic written by the wonderful Kouri and Karasu, "Blood Bind." Do read it. It's excellent.

WARNING: DARK. This fic is dark, especially for the CCS universe. THERE WILL BE RAPE. So if you don't like it, don't read it.

ALSO. This fic is a cliche. I don't dispute that. This sort of fic has been written for nearly every genre ever made. However, it's not that often applied to the CCS universe, and at any rate, this is a particular treatment of that cliche, a new incarnation of an often told story. So I don't apologize for it. So nyeh. :sticks out tongue:

If you've gotten past all that and you're still here, then enjoy the story.

"I don't know why my father insisted on putting a bed in your room," Touya murmured into Yuki's ear. "It's not like you ever use it. The place is more like a study than anything else."

Yuki smiled, reaching up a hand to Touya's cheek. "It's called decorum. He had to do it. Otherwise it would look like he was assuming things about our sex life. Do you honestly want your father thinking about our sex life?"

"Hmmm," said Touya thoughtfully. "Good point." His face moved downwards until his breath blew warmly against Yuki's neck. "Come to bed," he murmured.

Yuki allowed his head to fall back, groaning in pleasure. He was technically supposed to be working, but then, he had known this was likely coming before he had even sat down; if he had actually urgently needed to get this done, he wouldn't be working in Touya's room. "I should finish this," he protested anyway.

"You can do it later," Touya retorted, kissing his neck lightly, then nipping at the same spot.

Yuki lifted his hand up to Touya's hair. "It still seems weird to be living together. I'm not sure I'll ever get used to it. It was great of your dad to put that addition onto the house for me."

Touya shrugged; Yuki was close enough that he could feel it, even though he was facing away from Touya. "Yue needed to be closer to Sakura. Besides, you're family," Touya said simply.

It was said in such an off-hand manner that Yuki nearly didn't register what Touya had said. But when it did sink in to his mind, his chest tightened up a little bit. Touya wasn't the sort of person who talked about his emotions. But in his own little way, Touya made it obvious how much he cared.

Yuki sighed and put down his pencil, turning to face Touya for a soft kiss. "Alright," he said, "I'll let it be for tonight."

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