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Chapter 3: Clarity

Chloe awoke to a blinding light. Her head was pounding and the light only made it worse. Chloe attempted to lift her hands and move her legs, but they wouldn't move. They felt too heavy. Chloe opened her mouth to call for help, but her tongue was also too heavy to move. Chloe could hear beeping and could sense the myriad of needles pumping chemicals into her blood. She heard someone yell, "Hey, she's awake!" She could tell the person was standing right next to her, but the voice seemed to be coming from a million miles away.

Another voice responded, "Well, then, put her out again." A person who was no more than a vague shadow against the brightness of the light leaned over her. She could see the needle injecting something into her body, and the last thought she had before the drug took over, was that she was going to kick to the owner of that voice where it hurts the most.

Lex's Porsche pulled into the driveway of Chloe's house. Lex, Lana, and Clark walked up to the house, and Lana pulled out her key. Before she opened the door, she turned to Lex and Clark. "Be quiet while we're in here. Chloe's dad is still asleep. It was a long night last night." They nodded in understanding. Lana opened the door. As they entered, they saw Gabe asleep on the couch. He was still wearing the clothes from the day before. They slipped past him and headed up the stairs.

Lana led them into Chloe's room. She immediately headed over to the closet and began throwing out shoes, clothes, and the occasional teddy bear to reach the back. Lex and Clark let Lana rummage while they looked at the room that simply screamed Chloe. Lex was studying a picture of Pete and Chloe while Clark examined her CD player. The 'pause' button was flashing. Intending to turn it off to save energy, Clark accidentally pressed the 'play' button. Loud music filled the room:

Save us from ourselves
We're at a loss of words while preaching that we can't be heard

"Clark!" Lex yelled over the music. "Turn it off!"

The image staring back at you is what you hate
You don't truly think forgiveness is on the way

"I'm trying!" Clark responded.

Seven years you lost for breaking one mistake
Wake up, play dumb, wake-

Lana had walked over and turned it off for him. Tears had filled her eyes. Chloe always played her music when she worked late at night so that she wouldn't be lonely. Lana had missed hearing the faint murmur of it while she was falling asleep the night before. Hearing it now only brought back the painful memory of last night's silence.

"We need to stop playing around," Lana scolded, fighting back tears. Lana returned to the closet and began fighting through the clutter once again.

Lex glanced over at Clark who was mentally beating himself for making his girlfriend cry. After a few moments of awkward silence, Lana poked her head out from the closet. "I found it."

Lex and Clark looked at the door leading to the tiny crawlspace. "Open it," Lex ordered. Lana opened it. It was completely empty on the inside. Stale air rushed at them making Lex and Lana cough. Lana slowly crept in and began pulling on each board. The tenth board she checked pulled up.

Lana smiled widely. "Found it!" Lana reached her hands down into the hole and recovered two CD cases. One CD was labeled '1', and the other was labeled '2'. Lana crawled back out and handed the CD's to Lex. "Let's put them in her computer."

Lex walked over to Chloe's computer and inserted disk one. There were two files: 'map' and 'watch me'. Lex opened 'watch me'. It was a video. Lex pressed play. Chloe came onto the screen with her trademark smile.

Chloe: Hey! If you're watching this it probably means that something's happened to me and you decided to play the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, a.k.a. Pete, Clark, and Lana.

Lex frowned. Chloe hadn't mentioned him. Clark and Lana glanced at their bald friend, but his face was unreadable.

You're probably wondering what's going on. Remember that spring break when my dad took me with him to that business thing in New Mexico, and how I said that it was completely boring, well, I lied

Lex gripped the side of his chair. New Mexico. Is that where she is?

I found something. I found something huge. I was exploring a ghost town when I stumbled onto a secret lab, a very secret lab. And they don't like it that I know about it. You're probably thinking that I'm just crazy and paranoid, but the fact that you're watching this just proves that famous statement that just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean somebody isn't after me. With all that in mind, you now have two choices: one, take out this CD, destroy it along with the other one, and forget that any of this ever happened; or continue listening.

Chloe on the tape sat there for a while, obviously waiting for her listeners to make up their minds. Lex, Clark, and Lana stayed absolutely still, waiting for Chloe to continue.

Chloe: Well, you've obviously chosen option two. So, I'll explain everything. In this lab there were a lot of tables, and on the tables there were creatures. Odd creatures. I mean, definitely wall of weird. They were huge and all different. Some had fangs, and others had spikes, and some were scaly and odd colored. It was some sort of a mutant army. I don't know what's up with the lab; I don't really know anything, just what I saw.

Now, I don't know if the lab belonged to the government or some company, that's why I haven't said anything. If it is a government lab, going to the police wouldn't really help. It seems my only option is to storm into the United Nation waving the evidence. But, no one would listen to me, now would they?

You're probably wondering what evidence I'm talking about. Disk two is all of the information I was able to download off of their computers in the time I had. It's encrypted, but I'm sure there's some damaging evidence on there.

On disk one there is a map that marks the ghost town where I found the entrance to the lab. There is a series of caves that have an opening in the cellar of the old general store. I followed the caves to an observation room of the lab. You can do that to see what I saw, which I shouldn't recommend, in light of what probably happened to me. You still have a choice to destroy these disks and forget everything I told you. Whatever you choose to do, good luck.

With that, the recording ended, and Chloe's smiling face disappeared from the screen.

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