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The Importance of Family

Chapter One- The Orphanage

"So remind me again why we're doing this."

Mokuba sighed and turned to look at his brother. Seto was looking out the limousine window, staring moodily at the passing buildings.

"It's because you made that donation to the orphanage; it was getting too crowded for comfort. They built a new wing and named it after you; they'd like to present it to you."

Seto turned to Mokuba. "It's just I feel I'm revisiting bad memories. Gozaburo was doing the same thing when he adopted us."

Mokuba smiled. "Well, no one outside the trustees really knows you made the donation, and you don't expect to be adopting anybody. Besides, isn't twenty-one a little young for fatherhood?"

Seto grinned. "Any adoption would be in your name also, bro. I think sixteen is a little young, too, and who heard of someone having two fathers?"

Mokuba winced. "That sounded wrong, Seto." He dodged Seto's elbow.

"Who knew Mokuba Kaiba was such a perv?"

They both laughed. Mokuba congratulated himself on lifting his brother's spirits, but that was squashed a couple of seconds later.

"I still don't like visiting orphanages. It reminds me of when nobody adopted us…"

"We could always adopt some kid."

Seto smirked. "I thought we already discussed that. Anyhow, we're just here to see some wing; then we can get along with our own lives."

The limo pulled up finally to the orphanage. At the edge of the city, the orphanage has surrounded by large grounds in the front, where several children were playing. Seto and Mokuba could easily pick out the new wing. It was larger than the rest of the building and had that "new" look to it.

"Well, this is it," Seto said as he got out of the car. "This had better be worth my time."

Even though Seto had lightened up considerably to Yugi Mutou and his friends since graduating high school, he remained the cold-hearted CEO to the rest of the world. Only his closest- did he dare say- friends knew that under all the ice was a good-hearted man.

As they passed through the gates, Mokuba couldn't help feel sad at the wall that surrounded the grounds. He remembered a time he'd felt trapped, and wanted to live on the other side of a wall.

Inside, a bunch of children were scattered around the grounds. A few swung on a swing set, others played ball or ran around. One girl sat on a bench reading. Mokuba placed a hand on his brother's shoulder. This place did bring back memories.

The two of them strode up to the orphanage's door. Mokuba rang the bell and smiled wryly.

"Well, good luck."


"I'll get it!"

"No, I've got it!"

"No, I do!"

A flurry of young children's voices came out from behind the door. The sound of scrambling feet brought laughter into Seto's blue eyes. Mokuba's wry smile had already morphed into a real one.

However, the laughter faded as the door opened and a middle-aged woman stepped out. She had graying hair and tired eyes, with a no-nonsense look that said "don't even try soliciting something" in it.

All that changed when she got the measure of the two men in front of her. Suddenly she was all smiles and a-fluttering.

"Mr. Kaiba…and Mr. Kaiba! What a pleasant surprise! Please, come in; make yourselves at home."

As if we could call this home, thought Seto.

They stepped into the entrance way. A group of children lined a stairway nearby. Mokuba waved; a few waved back, others watched with wide-eye expressions. It was obvious they got few visitors; fewer important still than the Kaiba brothers.

Chattering as she went, the matron (who had introduced herself as Yuko Takada) led the brothers into a sitting-type room. In there a little boy, about five years old sat looking at a book. Ms. Takada walked over to the little boy, bending over him.

"Yasuo, is that a good book?" The little boy looked up, and nodded. "I'm glad you are enjoying it. Why don't you go outside and read? It's a beautiful summer day. You see, we have company."

Yasuo looked up and nodded again. Turning his head toward Seto and Mokuba, he smiled shyly. Then he picked up his book and trotted out of the room.

Ms. Takada sighed. "Yasuo is a sweet little boy. Such a dear, yet he hardly ever speaks. He only talks to his sister Kane usually. You think someone would have the heart to take him home, but he and Kane refuse to be separated."

Mokuba and Seto looked at each other, remembering two little boys who refused to be separated a long time ago.

"Anyway, would you like to see the new wing? I'm sure that's what you came to see. If you would follow me, please."

Standing up again, they followed Ms. Takada.

"And afterward, if you would like a tour of the rest of the orphanage…"

Seto nearly groaned.


A half-hour later, Seto and Mokuba stood on the front door with Ms. Takada. Despite his misgivings at first, Seto was pleased with the new wing. The old dormitory had been split into the boys and girls' rooms before. Now the old dormitory was just the girls'.

The new wing was split into the boys' dormitory and a play room. The orphans could play, read, or study in it. A brand new TV stood in a corner surrounded by cushions; several couches were placed with low tables for schoolwork; and bored games littered the floor and several shelves. The expressions on the children's faces were testimony that they thought the new wing heavenly. The part that pleased Seto the most, however, was the "Kaiba Corp Wing's" nickname: the Blue-Eyes Wing.

"The children named it in honor of your dueling skills. They're quite in awe of you," Ms. Takada explained.

Now he had to listen to the matron thank him over and over again. Finally he decided to cut her short.

"Ms. Takada, I did it for the children. We know what they're going through. Now, if you would excuse us, we have work to attend to-" Seto was cut off by several loud voices.

"Oh no, what is it now?" Ms. Takada groaned, and started to run over to the location of the sound. Out of curiosity, Seto and Mokuba followed.

The cause of the commotion was just around the corner of the building. A ring of kids surrounded four kids scuffling on the ground.

