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When Negi learned that Konoka knows where the headquarters is, he is expecting the girl to simply lead him to a building and then drag Asuna and Setsuna away.

What he is not expecting is to find that said headquarters is in fact Konoka's home. And what he certainly isn't expecting is the fact that she is the heir to it all.

'Wow… just imagine that…' Negi thought after a brief meeting with Konoka's father. Konoe Eishun, from what Negi can gather from just the brief encounter, is a happy-go-lucky man just like Konoka. However, the difference is that while the man is optimistic to a degree, he knows when to be serious, unlike Konoka who seems to have her head above the cloud for 99 percent of the time. Also he said so himself later that he was once his father's companion, and can show him to where Nagi once resides. But first and foremost, he will smother Konoka in hugs first.

Turning the thoughts process once again to the heiress Negi always has a feeling that should he decide to give her a little push, Negi would awaken one of the greatest sorceresses in the history of magic. The potential is there. The diamond buried under many layers of rock, waiting to be discovered and polished. Even for a child as inexperienced as Negi can feel and partially see the potential that Konoka has in her body.

The question is why would someone stop her from discovering who she really is?

The answer is simple… yet he simply can't grasp it. Perhaps it's her naivety? Her kindness that may just as well get her killed in some of the darker aspect of magic? Or is it something more?

Either way, other than that, it appears that some of the girls decide to follow Negi on his little trip. So it's rather sudden when he finds himself under the assault of Kazumi, Nodoka, Haruna, and Yue. Well, mostly Haruna and Kazumi… okay, only Haruna and Kazumi. Sometimes Negi wonder if the two of them have no shame. It's only 10 seconds into jumping him and he already finds his pants missing… Hmm, a rather bad way of making a first impression isn't it? It's a good thing Eishun is a very open minded man… and that Konoka kinda gives a hand later with the jacket and shirt makes it obvious he is innocent. It's a good thing too, if how the maids there leak killer intent is any indication.

And so, here sits Negi Springfield, the legacy left behind by Nagi Springfield, and one heck of a child, and still trying to take in all the surprises that he learned today.

One cannot blame the kid. After all, it isn't every day that you learned one of your students is the Heir to the Eastern Kansai Association…

Speaking of heir…

"Oh snap… I forgot about Neko!!!"


Currently, the subject of Negi's panic is wrecking havoc in the hotel by chasing a reluctant and terrified Hoshiiko. Needless to say, the staffs aren't happy.


"HOW MANY TIME DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU!? I DON'T KNOW!!" Hoshiiko shouts as she dodges, slides, jumps, and do every thing imaginable to escape Neko's rage. The girl suspects that the haiyou really is doing this as a revenge for their first encounter. And since she can't harm her without possibly bring an entire clan into war… well, if all else fails, there is always those scratches behind the ears. '…Not like I'll ever do that…'



Cue the screeching stop of a pair of feet and the sound of contemplation. Hoshiiko can literally see the gears turning in Neko's head, and so far, she doesn't like the conclusion that is coming up in the haiyou's head.

"You know what? I need the exercise."




"…And how are we going to fix this?" Ku Fei asks, having witness the whole episode so far as well as the destruction that comes with it. The Chinese girl can't help but feel guilty for it.

"Why are you asking that? We did nothing." Mana asks as she quietly enjoys the show with a glass of tropical fruit punch. "Besides, I believe we have nothing to worry about. Isn't that right?" The markswoman asks as she direct a glare to Kaede… or more specifically, who's being held hostage behind Kaede. Or to be even more specific: a certain small elf that is trapping the whole hotel in another dimension so that whatever damages done here does not reflect to the 'real' one.

"Negi-nii-sama… s-s-save me…"

"Ma, ma, it's not that bad. Besides, I don't think it'll last that long." The ninja girl says, but can only tilts her head in confusion when Yuki sudden starts to cry. "…Did I say something wrong?"


"What should I do?? I can't just leave her there!! She's my responsibility!! I don't want to have a price put on my head!!!" One ten years old continues to panic as he pace a trench into the floor. Kamo has tried to reassure Negi that nothing would happen. His effort proves to be unsuccessful, as it seems to only drive Negi on further.

