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"Ah… A-Asuna-san…" Negi says, trying to break the tension in the air. Sarah stood there, books in hand, and stares intensively at Asuna, as if daring her to say anything. Mean while, Nodoka sits there, and looks from Negi, to Asuna, to Negi, then Asuna again, completely clueless to the situation.

"Y-you… you…" Asuna starts, but stop and rush forward, pick up Negi and his staff in a second, and rush off with speed achieved by a car. "Wow… fast…" Sarah mumbles with eyes as wide as saucers. Setting the book down next to Nodoka, she bows and rushes off after Asuna.

"Negi… sensei…" Says Nodoka, still completely clueless as to what happened excepted that he saved her.

"WWAAAAHHH!" Negi screams as he is still going in high speed in the place of Asuna's arm. After a few more seconds, they stopped, only to have Negi found himself pushed into a tree with Asuna's face a few inches from his. "I SAW THAT!"

"Ah…" Negi says not knowing how to response.


"Actually… I'm a wi- oops." Negi says covering his mouth realizing his mistake too late.

"Hmm… could it be… that you're A WIZARD!" Asuna exclaims, pointing a finger at Negi, who panics instantly until Sarah bunk him in the head. "She already figures it out…"

"A-Asuna-san… p-please keep it a secret!" Negi says with comical tears of panic shooting out of his eyes.


"Ah… y-you see…!"

"He's here for training." A voice says from behind Asuna, causing her to jump three feet into the air, bring Negi with her at the same time. "Wh-what?"

"Negi is here for training to become a magister mage." Sarah explains crossing her arms. "That's what his here for…"

"W-what is that?" Asuna says causing Sarah to sweat drop and thought, 'I forgot she's just a human…'

"A magister mage is the force behind the world's balance of good and evil. We use our magic behind the scenes to direct the world into a more desirable place. We also use our magic to help the ones in need. However, there are evil magi as well!" Negi explains like it's his everyday job. Turning back to him, Asuna stares Negi in the eyes, causing him to fidget. "I don't care…"

"NANI!" Sarah and Negi exclaims at the same time.

"I don't care if you're the force behind the world or if you're good or bad. Thanks to you, my image was ruined. Now I'm telling everyone about your little secret!" Asuna exclaims with a frown, letting her anger getting the better of her.

"WAAH! YOU CAN'T DO THAT! OR NEGI-SAMA WILL BE TURNED INTO AN ERMINES! AND HIS SISTER WILL SKINME ALIVE!" Sarah exclaims, her eyes going to the size of saucer as she wave her hands around in frenzy. "Y-YEAH ASUNA-SAN! PLEASE DON'T DO THAT!" Negi adds as he also starts to wave his arms in frenzy.

"I DON'T CARE! YOU'RE TAKING COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTION!" Asuna says, turning around and prepare to leave. She never gets far however as Sarah suddenly appears in front of her, causing her to takes a few step back.

"I guess I have no choice." Negi says, hold up his wand.


"I'll have to erase your memory. I might over do it a little, and if you forget a little more than I hope, gomen about that."

"W-W-W-W-WAIT A MINUTE!" Asuna exclaims the full meaning of the words sink in. "Y-Y-YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!"

"Well… it's either that or get killed by Sarah-san…" Negi says with a sweat drop.

"THAT'S NOT HELPING!" Asuna exclaims with comical tears streaming down her face when she sees Sarah cracking her knuckles with a madman's smile.

"Well then, let's begin…" Negi says and starts to chant. During all this time, Asuna is panicking running around in circles yelling 'crapcrapcrap' all over. After a few second, Negi finishes his chanting and point his staff at Asuna and yells, "DISAPPEAR!" Except there's a draw back… instead of her memory, Asuna's skirts and panties disappeared instead. "Ah…"

"Eh… you screwed it up again Negi…" Sarah says as she sweats drops.

"Eh? Negi, there you a-… A-Asuna…?" Takamichi chooses that moment to appears, and once he sees the state Asuna is in, he immediately turns to leave with a full out blush.


"I'm ruined…" Asuna says as she crawls into a ball and starts to have comical tears streaming down her face.

