A Ronald Weasley Story

It was just a normal day when Ronald Weasley sat down to finish his Herbology homework. They had been assigned to write a blooming twenty page report about the wonders of plats, and after two hours of staring at the blank parchment he took out earlier, needless to say, Ron was just about ready to go and spend the rest of his day having a heart filled conversation with Moaning Myrtle.

After finally deciding that staring at the parchment would not only not get his homework done, but it would also have no chance of mutilating it into strange and horrifying shapes and then burning it to a crisp. He would need his wand for that, and after two hours of staring at a piece of parchment, Ron didn't really feel that going through all the trouble of lifting his wand and muttering a few words was worth it.

It was 5 hours later, when the sun began to set, the birds were slowly receding back to their trees, and all this other sappy stuff you heard too much of happened (Not to mention when Ron's head was about to implode, seeing as it would take too much trouble going though the process of combustion in order to explode), when Ronald finally finished his report.

'It's a work of art', he thought as he sifted though the twenty pages of worthless babble he would forget all about the next day. 'It may have taken a while, but I guess I can sleep easy tonight knowing it's done.' He thought, not understanding the perils of which those words brought forth.

After packing up his stuff, Ron carefully carried his precious report, along with the rest of his junk, up to his room, where he carefully tied the precious report with some ribbon he stole from someone else's bed (Probably Neville's).

Sitting down on his bed, he stared in awe at his finished work lying peacefully on the table. With pride welling up within him, Ron thought about the great mark he would receive for all of his hard work, and how much gloating he was sure to do afterwards.

It was right about then when the universe collapsed, when different dimensions fitted together and universes split apart, but none of this deeply affected the dimension Ron was currently in. Oh no, Ron's dimension was only affected in the slightest way it could possibly. It was such a small occurrence, and lasted for so little time, that it would later become a myth throughout the school of Hogwarts only because everyone else claimed they were there to witness it for the glory.

Only one person was truly there to witness this great collision of worlds though, and that one person was Ronald Weasley. So as he stared at his precious piece of work, Ron was completely unprepared for the sudden knowledge that seeped into his brain. Images flickered within the darkness of his mind, having a lot of space to flicker with seeing as most of the things occupying this mind were vigorously thrown into his report.

Seconds later, Ron knew all about a game called Tetris. Some more seconds later, a fairly large Tetris block appeared out of nowhere. Some more seconds after those seconds, Ronald Weasley's paper was eaten by a Tetris block.

Some would think that it was at this point that Ron's brain snapped and he would forever spend his days in padded rooms. Some think that Ron's scream of anguish was heard across the whole school. Some don't think at all and would rather just find out what really happened. While some think too much and should keep reading to find out.

The truth is, none of that stuff happened. There was no scream of anguish, and Ron's brain was as intact as it was the previous day. What did happen was something that one would never think of. A grin has formed across Ron's face, and he promptly fell asleep awaiting the next day.

It was the next day, in Herbology class, when the report was due. Everyone handed in their report. Everyone except Ronald Weasley.

When asked why he didn't have his report done, Ron simply replied with an excuse he had ready since the night before, "A character from a muggle game ate it." And then promptly headed for the girls bathroom for that heart filled conversation with Moaning Myrtle he was just dieing to have.

Someone asked for me to continue.

I did.

Now I will continue reading the Fanfiction I was in the middle of before I started this.


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