Ms. Takada immediately waded into the skirmish and pulled the children apart. Three boys sporting a black eye, a bloody nose, and several bruises immediately backed off, protesting their innocence. Getting up to her feet was a skinny girl with chocolate-colored hair and a cut lip. She dusted off the orphanage's uniform. Seto blinked. It was the girl who had been reading on the bench when he first arrived.

There was a look of embarrassment and anger on Ms. Takada's face. Seto smirked. He was used to that look. His employees wore it when they had done something stupid in front of their superiors.

"What is the meaning of this?" She looked at the boys, who were scuffing their feet and feeling their injuries.

The boy with the black eye spoke up.

"She attacked us! For no reason!"

The matron turned to the girl with a raised eyebrow. "Kane? Did you? You know you're supposed to set an example for the others."

Kane looked her straight in the eye. Her amber ones flashed, fiery looking.

"Ask them why they were bullying my brother!" She snarled, her voice shaking with anger. Seto was surprised at her vehemence. Everyone looked at the wall. Yasuo cowered there, a bruise on his cheek and a frightened look in his eyes.

"What were you doing to him?" Now Ms. Takada looked dangerous.

One of the boys spoke up. "We were just trying to talk to him but he wouldn't say anything-"

Kane interrupted. "So you push him against the wall!" She looked ready to spring at the boy.

Luckily, Ms. Takada took charge. "You three," pointing at the boys- "Go clean up and see Nurse Harata. You'll all have kitchen duty tonight. The rest of you go back to playing. Kane, stay here."

A few minutes later, Ms. Takada joined the brothers again. "I'm sorry, sirs, you had to see that shameful scene."

Mokuba spoke up. "It's alright, ma'am. It just brought back old memories…do you have this problem regularly?"

The matron sighed. "Yes, unfortunately. Kane and Yasuo are both great kids. But their problems keep reoccurring. Yasuo is a nice little boy, but the other kids keep teasing him because he doesn't talk to them. Kane is so protective of him she usually clashes with the other kids. But that's the worst she's been all year. Either could be adopted individually, but they refuse to be separated. Hopefully someday they will find a good home."


In the limo, Seto flung himself on the seat. "I'm glad that's over."

Mokuba joined him on the seat. "It wasn't too bad…but I keep thinking about Kane and her brother."

So was Seto. Kane's last words had haunted him as he'd left the gates.

Why can't they accept him? Don't they realize he's afraid to talk to other people? He's never known his mother- I'm the closest thing he has. We've always had each other. But no one wants us together…a-and I-I want Yasuo to have a family, a real one! He can't live his life like this.

When she'd said that she hadn't thought of herself. It was selfless and selfish at the same time. Didn't she want to have a family also? If she didn't, then why had she tried so hard to stay with her brother?

Seto leaned his head back. Looking at Mokuba, he asked "Did…did they remind you of anyone?"

"Yeah. They did. It was sort of like…watching us."

Seto nodded. It had been rather strange.

"Seto- for some reason…it felt wrong leaving them there."

His head shot up again. "You're not serious!"

Mokuba nodded. "I can't explain it. It's like- we were meant to meet them. And now that I have- I can't forget the looks on their faces."

Seto sighed. "I thought we'd talked about this earlier."


"I know. I feel the same way." Mokuba's head whipped around at him. "Really?"

"Yes- against my better judgment, of course. But let's give it a night's sleep. Do we really want two more additions to our family…two kids running around the mansion?"

Mokuba smiled. "It'd be a first. But, it would liven up the place."

That's what I was afraid of.


All night, Seto couldn't sleep. He rolled around in his bed, trying to get comfortable. When that didn't work, he grabbed a robe and strode out of his bedroom.

Pacing through the mansion, Seto tried to empty his head of all thoughts. But the thought of Kane's anguished face, and the words no one wants us together echoed over and over in his head.

He knew it would be cruel to leave Yasuo and Kane in the orphanage. It was obvious they didn't belong there. But nobody had taken the angel-faced Yasuo and his arrogant, aggressively-protective older sister; and nobody would take the obviously intellectual Kane and her silent little brother. But he could.

However, the thought of Gozaburo Kaiba lingered in Seto's mind. Kane seemed desperate for a family, like he had. But Gozaburo had ended up being a cruel and demanding parent. He didn't want Kane to suffer the same fate.

Then you should help her and give her the life she deserves, a dry voice said in the back of his head.

Not you again thought Seto. You always show up when I don't need you.

I helped you become a Kaiba, the voice said.

A lot of help that did.

A lot, the voice observed. Look at where you are now.

What do you want?

To give you some advice.

Why should I listen? snarled Seto.

Could you look into your heart and find an answer?


I thought not. So listen to me. You know they will make you happy. Can you accept the fact they obviously belong with you?

Seto didn't answer. Good, the voice said, and was gone.

Seto realized he was in the hallway near the kitchen. Turning around, he went back to his room.

As soon as his head hit the pillow he was asleep.


After breakfast, Seto went up to his office on the third floor. Sitting down in his chair, he reached for the phone. A shadow fell on him. He looked up to see Mokuba standing in the doorway. He gave Seto a questioning look. Seto nodded and smiled. Mokuba grinned and mouthed, "Good luck."

Dialing the number, he waited. This was it.

"Domino Orphanage, Takada speaking."

"This is Seto Kaiba…Yes, I was pleased yesterday… No, I- I have a question about two of the children…"


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