"You really had done it this time…" Sarah says to Negi, who's beside Asuna trying to calm her down after getting her another set of uniform. "I-I'm still in training Sarah-san!"

"Hn, your father is already a lot powerful during this age." Sarah says under her breath, too low to be heard by a desperate Negi. "Ma, ma, Asuna-san, look at it this way, at least it's better than dying!" Sarah sing songed, only causes Asuna to appear in front of her gritting her teeth, still pouring comical tears. "NOT HELPING!" Just then, an idea occurred to her. "You said that you're a magis-whatever right?"

"Eh? Hai." Negi says, surprised at how face she can go from crying to smirking with a sinister air. "Then you'll be taking full responsibility, right?"

"Ah… hai…" Negi says, not liking where this is going. Sarah, in the mean time, already got an idea of what's about to come next.

"Well then, you'll be fully responsible for what happened to me. And you'll also fix my relationship with Takahata-sensei!" Asuna says pointing a finger to Negi, who's jaw drops onto the ground at that.

"Relationship?" Sarah says only to pale when Asuna turns to look at her with a look so scary that it rivals that of a creature from hell. "N-nothing…"

"Anyway, what can you do…? Do you have love potion?" Asuna asks Negi, who look at her with a new found fear.

"Err… n-no… not right now…" Negi stuttered out.

"How about a money tree?"

"No such thing…" Sarah says from her new spot next to Negi.

"How about a dog collar?"

"WHAT IN THE WORLD WOULD THAT DO?" Negi and Sarah exclaims at the same time, both sharing a mental image of Asuna holding a dog leash with Takamichi sitting next to her barking like a... well,dog.

"THEN YOU'RE JUST A USELESS BRAT! WHAT EXACTLY CAN YOU DO?" Asuna exclaims, throwing her hands up into the air in frustration.

"Well, Sarah here can fight really, REALLY well… as for me… I can only fly and mind read and…"


"WHAT'S IT!" Negi says backing up a step as Asuna appears a mere centimeter from his face. "You're coming with me RIGHT NOW!" With that, Negi is once again being dragged by a hyper Asuna while Sarah just chase behind the two.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the school's campus, Evangeline, Chachamaru, and Takamichi are taking a walk. "Didn't you go to see that little boy?" Evangeline asks not even glancing over at the man.

"I was… until I encounter a little… difficulty." Takamichi says with a small blush that went unnoticed by the other two. "Anyway, who is it? Negi Springfield's impression?"

"Huh?" Evangeline grunted, staring at Takamichi from the corner of her eyes, seemly confused as to why he asks.

"You knew he was coming, didn't you?"

"Hn, as if you're ever going to hide that." Evangeline says with something in her tone.

"I never was planning to tell you anyway…" Takahata says, still walking, but with his eyes closed. Just then, he bumps into Nodoka, causing her to fall onto her rear. "Ah…? Ah, gomen!" Kneeing down, he extents a hand to help, but was surprised when the girl reacts badly to it.

"G-gomenasai sensei! I-I was just out of it…" Getting up, she bows before running away.

"Being last year's teacher is now nothing…" Eva whispered as she watches her classmate run away.

"She didn't get used to it after all." The older man says with a sad smile.

"Male phobia?"

"Not that severe… just nervous." He says as the trio continues to watch the girl run away. "Still, how is your reunion with Sarah?"

"Why you ask?" Evangeline asks before she starts to walk away.

"You can say I'm curious…" Was Takamichi's response before he starts to follow the vampire again.

"…How's your chess game with Sarah?" Pop out the ever so innocent question from Evangeline, who also has a sinister smile on, making Takahata's face hit the ground. "Y-you are cruel…"

"Now then, you know what to do, don't you?" Asuna asks Negi, who is standing next to her shivering form the speed Asuna just used to get to the class room's entrance. Nodding once, Asuna nod in satisfaction before grabbing the door and in one swift move, slide it open.

"WELCOME!" The students of 2-A chorused and starts to shower the unsuspected Negi and Sarah with strings and little pieces of papers. "Oh. That right! I'm supposed to buy food for the welcome party!" Asuna says point to the plastic bag she's holding the whole time.

"Eh…?" Sarah says before she's dragged off by a group of girls.