"I believe that Kagemaru can take care of herself." Setsuna, the seemly only reasonable person in the whole class (except when she's near Konoka) says. "Besides, as you clearly remember, her wound was healed so there is nothing that'll hinder her if she is to be engaging in battle."

"That is true…" Negi says, surprisingly calming down in 0.1 second. Sometimes Setsuna wonder if he has dual personality… or maybe more, what with dealing with Sarah and what not. "But… who healed it…?"


Despite having slept most of the next day away, Sarah is still feeling the effect of that one particular dream. To be honest, who wouldn't when they have a face down with a extreme-look-alike that is supposedly your sister who can easily destroy you in a blink of an eye… Yeah, that's bound to make your day won't it?

Besides, ever since that time down in Library Island, there seems to be something… snapping, or breaking to be more precise. Things that weren't there before starts to come back, as if filling several gaps in her memories that she doesn't even know she has. One of the most standoff-ish is that of her look alike… that shy and smiling girl with her right eye always covered by her black-as-night bangs. That stuttering, sweet melody coupled with the way that she always seems to shrink into herself. Little by little, Sarah starts to remember who it is. One instance is when she calls her sister, and then other is when she refers to her as her twin…

The problem is, Sarah never remembers having neither a twin nor a sister. As far as Sarah D. McDocland is concerned, she is nobody, without a home, without a destination, without a name, and without a time. She simply pops into existence 700 or 800 years back, with no idea where she is, when she is, who she is, and what she is, and not to mention how. Now thought…

Now, bits and pieces of her previous life start to return…

And Sarah starts to long for the time when there is a 13 years old girl chasing after her raven-haired sister simply because said sister calls her fat when in fact none of them are.

Sarah wishes for when there are two 10 years old girls sitting on the laps of a blonde-haired, beautiful lady listening to her recounting her younger days.

The caretaker crave for the time when there are two 6 years old girls competing for who gets to ride on their giant father with a piggy back.

Then there is that darkness that resides in her that says that it is better not to dwell in the past, for there are secrets buried long ago that are best remain buried.

This is how Evangeline finds her, sitting on the roof gazing up at the sky with a far away look. The smaller vampire saw enough of that expression in the mirror to know what it is. Of course, she also suffered enough heartache to know that it's best if one does not travel the hall of memories too long.

"If you frown like that too long, you'll get wrinkle." Evangeline jokes as she disposes herself onto the floor of her front porch. As expected, in a few second, she hears a small thud as Sarah land lightly next to her and recline back to watch the sky once more. Looking towards her, Evangeline is not surprised to find a raised eye brow and blinking, empty eyes questioning her words. "Oh right, what am I thinking? We're vampires."

"Ah, the beauty of eternal youth." Sarah easily joins in the private joke as the two shares a small giggle. "But seriously, there is this one vampire somewhere up north that…"


"Right, shutting up."

With that last sentence, the property is once again silence of all noises except for the melody conducted by nature. Soon enough Evangeline finds herself using Sarah's stomach as a pillow and gazing at the same sky that the caretaker is currently staring at. Every once in a while, a few birds would fly by or a cloud would draw their attention. Sometimes it would be how a particular gentle breeze lightly brushes against their cheeks while ruffling their hair. Other times it would be a particular small animal –squirrels, rabbits, etc. - that dare to wonder too close before quickly scrambling away at the barest move from the two.

During this relaxing moment, time does not exist. They have eternity to gaze at the sky above, only being interrupted by nightfall, chilling night, and drenching rainfalls. Sometimes in the past, just to spite it, the two would still stay outside to gaze at the sky despite the droplets doing ballets on their body. They did not notice when Chachamaru place a tray of tea and snacks next to them, only to return and find it full a while later and retrieve the items on it. They did not notice how some girls run through the nearby wood giggling, playing a simple game of hide-and-seek or tag.

They did not notice how the storm clouds gather fast over Kyoto, nor did they notice the change that is about to come with it.


