Summary: What if Negi has a caretaker with him when he went to Japan? But not just any caretaker, but a family 'heir loom' left behind by his supposedly dead father. What's more, this caretaker is a little… too much for him to handle.

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"Ah… so many people…" A girl with reddish blonde hair and red eyes says as she tries her best not to get squash inside the packed train. "I wonder if all of them are going to Mahora Middle School…"

"Ah… maybe. Speaking of which, why did you decides to come with me instead of staying with onee-chan?" A 10 year old child asks, looking up at his companion, who towers over him easily.

"That? Well, it's her request. Besides Negi," At that moment, her red eyes shine with a wicked light, "with someone as clumsy as you… it is bond to be very troublesome for your future class…" The girl says with a mischievous smile.

"S-SARAH-SAN!" Negi says, his jaw almost hitting the floor.

"Just kidding!" The girl, now known as Sarah says with a sweat smile that doesn't reach her eyes. Negi signed as he noticed that. Ever since he knows Sarah, he always notices that her smile never reaches her eyes. They're always gives off an empty feeling, like a part of her is missing. "Still, our stop is here, let's go!"


"WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE!" A girl with long brown hair in two pony tails shouts as she continues to runs from the station.

"Ah! You're fast on your feet Asuna!" A girl with long black hair on a pair of roller skate says with a smile.

"Well, sorry Konoka for being athletic!" Asuna retort sarcastically as she continues to run. "Wonder if we'll get Takahata-sensei for this year? Hopefully that charm will work."

"Well, it says here that if you say your love's names a loud a few time then bark like a dog, it'll come true!" Konoka says with a smile as she reads off a book.

"HONTO?" Asuna exclaims before taking in a big breath. "Yosh! TAKAHATA-SENSEI! TAKAHATA-SENSEI! TAKAHATA-SENSEI! BARK! BARK! BARK!" As a result, a few students sweat dropped as starts to back away from the 'crazy' girl.

"Ahaha… Asuna will do anything for Takahata-sensei ne? …I didn't think you'll do it…" Konoka whispered out the last part with a guilty smile while a sweat drop formed on the side of her face, but it didn't escape Asuna's sensitive ears.


"Ahaha… now then, walk on your hands and meow like a cat!" The girl exclaims enthusiastically as Asuna almost trip on her foot.


Asuna mumbles to herself as her friend just continue to skate by her side. Just then, a small wind picked up, and a small kid suddenly runs beside her with a smile. "Huh…?"

"You show signs of dejection!" The small kid says with a small smile.

"S-sa… SAY WHAT!" Screeching to a stop, Asuna grab the kid by the head and lift him up with on hand. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?"

"I'm just saying that you show signs of rejection from the one you love!" The kid tries to explain as he swings his arms around like crazy.

"Y-you… I'LL KILL YOU!" Asuna says with hell fire on the back ground. When she's about to strike, a hand stopped hers. What really surprised her is that it blurred into view, and she doesn't remember seeing anyone next to that brat. "Please release Negi-sama or I'll be resort to use of violence." A soft voice warned Asuna, which cause a chill to run down her spine. As she looks to the owner of the hand, she found a girl that's at least six feet high with reddish blonde hair and empty-looking red eyes. "Eh… s-sure…?"

"Arigatou." The girl says with a smile before looking over at Negi. "I told you you're clumsy and troublesome."

"Sarah-san!" Negi whines as he's put down by a still dazed Asuna. All this time, Konoka is just standing in the side line looking on with a confused face and a smile. "Aya? Are you new here?" Konoka asks the tall girl.

"Hai. I'd just got transferred here per order from the principal, Konoemon Konoe-sama." Sarah explains before helping Negi back to his feet.

"Then this must be your little brother?" Konoka asks bending down so she's eye level with Negi. "Konoka, you don't call your little brother with the title sama!" Asuna adds causing Konoka to sweat drop and mumbles an apology.

"Negi-sama here is going to be a teacher here in Mahora starting this year… or hopefully he will make it." Sarah says with a sly smile, which makes Negi whines.

"Eh… EEEEHHH! HIM! A TEACHER? DON'T JOKE AROUND!" Asuna says waving her arms around, causing one of her pony tails to brush Negi's nose, making his nose itch. And when his nose itch, he tends to sneeze, and when he sneeze… that's just say a wind tends to start up… and that's what happens to Asuna and the company. "A-ACHOO!"