A few minutes into the party, Negi is seemed standing there holding a cup, which he spewed most of its contents out after taking a large sip. "What is it?"

"Hot cola… it's hot cola." Answer a girl with a very good poker face and thick, blue, breaded hair.

"Ayase-san!" The class rep. exclaims walking over to Negi and the girl. "How dare you give such thing to Negi-sensei?"

"He can handle it… I think" Sarah says, popping out of no where, hair in disarray. The class rep. turns around to face the new arrival and for the first time, gets a better look of her. All she remembers is her reddish blonde hair and empty-looking red eyes. However, after taking another look, she found that her hair is about waist length, and her bangs are sticking to the right side, giving them a look as if they're gilled (AKA defying gravity...). Looking up and down, she found that Sarah is wearing the school uniform with a tie, vast, and jacket. The jacket is more like a trench coat, for its hen hang all the way down to almost reaching her ankles, so she assumes its custom made. "You sure Sarah-san?" 'And is that even legal...?' The class rep add to herself, eyeing the trench coat with suspicion.

"Hmm… NOPE, NOT A CHANCE!" Sarah exclaims happily, causing may people surrounding them to face fault. "S-so cruel, Sarah-san." A girl with short, light brown hair and a side pony tail on her right side says as she starts to stand.

Off on the other side of the room, Konoka and Asuna both have a stick of shish-ka-bob on their hand. "You guys are SO slow. What were you guys doing?" Konoka asks with her ever so innocent smile.

"Nothing." Asuna says with a frown. Sitting down, she immediately regrets it as she remembers that Negi causes her panties to disappear. "COLD!"

"Huh? What's wrong?" Konoka asks.

"N-nothing…" Asuna says finishing her drink in one gulp. "I forgot something in the room… be right back!" She says before walking away. Konoka just stare at her confused before shrugging and wave good bye.

Somewhere not far from Konoka, Setsuna scan the room with her sharp eyes, but they decides to stop on one Sarah D. McDocland. "Thank you for doing your job." A voice says, jotting her out of her 'trance' if you can call it that. Looking to her side, she found a girl with tan skin holding a cup to her. "With this much, we should be fine." The girl says, smiling at the same time. Without replying, Setsuna look back to Konoka happily chatting away before scanning to Sarah again. "Interesting isn't she...?"

"Whoa!" Negi exclaims as he stare at the table of well prepared food before him. Taking a bit from a dish He found the taste to his liking. "DELICIOUS!"

Taking a bite herself, Sarah found that Negi isn't far off. "Hmm… Japanese cafeteria has high standards ne?"

"It's not from cafeteria!" Looking up at the voice's owner, the duo found a girl with two buns and breaded hair and a well rounded girl holding a few baskets. "These are made by us, the Cooking Research Club!"

"Wow, Sugoi! Hmm… seat # 19, Choa Linshen and seat # 30 Yotsuba Satsuki."

"As expected from Negi-sensei! Already remembering the students' name!" The class rep exclaims with a beaming smile.

"Don't give him too much credit. It gets to his head." Sarah says taking another bite. "Besides, I think he's enough trouble already." Just then, something sounded off in the distance, causing her to crack open on eye. "What the…"

"HAAAAYYAAAAA!" A student with blonde hair and tan skin in a Chinese combat suit exclaims, fly-kicking Linshen, who blocked just in time. Soon, the two are exchanging blows in a distance from the table. "S-STOP FIGHTING!" Negi exclaims, getting out of his sit before he's pushed back down by Sarah. "They're sparring."


"Those two are from the school's Kung-fu club." The class rep explains. Negi says nothing as he watches the two take a bow. The crowd immediately starts clapping.

"Then it's my turn!" A girl with pink short hair and a ribbon in her hand says, attracting Negi's attention onto her. Sarah also crack open one eye from her eating out of curiosity. "I'm student # 16, Sakaki Makie from the Gymnastic club!" With that she starts to perform some gymnastic move. Then there's the drama club, the cheerleaders, a magician, chorus, and many others.

