Bruce sighed and looked through his files of the case he was working on again. There was just something he was missing. Footsteps echoed in the Batcave, and he turned around to see who was standing behind him. He smiled slightly at the sight of Diana. He got up from his chair and walked over to her. Diana looked up into his eyes and removed his mask.

Then, Diana pulled him into a passionate kiss. Bruce wrapped his arms around her slender waist as she snaked her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. She pulled away for just a second and then kissed him again. Finally, Bruce pushed her away.

"What do you want?" he asked, feeling a little drunk from her kisses.

She placed both of her hands on the sides of his face; forcing him to look her in the eyes, "Say you love me."

Bruce stood there for a moment, stunned, before he removed her hands gently, savoring the touch of her fingers, "I can't."

Diana looked away, hurt and disappointment in her eyes. She looked back into his light blue eyes and saw the pleading look her gave her. He knew if she asked him again if he loved her, he would not be able to say no. She kissed him on the cheek, and tossing her hair, she left the room. She was too proud to even allow herself to glance back at him at the door. Bruce stared after her for what seemed like the longest time before he sank into a chair.

As he sat there, he allowed himself to look back on all the times they had shared. He smiled sadly as he remembered the way she could always make him laugh, and the teasing jokes she and Shayera always made about his serious demeanor. He remembered the way she flirted with every man she came across just to make him jealous, and the way her cheeks burned whenever he flirted with her. Bruce felt her lips burning against his once more as he thought about the way she kissed him. He loved the way her body always fit into his arms and how she always saved him at the last minute. He loved the way her eyes flashed when she was angry and the soft smile that graced her face whenever she talked with him at the end of the day. Now Bruce knew why he had to let her go, why he could never have a relationship with her. He cared about Diana more than he cared about the mission. He would do anything for her; even give up the one thing that had given him the will to live for so long.

Diana's words echoed in his mind. Say you love me. Say you love… you love me…love me. Tears fell unnoticed from Bruce's eyes as he stared at the picture he kept of her. He had allowed the only woman he would ever truly love walk out of his life forever, and he could hardly bear it.

Finally he whispered to the echoes, "I do."

And he wept for the love he had lost.