"EEHH?" Asuna exclaims as she sees her skirts got lifted up by the wind, showing Negi everything and nothing at the same time. Quickly putting her skirts down, Asuna asks the obvious question. "Did… did you see?"

"Ah… no… um… a bear?" Negi stuttered out, being the horrible liar he is.

"Y-YOU DID SEE! YOU LITTLE BRAT! I'LL SKIN YOU ALIVE!" Asuna exclaims, putting Sarah on the alert in an instance. The school bell chooses that moment to ring, causing Konoka and Asuna to snap back to the real world. "SHIMATA! WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE!" Asuna exclaims and starts to run towards the campus that isn't far off.

"Well then little kid, I'll see you around!" Konoka says sweetly before also rushing after her friend.

"So… you're also a little pervert huh?" Sarah says with a teasing smile and her empty eyes, making Negi going so red that he puts a tomato to shame. "SARAH-SAN!"

"I still can't believe that…" Asuna says after regaining her wits. Konoka just giggles beside her. "I mean… that brat saw my… my…"

"Your panties?" Konoka adds innocently with her trade mark smile.

"NOT HELPING! Oh, we're here!" Asuna says after noticing the door, which was labeled 2-A. Opening it, she was immediately bombarded with sounds of chatting students. "Wow, that's a lot of people. Huh? Nodoka-chan! We're in the same class again!"

"A-ah… Asuna-san…" A shy girl with bangs covering her eyes says as she diverts her attention from her book. "Huh? So we're in the same class again huh?" Another girl with glasses says as she also looks over at Asuna. "Eh? Where's Konoka?"

Speaking of the girl, she's walking towards the back of the room towards a girl with a side pony tail and is leaning against the wall. "Set-chan…" Konoka says with a hopeful smile. "Set-chan! I'm so happy that we'll be in the same class!"

Without saying a word, the girl stand up, bow, and walks into another part of the classroom, causing Konoka's smile to drop. From way across the room, Asuna takes in all of this without saying a word. Deciding to go and comfort her friend, she never gets the chance as Takamichi walks into the room. "Alright class! Take a sit! You're teacher will be arriving in a moment!" With that, he walks off again.

"Eh? Takahata-sensei isn't our homeroom teacher?" A student asks her neighbor. Another joins in and soon the whole class is in an uproar. All this time, a set of twin is placing all sorts of trap inside the class room. "Ehehehehe, he'll never expect these!" The older of the two, with two pony tails says as she puts a finishing touch to it.

"Oh, nee-chan is so mean!" Another, the younger one with two buns, says as she watches her sister dust off her hands.

"What are you two doing?" A voice says from behind the two, causing the two to jump a bit before turning back to face the owner. "Ka-Kaede-ne-chan! Don't do that!" Just then, the door moved a bit, causing everyone's chattering to seize and students to rush back to their seats. As the door opens even more, Asuna decides to see who the new teacher is, only to have her heart skip a beat when the brat from before walks in.

A black board eraser doors from above Negi's head, and noticing it, he quickly chanted a spell that causes the eraser to float. Scanning the room, his eyes met with Asuna's, causing him to quickly cancel the spell and let the eraser drop onto his head. All of this happens in a matter of a second. Just then, he stumbles forward, getting his ankle caught and trip, sending him head first into a bucket, which cause him to roll into the desk while suction arrows are being shot into him. The whole class sweats drop as they witness their sensei giving a pretty bad first impression. "Itai…" Negi says, lifting the bucket up, and is greeted by silence… before…

"EEEEHHH! A KID!" The whole class, excluding Asuna and Konoka, shouts as they rush forward to see if he's hurt, only to quit doing that when, "KKYYYAAAAA! KAWAII!" With that, the girl swamp Negi like a teddy bear and starts to hug him and smooth him and do all sorts of things to him like what you do to most teddy bear.

"S-SARAH-SAN! A LITTLE HELP PLEASE!" Negi shouts as he was being pressed into the breasts of one of the students. A few seconds later, he was lifted out of the mess by a hand. Following the hand, the students find an incredibly tall girl with reddish blonde hair and empty red eyes. "Arigatou Sarah-san!"

"You really needs someone to baby sit you 24 hours a day?" Sarah says with a mischievous smile on her face and a glow in her eyes that promise bad things. Before she gets to chance to do anything else, Negi was snatched from her by Asuna, who brought his face a few inches from his and takes in a breath before, "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO WITH THAT ERASER?"