During all this time, Nodoka is standing in the side line watching with her mind racing at least a hundred miles per hour. 'That's for sure…' she thought flashing back to earlier when Negi saved her from the fall. 'I got touched by a male…' Hugging herself, she suddenly realizes something. 'But I didn't hate it… I'm not afraid… Why?' She asks herself before glancing back to the kid teacher.

After partying a while, Sarah watch as Negi was dragged off by Asuna, probably going to for fill his promise to her. Standing up, she walks over to a corner of the room, where a white haired girl with red eyes wearing what she assumes is very old uniforms is standing with a small smile. "Aren't you lonely?" Sarah whispers after stopping next to the girl and turn around to face the class.

"Eh… N-nani? Y-you can see me?" The girl asks clearly surprised.

"Off course… is there a reason I shouldn't?" Sarah asks as she watches Negi walks over and starts up a conversation.

"I… I'm a g-ghost… you s-shouldn't be able to…"

"Soka… no wonder no one is talking to you… but it won't surprise me, I'm way older than you are dead." Sarah whispers the last part before flashing a small smile and starts walking off towards Asuna, leaving behind a very confused and surprised phantom. "Oh, by the way, if you need someone to talk to, you can come to me..."

'She… can see…'

Sarah arrives just in time to see Asuna face fault from Negi's very direct question. "I say casual! That… idiot! Casual!" Asuna says with comical tears running down her face.

"Hmm… don't expect too much from him." Turning around, Asuna comes face to face with Sarah. "He may be a wizard, but he is still IN training. Also, give him more time, and he'll surprise you later." Sarah whispers before looking at Negi, who just jog back. "How was it?"

"Well," Negi starts as he starts to whisper to the two. "He's not thinking about your panties!" He says, causing both Asuna to fall down animate style. "I KNOW THAT! W-What about before that?" Asuna asks standing back up.

"Ah hai!" With that, he jog over to Takahata, touches his forehead again, and runs back after he gets his answer. "He's thinking of the bear!" He exclaims happily, causing Asuna to face fault again and Sarah to starts cracking up.

"Emm… duh…" Asuna says to herself before standing, flash a murderous glare to Sarah, shutting her up instantly.

"Should I ask something else?" Negi asks as he watches Asuna to use her bang to hide her eyes. "No… it's alright."

"B-but Asuna-san!"

"I said it's alright!" Asuna says a little bit forceful before walking away. Thinking about following her, Negi never gets the chance as Makie latch onto him and starts asking question. Giving Sarah a look, she nods before walking after Asuna. The meaning is clear, 'to keep her safe and comfort her if needed.'

Walking back to the dorm, Asuna opens her dorm's door, and instantly remember all the lucky charms she'd made. Scanning the dark room, she made a conclusion to herself. "Lucky charms or magic… I couldn't rely on them huh?"

"No… you can't." Sarah whispers behind her, causing her to jump a bit into the air. "W-what are you….!"

"I'm just here to keep you from doing stupid things. And don't worry, I'm going." Sarah says with a small smile before walking towards the school. Asuna just stare at her back, not knowing whether to be thankful or annoyed.

All this time, inside the party, Negi is being chased around by a group of girls who keeps shouting 'take them off take them off'. And thus, Negi's clothes starts to disappear one by one, and being the ten years old he is, he can only run around in circle panicking and wishing his sister is there.

When Sarah arrived back on campus, the party had already ended and she's just in time to see Evangeline leaves with Chachamaru tagging behind. Walking over to Negi, she flicks his forehead and asks an innocent question. "So, where are we staying?"

"Ah… I haven't thought of that…" Negi says eyes going biddy and scratches his head sheepishly. Suddenly he feels a hand on his arm, looking over, he sees Konoka smiling at him. "Just come with me ne!"

Back in the dorm, Asuna is already in her PJ staring at the ceiling aimlessly. She was snapped out of her trance when the door opens and Konoka calls out that she's home. "WELCOME HOME! Ah, Konoka! Say, tomorrow… eh?" Asuna stops, as right next to Konoka, are the source of all her troubles so far.

"Eh… Ojyamashimasu…" Negi says weakly with a weak smile.

"Nani? Still need something from me?" Asuna asks with a little force.

"No, we'll be staying here from now on…" Sarah says from behind Konoka, causing Asuna to nearly fall of her top bunk. "N-NANI!"