"All set?" Nicholas asks as he adjusts the small microphone and earpiece given to him for the particular operation. Next to him, the 'new guy' Fate Ara-something, nod his head as his ever present bored look observe the complex below them. "Well, let's get this over with shall we?"

"HOLD ON YOU IMBACILE!!!" A voice screeched from against the other end of the earpiece, nearly is not effectively make Nicholas official deaf in one ear. Said man winced as he quickly pulls the piece out of his ear. Next to him, Fate has the decency to flinch when clearly he is not the one with the earpiece. "You are not to engage UNTIL I SAY YOU CAN!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!?!"

"O-of course. You made it perfectly clear for the entire block to hear." Nicholas mumbles out the last part while nursing his ear. Too bad it appears that Chigusa has very good hearing.


Nicholas looks confused before turning his gaze to Fate, who has one hand still posted above the on-off switch for the set. Realization dawns on the man before his face becomes as white as paper. "You do know that you effectively just ensure that we'll both be deaf if this works out?"

"IF this works out…?" Fate questions with a lifted eye brow. "Are you questioning my ability?"

"No, not at all. Just that even though they are only children, it's best not to underestimate them. After all, some of histories' greatest failure is due to underestimating the opponent right?"

The 'new guy' smirks as a predatory glint enters his eyes as he shift them back to the complex. "You are right… I'm particularly interesting in that nephew of yours."

Nicholas can only sigh and shrug as he and Fate prepare to launch their assault on the place. It isn't that he is particular eager to get this mission over with. It's just that he is very interesting to see how well his ability fare against one of the few that traveled with Nagi some 20 years back. That and any excuse to see his nephew without getting his behind handed to him. He still remember trying to sneak in a couple of years back only be kicked to kingdom come by a reddish-blonde head who is surprisingly strong. Too bad he never get to see her clearly, being that it's rather sudden and all. He did sort of remember twin pigtails…

Either way, if this operation succeeds, they'll be going their own way happily. Chigusa would get her girl, Nicholas would get his money, Fate would get whatever he wants, and all would go home happy.

Speaking of Chigusa…

Strangely, in both Nicholas and Fate's minds, they can see a chibi Chigusa biting their heads off, sending a shiver traveling down both of their spine. It's either fortunate or unfortunate that their pride would never allow them to admit it, but that woman really scare the hell out of them.


Negi wonders, not for the first time and certainly not for the last time, if he offended some Goddess in his past life. After all, it just isn't natural that all the women, be it young or old, would be seem by him naked at least once. Some would call it lucky, and many would kill to be in his place. But for poor, little innocent Negi Springfield that is perhaps the cruelest torture one can endure…

That, and surviving Anya's cooking, Sarah's cruel humors, Nekane's constant hugging, Evangeline's teasing, Asuna's temper, Konoka's sudden appearance like teleportation, the Baka Ranger's randomness, and…

Um, right, he'll stop there or risk traumatizing himself. Anyway, where was he? Oh right, seeing every female specimen he can across naked at least once.

And that is why he finds himself covering his eyes, as he is unceremonily toss into the hot spring by the place's maids. Seriously, why is it that they find it so amusing in stripping him?

"Well, at least this isn't like the school…" Negi says in exasperation as he surface, intentionally facing away from the maids gathered at the entrance.



"I wonder if I can steal him…"

"Hmm, I wouldn't mind keeping him…"

…He stands corrected. "At least the girls aren't here…"

"Aycha! Being so long since I use the hot spring here!"

"Konoka, calm down would you? It's a hot spring. Nothing special about it."

"Ojou-sama, please do not run in the hot spring. You might slip and fall!"

…Yup, he really must have pissed off a Goddess sometime in his previous life.

"Aycha? Negi-kun, what are you doing here?" Konoka asks as she suddenly latches herself onto Negi's back. Negi is suddenly sent into a series of heart attack, causing blood to erupt from his mouth at the fact that whatever Konoka just did could get him killed. However, it appears the heiress never thought about her action's consequence, for she continues to chat away with her ever-bubbly smile present while rubbing her cheek against his. As for Negi, he can only try his hardest to get away from the heiress before some sort of divine punishment descents upon him. "Eh? Negi-kun, where are you going?"

