Magic of Tetris

One day, on an ordinary blue, texture less background, walked the famous Harry Potter.

Harry Potter was not your average every-day boy. Nope. He has hair so unruly and unchangeable that Medusa looks on enviously; he's skinny and wears baggy clothes that would make any fashion designer scream and run for the hills; he's a wizard in training, learning power spells and enchantments; but most importantly, he's lost and pissed off at the endless blue space.

Harry did not know how exactly he got in to this never ending blue, but he does know that if he doesn't find the fucking exit soon whoever brought him there will get their asses pained blue and the paintbrush shoved in afterwards.

Being pissed as he was, Harry failed to notice the rather large object heading for him until it almost hit him, falling on what Harry assumed was the ground. Looking intently at the object, he noticed 4 things about his situation. One, the object was a large cube like thing that would look like a square if he looked at it from the right angle; two, the 'square' is yellow; three, Harry Potter is in a friggin Tetris game; and four, there would probably be more of these things falling down so he should probably look up.

Looking up, indeed there was an overly large object falling down towards his current location. Cursing, Harry Potter dodged the object only to find more coming down on his current position.

Cursing at the sadistic bastard who seamed to be aiming at him in specific, Harry jumped into one of the holes formed by the player's mistake, giving him some time to recuperate.

After searching for his wand, Harry cursed again not finding it anywhere on him. He cursed even more when he noticed that the player was done clearing through the mess he made and was aiming at his current position.

Harry continued dodging for what seemed like hours, noticing that the speed of the blocks was steadily increasing, and the accuracy of the player was decreasing. Neither boded well for Harry as he was still stuck in this infinite blue and the blocks were still falling, making the tower bigger and bigger.

Taking his time to wonder about how he got into a TETRIS game in the first place, Harry didn't notice the yellow square heading down on his location until it was too late.

"Fuck" He said as the words 'Game Over' flashed all over the blue space. That's when Harry Potter lost conscience.

And woke up in the middle of a beautiful green field.

No one will ever know about the origins of Harry's dream, or how the player lost so fucking fast, or who the player was, and especially how Harry found a Tetris game in his pocket after waking up. (Said game promptly exploded when he turned it on because of the large amount of magic radiating from Hogwarts.)

What we do know is that that day, Harry Potter was late for class.

"Wait, what! Late! Oh fucking hell! Professor Snape's gonna use my nether regions for his freaking potions for this!"

Started cursing more? I don't know what the fucking hell you're talking about.

You would not believe how fun this was to write.

Which brings up my new main goal, (Reviews moved to side goal)


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