"Grandpa told me, so…" Konoka says with a beaming smile.

"T-the principal said that?" Asuna asks as she climbs down from her bed.

"S-sorry… this will be our temporary stay until Sarah-san can find us a place. I hope we're not a bother…" Negi says with a former bow. Sarah also gives a small bow, being restricted a bit from the bags she's carrying.

"Don't joke around!" Asuna exclaims, making all three's head to snap around to face her. "I hate kiddies, I hate having one as a teacher, and I definitely don't want to live with one!" Asuna says looking out the window next to Konoka and her bed.

"But Negi-kun doesn't have any where to stay…" Konoka tries to defend her teacher, but was shot down when Asuna asks, "Even so, why our room? Why not class rep's room or something? Seems like they like him…"

"That place already has three…" Konoka says once not having her smile on. "Hey… at least for one night…"

"Konoka-san, that's alright." Negi says, stopping Konoka from further persuasion.


"We'll just rest at Takamichi's place. No problem at all." Sarah says, a small smile playing on her face.

"Honto…?" Konoka asks a little unsure.

"Asuna-san… um… good night." Negi says before walking to the door. Sarah also mumbles a good night before walking after Negi. During all that time, Asuna never even glance at the duo, not even after she heard the door being shut.

"You look tired…" Sarah says from behind Negi as they continue to walk towards Takamichi's place.

"Um… no, I'm fine." Negi says with a small smile, adjust the weight of his traveling bag, and was surprised when the roster fell out and opens up to the page where the students' photos are.


"I'm so worry about you working as a teacher. Even if it's selected by the magic school…" A woman of about 15 or older with blonde hair says with her hands in front of her chest.

"But… unless I complete it, I won't become an official magician…" Negi says trying to sooth his sister's worry.

"But you're only 10 years old you know?" His sister continues, not wanting to give up hope. "And besides, Japan is so far away."

"It's impossible, Negi is tiny and slow…Just go to the principal and request for a different training." A girl of about Negi's height and age says walking up to Negi with a frown on her face. "C'mon, I'll go with you." The girl says grabbing one of Negi's hand.

"Gomen-yo, Anya." Negi says, taking Anya's hand off of his, causing said girl to stare at him surprised and confused. "I'm going to become a magician…like him…"

"Oh… big dream you got there." Sarah says walking up from behind Negi's sister with a cape draped over her shoulder, hiding everything but her head. "Sarah-san…" His sister says looking over her shoulder.

"Negi, I'd just offered-" Anya starts, but was cut short when Negi's sister says softly, "you should go, Negi."

"Whaa… Yukane-nee-san!" Anya protests.

"Onee-chan believes in you Negi." Walking over, Yukane kisses Negi on the forehead, surprising the small wizard. "Since you're going, do it well." Standing straight, Yukane looks behind her and stare Sarah right in the eyes.

"Che…" Fizzing out of sight, she appears a second later carrying a few bags and a uniform (the one I described before). "Fine. I'll take care of him." She says with a small smile.

"Negi, have a safe trip!" Yukane says with one last smile, before she sent Negi on board the train with Sarah following a step behind.

End Flashback.

"Mm… onee-chan." Negi says looking at the class roster.

"Remembering that day eh?" Sarah says from behind him with a small smile. Without answering, Negi stands up and starts to walk away with a determined look. 'So… what are you planning now…?'

Morning came all too fast, as Konoka found out when she hears the Asuna coming out of the bath room. "Ah? It's already time to deliver news paper?"

"Sorry to wake you." Asuna says putting on a jacket before looking at Konoka.

"No, it's fine. But it's earlier than usual…" Konoka says looking at the alarm clock.

"I'd a substitute yesterday for making the charms… so I'm doing two people's today." Asuna explains.

"Ah, soka, since you were doing that ritual." Konoka says with a smile, but she drops it as she sees the look on her friend's face. "Asuna?"

"Ah… it's nothing. I'll be going now." Asuna says before heading out the door, leaving behind a slightly worried Konoka.

Walking in the morning fog, Asuna finds Sarah standing over a bush looking at it, her eyes never stop moving. "Nani?"