"Eh? W-what?" Negi says with his eyes going all biddy. (Like two black dots.)

"You know what!" Asuna exclaims and starts to shake the poor kid.

"That's enough Asuna-san!" A new voice says. Turning her head, Asuna comes face to face with a blonde girl, who has a hand on her hip while the other is on the table. "That's not a way to treat a kid. But for a gorilla like you, that pose suits you!"

"Eh? Gorilla?" Asuna says her face switching into a frown.

"That's right. Or do you prefer barbarian better?" The girl says with a smirk. A vein is throbbing on Asuna's forehead, but she never gets to let her frustration out.

"Class, class!" Takamichi says while clapping, stepping back into the classroom, catching everyone's attention. "Asuna, if you don't mind, please let go of Negi-sensei."

"Eh? Sensei?" All the girls chore before looking at Negi, who was just put down onto the floor a second before. Coughing into his hand, Negi starts to introduce himself. "Konichiwa, my name is Negi Springfield, and I'll be teaching you ma-, I mean English. I'll also be your homeroom teacher from now on. It's n-nice to meet you all!" Silence… then… again… "KYAAAA! KAWAII!" And again, Negi is swamped by the class's students and getting all smooched… again (Author sweat dropped…).

"Eh… then again… who…" A student says, causing all the others to look at Sarah, who'd being standing there with a smile and her empty eyes. "Wadashiwa Sarah D. McDocland, nice to meet you all." Sarah answered their question with a slight bow before scanning the room for a sit. "Is… there alright?" She asks pointing to a table all the way back in the room already with a blonde girl sitting there.

"Ah… I think so…" Negi manage to gulp out as his face is once again in between the breast another student. Pulling himself out and taking a large gulp of air, he looks over to where Sarah is heading.

"Any way, take a sit class. Negi-kun, you may start your class." Takamichi says before walking over to the door, but Negi decides to sneeze at the very moment, attracting Takahata's attention. And Asuna just happens to be RIGHT in between the two, and as her skirt got torn apart by the wind, Takamichi gets a full view of what Negi saw a few hours before. "Be-bear?"


Silence is the only thing that greets the kid teacher, who's being stared at like a teddy bear. "Ah… p-please turns to page 7 of your English book…" Negi says, turning around, pick up a chalk and starts to try and write on the board. Keyword: TRY! As he is being short, he can't exactly reach it. "CAN'T… REACH!" He says causing the class to go into a fit of laughter.

"Here, Negi-sensei!" Turning around, Negi sees the same blonde who started a fight with Asuna before. Right in front of her is a little stand made of very expansive material. How she ever get that in a short amount of time? It remains a mystery. "Stand on this."

"Ah… Arigatou!" Negi says, walking up onto the stand and finds that it's perfect. "Do you need me to hold you?"

"Ah, no, thank you!" And so the class went on. However, this peace didn't last long, as one particular student is determined to find out what exactly just Negi did. 'Something happened with that eraser alright… and I'm intends to find out.' Asuna thought as she takes out an eraser and a long ruler. Breaking a little piece, she flick it at Negi and surprisingly to her, it hits. "Itai…" Looking around, Negi didn't see anyone suspicious, so he turns back to the listen.

'Huh… it hits… hmm… let's try again.' Asuna thought as she flick another, and another, and another. But the only results are hit, hit, got deflected by a kunai… 'WAIT JUST A MINUTE, A KUNAI!'

"S-Sarah-san… p-please don't do that…" Negi says looking over to the every so innocent Sarah, who just shrug, knowing full will what happened. Just that moment, the blonde girl from before walks over to Negi and starts to whisper something just loud enough for Asuna to heard. And as she finishes, Asuna charged into the front and starts a tongue lashing with the blonde girl before they broke out into an all out fight.

Sarah watch as Negi tries to stop the two, only to get knock into the wall near the door. She chuckles to herself as she watches once again of her young charge's futile attend. "He's quite amusing isn't he? E-va-chan!"

"Don't call me that… and why did you decides to come?" A short, blonde girl with emerald green eyes asks.

"He is part of the reason… the other is because I have a feeling that something is going to happen here…" Sarah explains. Turning slightly, she watch Evangeline flip through another page of a novel. "How's it like to get stuck here for fifteen years?"

