How Do You Leave the Past Behind?

Chapter One

"Hey Roger, where did you put the shaving cream?"Mark Cohen called as he walked out of the bathroom into the 'living room' area of the loft that he and his best friend Roger Davis shared. Mark stopped when he saw Roger and his girlfriend Mimi Marquez together on the couch, kissing. Roger barely looked up at Mark as he walked into the room.

"I don't know,"he muttered.

"Did you use it last?"Mark continued.

"Maybe..."Roger said, not really listening to Mark at all.

"Well, were you in the bathroom when you-"

"Look Mark, I'm a little busy..."Roger said, motioning to Mimi. Mark sighed.

"Right...I guess I won't be shaving tonight,"he said, walking over to his little corner of the loft where he kept all his belongings and clothes. He pulled on a sweatshirt and a jacket, grabbing his beloved camera.

"Are you going out?"Roger asked Mark, rather hopefully.

"Yeah, I am. I'll be back around-"

"Okay, whatever, see you,"Roger said dismissively, returning his attention to Mimi, who giggled. Mark rolled his eyes, grabbing his back pack and heading out the door, making sure to slam it behind him. Not that anyone would notice.

He and Roger had always been best friends. Nothing had ever come between them before. And Mark hadn't expected Mimi to come between them. She was his friend too, but...she was Roger's girlfriend. So both Roger and Mimi made sure to give each other more attention that they gave Mark. He was just the third wheel. As usual. When he was with Maureen and Joanne, he was the third wheel. When he was with Collins and Angel, he was the third wheel. And when Roger and Mimi decided to acknowledge his existence while he was with them...he was still the third wheel. And it had been even worse lately, as Roger and Mimi got closer.

Mark walked out of the building, grabbing his bike and climbing on. He had no idea where he was going. But he knew Roger and Mimi wanted him out, and honestly, he was glad to get away. They were becoming pretty sickening anyways. He and Maureen had never been like that when they were dating...then again, they had only been together about three months before Maureen dumped him for another woman.

It was raining as Mark began to ride off down the sidewalk, pulling his hood up over his head and swinging his backpack onto his back. He rode around the corner, still thinking about Roger and Mimi and Maureen...

Mark's mind wasn't focused on the road as he glided along the wet sidewalks, crossing the street absentmindedly. He was wondering about Roger and Mimi as he rode out into the middle of the street...while it was a green light.

Mark didn't see the taxi coming until it was two inches away. He gasped, trying to stop...but his bike tires skidded on the wet street. The taxi slammed into Mark's bike, tossing him off and sending him flying a good five feet into the street. Mark rolled across the wet pavement, feeling a surging pain through his entire body. He let out a moan and a sharp breath, as everything around him turned blurry. That was it. He knew it. He was going to die right then and there. He was going to be run over, or die from pain...he could hear honking and shouting all around him...

Suddenly he felt warm hands touching him. 'Oh God,'he thought. 'I must be hallucinating or something...I'm dying! I'm really dying!'

"Sir! Sir, can you hear me?"he heard a female voice calling out. Mark moaned a little, trying to answer her.

"Y-uhhhhhh..."was all he could get out.

"Okay, don't try to move anything. I'm going to get you help,"the voice continued. Mark didn't really understand. But the woman sounded so reassuring. He decided to follow her orders.

"Somebody call an ambulance! This man is hurt!"the voice called out. He felt a warm hand run over his forehead, as he heard running footsteps and more yells and gasps.

"You're going to be okay. We're getting you an ambulance. Just hang in there..."the girl instructed. Mark moaned his response, just to let the girl know that he was still alive. And then, he gave in, and let the darkness swallow him.

I'm always picking on poor Marky! Haha. But don't worry, things will start to look up for him...for a few chapters anyways! Hee hee This story is going to be different that my other ones, but I hope people still like it! Send me your feedback and suggestions.