"Huh?" Looking over, Sarah offers a small smile before turning back to the bush. "Find anything Negi-sama?"

"Ah… no… wait… YES! ANOTHER ONE!" Negi says happily as he leans forward to pick up a four-leaf clover. Dropping it into a beaker full of four-leaf clovers, he wipes off some sweat, "Yosh, one more to go." Turning around, he is taken back when he sees Asuna standing next to Sarah. "A-Asuna-san…"

"You… didn't sleep at Takahata-sensei's place?" Asuna asks the kid as he walks over holding the beaker.

"Ahaha… coming to think of it, I didn't know where he lives…" Negi explain sheepishly.

"You could have asked me…" Sarah whispers, scratching her cheek a little with one finger. "But it doesn't matters, Japan is warm anyway."

"Yea, England's night gets colder, so don't worry about me." Negi says with a smile.

"Ah… baka, who's worry about you?" Asuna exclaims looking away, causing Negi to looks dejected. "What's that?" She asks noticing the beaker for the first time.

"Ah… this…"

"Let me see that!" Snatching the beaker away, she peers inside and is surprised to find, "clovers? These are all four-leaf clovers!"

"It's ingredients for an attraction potion." Sarah explains from behind Asuna.

"Eh?" Looking behind her, she once again is greeted by Sarah's small smile.

"To simply put it, a love potion," explains Sarah pointing a finger at the beaker. "Negi-sama will need 66 clovers to do it. He has 65 right now. So he just needs one more."

"Huh? You stay up all night for that?" Asuna exclaims, noticing the little grass stain on both Negi and Sarah's cloth.

"Well… I'd already trouble you with Takamichi… and besides, I'm also your teacher… I'm still in training, so I don't know if I can successfully make a love potion, but…" Negi says with a smile, but was caught off by Asuna.

"It's alright…" Surprised by her action, Negi's mouth hung open by a little. "I shouldn't be relying on fortune-telling or magic, right?" Looking up with a smile, Asuna continues, "If I like him, I'll have to tell him myself, ne?" Leaning forward, Asuna produced a rather crazy idea, "forget about the love potion. Just be my practice partner."

"E-eh?" Negi and Sarah chorus and look at Asuna like she's an alien. "You sure about that Asuna-san?"

"Confessing all of a sudden is embarrassing, ne?"

"You got a point…" Sarah says, still a little stunned by the proposal.

"So you're now Takahata-sensei, okay?" Asuna says pointing a finger to Negi.

"Ah… hai!" Staring at the little kid before her, she picks him up by the armpit and put him on a stair, making his height increase a bit. "There we go!" Taking off her hair ties, Asuna let her hair drop and float around as she shakes her head to get it more spread out. 'She… looks like Yukane-sama…' Sarah thought after getting a glance of Asuna's appearance with her hair down.

"I like you…" Asuna begins, causing Negi to snap out of his trance. "I like you… sensei…" Asuna continues with a blush and everything that you got when you're confessing. 'Asuna-san looks like nee-chan with her hair down…' Negi thought going back to his trance.

"I'd like you for a long time. Am I a bother?" Asuna continues, taking a step forward, snapping Negi out of his trance once more.

"Eh… um… n-no!"

"It's bad, isn't it? Someone like me…"

"Eh? That's not true!" Negi says, reaching out for Asuna's shoulder. Turning her around with a little too much force, he brings her onto the same step with himself, face a few inches apart. Staring into her blue and green eyes, Negi finds himself hard to look away.

"Can I practice this too?" Asuna asks; bring both her hands onto Negi's cheeks. "Close… your eyes." Asuna instructs as she leans a bit more forward, blushing red as she slightly opens her mouth.

'She's… surprisingly good… wait, she's this good since I first met her… back then…' Sarah thought with her small smile. Her eyes soften a bit as she watches Negi's face, also blushing. She watches as he close his eyes, and then as Asuna leans a little closer and pulls away for the last second pinching Negi's cheeks, she let a small giggles escape. 'But… that's a little harsh…' She thought, clearly amused by Asuna's action.

"Fufufu… gotcha!" Asuna says with a smug look.