"Boring… I still can't believe he takes you in too…"

"Ah… while, I'm sort of special for a vampire… almost like you and yet unlike you…" Sarah says with a wink before she stands up. "Well, the bell rang so ja ne!" Sarah says as she starts to walk towards her spirit broken young charge. "AH! One more thing, we'll be having a lot of fun from now on…"

"Hmmm… the first class is a complete disaster." Negi says and signed again from his spot next to Takamichi in the office.

"Ahaha, don't be depressed. It'll get better!" The older teacher says before remembering something. "Oh, I almost forgot!"

"You did forget!" Sarah says form her spot across from the grey-haired man, causing Takamichi to turns to her with wide eyes and a red face. "S-SHUT UP! Still, here's that class's roster." Takahata says handing Negi a thin book while coughing into his hand saving whatever dignity he had left. "I'd made some side notes in there, so it'll be easier to learn their name with those."

"Ah, Arigatou…" Negi says, accepting the book and starts to flip through it.

"Now, where were we… ah yes, my knight takes your bishop!" Takamichi exclaims happily, taking away one of Sarah's bishop on the chess board.

"Hn!" Moving her knight into position, she utters one word that causes the older man to falls out of his chair. "Checkmate!"

"S-so cruel…" Takahata says as he regains his composure after falling off the chair. Getting back up, he finds both the young teacher and caretaker missing, where they used to be were out lined with white dashing lines that blink a few times before disappearing. "Ah… they're still fast at getting away…"

"Sign… I still am no good…" Negi signs from his sit on the steps of a fountain.

"What do you expect? You're just a 10 years old child who happens to be sent to be a teacher instead of other stuff… Hold on, you're actually about 9 and a half… yup, you're a brat!" Sarah teases, causing Negi going chibi again running in circles protesting. 'Yup, I'll never get tire of seeing him like that.'

Signing again, Negi flip open the book, scan it again, stopping on Asuna's face, and got an idea. Taking out a marker, he starts to scribble something onto the book. Once he finishes, he hold it at arm length to admire his work. "Hmm… meaning? You really are a brat!" Sarah says as she peers over Negi's shoulder, causing Negi to starts to whine again.

"Eh?" Stopping, Negi says looking over at a large serious of steps. A girl with bangs covering her eyes is on top of it, carrying a stack of books that reaches her forehead. "Isn't that seat # 27, Nodoka Miyazaki? Why is she carrying all that books?"

"It's dangerous carrying those books all by herself alright…" Sarah adds after looking a little at her profile. "Hmm… she's a librarian… hope she doesn't fall... AH!"

Sarah exclaims as Nodoka decides that moment to lose her balance and falls down the side of the stairs with a scream. "AH! I WON'T MAKE IT IN TIME!" Negi shouts before grabbing his staff, and with a short chanting, causing a small amount of wind to cause Nodoka to float a bit. Dashing towards the falling girl, Negi quickly dive and pretends to catch her and breaks her fall. Looking up, he sees Sarah holding the pile of books in one hand while the other is on rested on her hip, which cause his eyes to budge out and his jaw to hit the ground (which isn't hard consider where he is…) "You could have…!"

"Aya? It's fun watching you panic!" Sarah says with a smile and closes her eyes, which gives her an even more attractive face than with her empty eyes. "Besides, you need practice. And chant faster next time." You can almost see the heart that flows out after that sentence. 'And I need to stop jinxing people…' Sarah adds in her mind with a twitch at the corner of her lips.

"You… sadist…" Negi mumbles under his breath, his face sports a pout, which only succeed in making Sarah giggles.

"S-sensei?" Nodoka asks gaining consciousness. "A… ra…" Looking over, Negi and Sarah's eyes widen as there, in front of them, stands Asuna in all her glory. And what's worst, she'd seem everything…

Meanwhile, somewhere in the forest around the campus of the Mahora Middle School, inside a wooden cabin of two stories high, two girls are staring out from a window next to the entrance. "Master…?" A girl with strange ear piece asks the blonde hair girl that'll be Sarah's neighbor.

"Hmm?" The blonde girl answers.

"Sarah D. McDocland was one of his partners…"

"Yes… she was… Chachamaru."

"Hai, master?"

"Just sit back and see what she can do. Then we'll decide what to do after." Evangeline AK McDowell says as she stares out the window.

"I understood, master." With that, Chachamaru walks off to prepare the tea.

"Well Sarah, let's see what those fifteen years of 'voluntary' service do to you…" Evangeline says with a smirk before leaving the window to enjoy her afternoon tea.

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