"Hmm? Negi? Why is he here? I though he was with Eishun-san?" Asuna asks as she waddles over to the duo and plant a firm hand on Negi's head. "Besides, why are you naked with the maids?"

Heart attack series number two. "A-Asuna-san!!"

"Mou, Asuna-chan, lighten up on Negi-kun. He's too cute to resist you know?" Konoka says as she flips Negi around so that he's facing Asuna while she pulls on his cheeks happily. "See? Isn't he just the cutest thing on this planet?"

"Ojou-sama, I would advice you to stop this nonsense please." Setsuna whines as she tries her best not to dice Negi up right then and there for simply having a naked Konoka toying with his cheeks.

"Ara, ara, Se-chan. Lighten up. Besides, Negi-kun is just too cute to resist!" One of the more hyper, open maids says as she also attaches herself onto Negi. Since she is older, taller, and more developed than Konoka, Negi finds his head lodged between twin-mountains of flesh. Again, many would kill to be in his position. But again, for him, it only confirms his suspicion about pissing off a Goddess.

…That, or Sarah somehow found a way to voodoo him again. He knew stealing that piece of cake last week is a bad idea…


"AH! AIKO!! DON'T PUSH!! Besides, isn't that what ojou-sama is doing too?"



"Eh? Where he go?"

"MUHAHAHAHA! HE'S MIND!!" The same maid from before named Rin shouts while she snags Negi with one arm and races away from the crowd. Strangely enough, no one question how she acquires robes to tie Negi with. Even Negi himself is surprised at the sudden appearance of the robes and how he was smothered one second, and then tied down the next. He really is starting to wonder if Sarah voodoos him.

Seeing their playmate gone, the rest of the maids gave chase. "RIN-CHAN!!!"

Yes indeed, the divine punishment. "…Someone save me…" Oh how the innocent has fallen. Just then, as if by some miracle, the maid holding him trips and falls into the water while he happens to fall on a particular sharp edge. The edge cut the robes off, and seeing him chance, Negi quickly left the area.

"…Maybe I should give chase?" Setsuna mumbles to herself, and unfortunately, Konoka hears it. Seeing a chance to get Negi under her grasp again, the airhead attaches herself onto Setsuna's back and whisper into her left ear.

"Se-chan, go get Negi-kun please." Tensing up and blushing, the kendo girl slowly turns her head just in time to catch a quick kiss on the cheek. "I would be very grateful."


"…Konoka, I think you're very manipulative…" Asuna mumbles with a sweat drop at the speed Setsuna charges out the bath (with cloth that suddenly appears on her…). The girl of the ridicule just giggles innocently, causing Baka Red to drop her head in defeat. Seriously, that girl is unbeatable…

"KYYAAAAAAHHH!!!" A scream that's definitely isn't from the gathered crowd echoed through the entire complex. The rowdy crowd suddenly calm as they all gaze around curiously to see where the source is. While it isn't uncommon to have a bugler trying to snick in once in a while, no one ever screamed like that before. Curious, one of the maids got up and takes a peek outside the entrance, only to scream and fall back onto her behind and panic.

"Eh? Naru-san? What's wrong?"



"Phew, that was a relief… at least I'd escaped." Negi says as he casually strolls around the large compound, never once suspecting the scream earlier. "Hmm, Kamo-kun, where are you?"

"I am right here aniki!!" The missing ermine that was neglected for most of the story appears on top of Negi's head in an instant. But judging from the piece of lace that's clutched in his hand…

"You were stealing again…"

"Aniki, don't you remember about my sister…" Kamo suddenly says, and lo and behold, Negi falls for the guilt trip. "Anyway, what is it aniki?"

"Well, I was thinking, now that we'd delivered the letter, should we stay or should we head back?" Negi asks as he turns another corner to see a mini garden. "Hmm, haven't seen this before."

"Hmm, I do recall that Eishun-san says he'll show you where your father once lived…" Kamo says to himself, and thus is unprepared for the sudden momentum as Negi picks up into a run. "A-A-A-ANIKI!!!"

"Oh, sorry about that! I remember now!" Negi says in excitement. "Alright, let's go find Eishun-san!"