"Eh… whu…?" Negi tries to say, but it's hard with your cheeks pinched. Asuna suddenly starts laughing madly with tears pouring out of her eyes, running around, she drags the poor kid along with her. "YOU REALLY THOUGTH I'M GOING TO KISS YOU DIDN'T YOU?"

"MO I BIDN'T! I BIDN'T!" Negi exclaims waving his arms around in frenzy with tears of pain leaking out of his eyes.

"Yehahahaha! With your face all red, lips shaking! Still a kid, acting like a grown up eh?" Asuna says with a beaming smile, still running around with Negi in hands.

"Eh? Dat's terrible Azuna-san!" Negi says with tears in his eyes, but his smile says other wise. The duo continues like that for a while, both laughing, unaware of the world around them. During all this time, Sarah stand there silently and taking all that in with a small smile and soft eyes. 'Ma… it's nice to see him so relaxed for once…' She thought as she continues to watch the two spinning around on the stairs laughing. Not wanting to disturb the two, she decides to go gather the bags instead. 'From now on, it'll be a new beginning…'

"This is punishment for getting me into all those terrible things!" Asuna exclaims still spinning, her genuine smile turns into an evil one, causing Negi to starts to panic. "S-SARAH-SAN! H-HELP!" Negi exclaims as Asuna starts to laugh again with no malice in her voice what so ever. 'Yup… a new beginning indeed.'

"I'm home!" Asuna shouts as she walks inside the dorm room.

"Eh… that's fast… you just left… Oh! Negi-kun!" Konoka exclaims with surprise all over her face.

"I'd decides to let them stay until they find a place." Explain Asuna. Walking over to the sofa, she readjusts the pillow. "Here, you guys use this sofa for today. I'll go get a futon later. Did you guys eat? Or do you guys want a shower?"

"Ah… no. I'm fine…" Negi says as his eyes follows Asuna's every movement.

"Ah… hmm… here it is, the thermometer!" Asuna says fishing out a electronic thermometer from a drawer, walking over to Negi, she stuff it into his mouth. "Let's check your temperature just in case."

"Did something happened? Asuna?" Konoka asks from her position of lying on the bed, confused and surprised by her friend's action.

"No, nothing at all!" Asuna says over her shoulder with a small smile. "Anyway, that's that. So I'll be leaving the rest to you. I'm off to work!"

"Just because you didn't get Takahata-sensei, you decide to run off with a kid!" Konoka says with a beaming smile, causing Asuna to fall down like she got hit by a ton of brick. Shooting up, her face is as red as tomato. "T-THAT'S NOT IT! I'M JUST FEELIGN SORRY FOR HIM!" Asuna says with comical tears at the side of her closed eyes.

"Haha… I guess. Negi-kun is cute after all!" Konoka continues, ignoring Asuna's comment before hand.

"Not cute! Just feel bad for him!" Asuna exclaims again. All this time, Negi and Sarah is standing in the side line watching. Walking over, Sarah plugs the thermometer from his mouth and look at it. "Hmm… as healthy as ever, so no problem there!" She says with a small smile as the other two continue to bicker.

"Ah… Arigatou!" Taking out the roster, Negi once again use a marker and starts scribbling. "Hmm… she's really not a bad person ne?" Sarah whispers next to Negi's ear after watching what he wrote down onto Asuna's picture. Ruffling his hair, she put down their bags and decides to stretch out on the sofa. "Call me in a bit, or you can climb in when ever you want. Just be sure to set an alarm for two hours or something… good night." Sarah says, falling asleep in an instance, unfazed by the noise the other occupants are making.

"Mm…" Negi confirms with a small grunt before looking back to the other two, who's laughing and bickering at the same time. 'Arigatou… Asuna-san.' He thought with a smile, before closing the book and settle next to Sarah, who thankfully decides to sleep on her side, giving just enough room for Negi. But that's really unnecessary as she self-consciously puts an arm around him.

"So cute." Konoka says as she looks at the two wear out roommate.

"I don't get you sometime." Asuna says with a smile, "but you got to admit, they make perfect material for a painting." With that, she left the room, leaving a smiling Konoka, a tired Sarah, and a happy Negi, who only snuggle closer to the body warmth with a genuine smile on his lips, never falling as he sleeps the day away.

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