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Chapter 1: Missing

Lex Luthor, speeding down the road in his shiny silver Porsche, quickly dialed a number into his cell phone. Lifting it to his ear, he heard someone answer, "Hello."

Lex recognized the voice right away. "Hello, Mrs. Kent. It's Lex. Is Clark there?"

"No, he isn't, Lex," Martha replied. "He had to go to the Talon and then to the Torch. You'll probably miss him at the Talon, but I bet you can head him off at the Torch."

"Thanks, Mrs. Kent."

"No problem, Lex." Lex then closed his cell phone and set it aside. Grabbing the steering wheel with both hands, he made a quick u-turn, not without the squeaking tires and skid marks. Lex then drove off to the school

Lex pulled into the school parking lot, the crow on the Smallville High sign glaring at him menacingly. If it had been a raven he would have taken it as a sign to turn around and head back to the mansion, but Poe didn't write a poem about crows, so he disregarded it. The school was dark, but Lex noticed a bright red bug sitting in the parking lot. He pulled up beside it and smiled, he might be able to have a round of verbal judo with Chloe before Clark arrived.

Lex exited his car and slowly strode up to the school. He opened the front doors and entered the dimly lit corridor. He was walking down the hallway toward the Torch office when something grabbed his arm. Before he could find out what had him, he was roughly pulled into an empty classroom. Once inside the room, Lex turned around to see Chloe quietly closing the door and then peaking through the thin vertical window. "Chloe, what-"

"Shhhh!" she said indignantly. "They're coming this way."

Lex walked toward her. "Who's com-" Lex was silenced once again, this time by Chloe's hand. Lex became slightly angry. Nobody treated him like this. He was about to say so when he heard voices outside of the door.

"God, where is that, bitch! I don't even want to think about what's gonna happen if we don't come back with her!" a gruff voice said.

"Shut up! We're never gonna find her with you yelling!" another, equally frightening voice put in. Lex glanced at Chloe. Her slightly shaking hands belied her determined face. She was scared, but she was not going to show it.

"Why do we need her anyway?" the first voice from outside the door said.

"She knows too much."

"Yeah, but why don't we just kill her? Why take her? The boss can get plenty of prostitutes and junkies for the experiments." Chloe's heart raced. Kill? Experiments? Chloe could no longer hide her fear. Her breathing became rapid and shallow.

Lex watched Chloe as the men outside the door conversed. What the hell were they going to do to her? he thought. She's definitely in way too deep. Chloe became more agitated with their words, but she never lost the determined mask.

"We need someone who hasn't lived four years with coke in their system. Besides, I checked. Nobody is really gonna miss her. Sure they'll look for her, but my guess is they'll give up after two weeks. Nobody cares about a nosey reported."

Chloe's stony fa├žade vanished, replaced by a look of hurt. Is that true? she thought. Would my friends really not care?

Lex glanced at Chloe. He took in her pained expression and thought, Oh God, Chloe, don't listen to them.

"Yeah, but isn't she friends with Lex Luthor? He doesn't give up on anything," the first voice pointed out.

The second voice laughed. A cold, harsh laugh, void of any real humor. "I wouldn't call them friends. From what I hear, the bitch has been a pest to him since the first time he met her. He'll be glad she's gone." Lex's face flushed. How dare they say that! If only they knew. If only they knew how much he enjoyed the playful debates with the beautiful reporter. Wait beautiful? Did he just think of her as beautiful? Lex looked to Chloe. She was looking at him, her eyes large and wet, tiny tears streaking her face. She looked confused, sad. Lex wanted to reach out and hold her in his arms, but she quickly turned away and wiped the tears off her face, pretending they were never there to begin with. Lex sighed; she shared his fear of showing emotions. The voices of the two men slowly faded as they turned into another hallway and disappeared.

"Chloe," Lex began, not really sure what to say.

Chloe didn't leave him room to talk. "Come on," she said. "We need to get out of here." Chloe quietly opened the door. Lex grabbed her hand.

"Chloe, what they said wasn't true. They-"

"Not now, Lex." Lex sighed. She didn't believe him. Lex silently followed her out into the hall. Chloe began walking quickly the opposite way the men had gone. "We can go out through the back doors," she explained. Lex followed her. Chloe and Lex quickly turned at the sound of footsteps behind them.

"Hey, there she is!" one of the men yelled. They both turned around and ran down the corridor as one of the men raised some sort of gun. Chloe stopped and turned to Lex as she heard him cry out. A tranquilizer dart was sticking out of the back of his neck. Lex fell to the ground. Chloe knelt down next to him. "Please, Lex," she quietly pleaded. "Don't leave me." Her face was the last thing he saw before slipping into unconsciousness.

Clark and Lana were in Clark's old red truck on their way to see Chloe. They each had articles to give her. Clark and Lana were dating, but Chloe said that she didn't mind as long as they got their articles in on time, and that they didn't forget about her. As Clark pulled into the school parking lot, he immediately noticed Lex's car. "I wonder what Lex is doing here?" Clark asked no one in particular.

Lana answered, "Looking for you, I think. He was looking for you earlier today." Clark parked the truck, and he and Lana headed to the school. As soon as they entered the building, they noticed an unconscious Lex lying on the floor. They ran over to him. Lana knelt beside him and gingerly began tapping his cheek. "Lex," she said softly, "Lex."

Clark had a slightly different approach. Clark shook Lex and yelled, "LEX!" That woke him.

"Chloe?" Lex mumbled, opening his eyes. Clark gave him an odd look. How could he ever confuse my voice and face with Chloe's? Clark thought. Clark was startled when Lex sat up, his eyes wide. "Chloe!" he yelled.

"No," Lana said softly, trying to calm the distraught man. "It's Lana and Clark."

"No," Lex said, shaking his pounding head. "Where's Chloe?" he asked.

"I don't know," Clark answered.

"Oh my God!" Lex exclaimed. "They took her!"

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