It's illogical. Totally illogical. Impossible. Unexplainable. It makes no sense what so ever!

It was suppose to be a happy little gathering in Konoe Eishun's home now that the situation was explained of how they followed Negi to the place. It's really due to their curiosity that they followed. After all, the combination of Asuna, Konoka, Negi, and Setsuna is very strange, especially when the last one is almost dead set on avoiding the second.

So here they are, in some place called the Kansai Headquarters, surrounding by maids waiting at the calls of Konoka herself. Then they were placed into a room, change into a few cute yukatas, playing card games and eating small refreshments. They are simply enjoying themselves.

Then he appears.

Thus we now find Ayase Yue running in the wood, panting while willing herself not to slow down, for slowing down mean certain death: the death of turning into stones.

But that's the thing, it's STONES!! That white haired boy turned Kazumi, Haruna, and Nodoka into stones!! It makes no sense. Screw the logic, screw the myth of Medusa, screw reasoning, for there simply isn't any that she can think of that will explain why she is currently running for her life.

'T-this won't do. Must get help!! But where? Who can I call? The police won't believe me, so that's out. The teachers are also out. I don't think there are anyone that I can… wait… there is!' Pulling to a stop, Yue thanks herself for having the tendency of always carrying her cell phone on her, no matter the clothing. Quickly checking the signal bars, the short librarian punches in the numbers of the two people who can help her.

'They have to. If they don't, we're screwed!'


Ringring… ringring… ring- beep

"Moshi, moshi, Nagase speaking? Ah, Yue-dono how's it going? …Wow, slow down and take a deep breath de-gorazu. Uh-huh… Sounds serious… So in short, you need help de-gorazu… right leader? …We'll be right there."

"So what's going on aru?"

"Yes… what is going on?"

"Well girls, it appears that we're going out to battles."


"Good, at least that two people I can count on coming. Now who else…"

"Ma, ma, why is there a little girl wondering around in the forest after dark?"

Yue tenses as she quickly turns around, hoping to deliver a quick punch to the person's gut, or crotch. Anywhere that hurts. However, when she did turn around, she froze at the man standing in front of her, with a kwon dao resting against his broad shoulder and brown eyes peering down at her. Strangely, the man resembles Negi somewhat in his hairstyle and his face's feature, but that hardly gives her any comfort at all. As far as she can see, he is very well muscled, more than six feet tall, and has serious skills in combat if that giant pole arm is any indication. Now she wonders if it's a smart choice to call for reinforcement.

It feels like she is staring at death itself.

"Hmm, no matter. Hurry along and get out of this area. For history is in the making…" The man says before he turns his back on her and walks toward a clearing.

A little furious at the dismissal as well as curious as to what the man means, Yue decides to take a look at the clearing the man just exit into. It isn't too big, the clearing that is, but isn't small either, a few acres at most. What she sees is a very complex design carved into the ground. Circle after circle, about five of them in total so that other than the inner most circle, every other ones have a circle within them. Intricate runes and unknown markings were placed in strange designs in and around the circles. A five-point star is the center of it all, and Yue, despite knowing better, couldn't help but ask.

"W-what is this…?"

"This…" Yue jumps in surprise that the man decides to answer her. Turning her head to regard him, Yue finds herself paling at the predatory smile on his face. "This little lady, is going to be the end of the someone you know… And you are welcome to stay to watch."

Despite knowing that it is not a good idea, despite knowing that she should be getting more help, Yue couldn't help herself but to sit herself down next to a tree. This is history in the making, and she can feel it in her gut.

For after today, nothing will ever be that simple again.


Ringring… ringring… ringrin-beep

"Ohoho, hello Negi-kun, what can I do for you? Huh? W-WHAT DID YOU SAY?!"

"Hey, old man, you're too loud."


"Damn, that sounds bad…"

"You need help? But… Takamichi isn't available. He's on another errand… What can we… oh?" Coming to a sudden realization, Konoemon turn his head to stare at his guests.

"…For some reason, I do not like that expression." Evangeline slurs as she places another piece on the Go board her and the head master was playing before the call.

"Ara, don't be like that." Sarah says as she stands up and dusts herself up. "Besides, this may be good for you."

"Mistress, I believe Sarah-san is correct…" Chachamaru says as she pours another cup of tea for her master and friend.

"…Yes Negi-kun, reinforcement is on their way…"


This… sucks…

"Why do ecchi things always happen to me…?" Asuna bemoans as she lies on the floor panting. 'Damn that boy… for using that dirty attack.'

For a recap, what happened with Asuna and Konoka is that after the initial panic, the maids ushered the two of them out of the bath in a hurry. Quickly changing into a pair of yukatas, for that's all there are, Asuna quickly ushers Konoka to their room. However, the statues that block their ways force them to take a detour, and they find themselves in the poor area.

It's then that she received a telepathic message from Negi. Seeing that he's safe for the moment, Asuna decides to inform them of their position. Once that's done, and the connection cut off, the two girls find themselves now stuck in a dark and damp atmosphere.

Seeing that it's not the time to care, Asuna quickly unleash her artifact, surprising a already distress Konoka before trying to pushing her behind her with her back facing the pool. After all, the enemy should be coming from the doors.

Too bad for them the enemy is a certain white haired boy.

So Asuna finds herself easily defeated, having her stripped of her cloth by some strange spell, Konoka quickly kidnapped by some demon, and then the boy trap her in a damn perverted spell! Guh, the hands… oh the hands…


"Se-Setsuna-san…" Asuna whispers as Setsuna carefully lifts her up into a half-sitting position. "It's… it's over for me…"

"Huh? D-don't tell me… th-they…" Setsuna's face pale as he eyes become plate sized. Negi, seeing the expression, panicked and ask for an explanation. So being the girl who is mostly a no nonsense person, she told him. "They… they did something ecchi…"


"THEY DID NOT!!! …Okay, maybe they did…" Asuna says, shooting up into a sitting position before giving the kendo girl a smack to the head. The energy suddenly left her as she slumps down in defeat. "S-sorry. They took Konoka…"

"Damn it… we're too late…" Setsuna swears while Negi bits his lower lip. It seems they're a few steps too slow.

"B-be careful…" Seeing that Asuna isn't done yet, Setsuna and Negi lean forward to listen more intensively. "…He might still be here."


Smack, deflect, redirect, and punch.

That is how the white haired boy disables Setsuna as if she's nothing, sending her crashing into a pile of chairs half a room away. The only thing that saves the kendo girl from broken bones is her quick reflect. Still, that punch packed quite a bit of power.

Negi stares in a bit of awe and fear at the boy who looks no older than him, with icy cold blue eyes. "W-what… what have you done with Konoka-san!?"

"…" Emotionless… That's how Negi would express the boy in front of him. His face is blank, his eyes empty, his stance relaxed…

"A-aniki… be careful, this one is dangerous!!" Kamo whispers as he dare take a peek from behind Negi's neck.

"…No matter… He turns everyone into stones… he hits Setsuna-san… and he even did ecchi stuff to Asuna-san!!"

"Oi… I told you that's not what happened…"

"As a teacher and their friend… I… I won't forgive you!!" Negi finishes his little speech with fist clenched and eyes burning in determination. He missed Kamo giving the boy the bird, but then it's not really important. What's important is how the boy reacts.

"And just… what do you plan to do to stop me Negi Springfield? Defeat me…? It's much safer for you if you don't even bother to try." The boy replies in a monotone as he shifts his stance. With a small wave of his hand, waters starts to surround him as he gives a small smirk. "Right now, you're no match for me…"

"AH WAIT!" In desperation to catch the boy, Negi charges forward, but stops short, as he is one-step too slow. The boy simply vanished in a pool of water. "D-damn it…"

"T-that's teleportation aniki!!" Kamo exclaims as he points a paw at the pool of water. "That's high level magic!"

"Damn it…" Negi curses as he grits his teeth. Grabbing a towel discarded nearby, he throws it over Asuna's shoulder and turn to face the exit. "You wait here Asuna-san, I'll bring Konoka-san back. That I promise…"

(AN: Due to the fight scene for Negi being the same as that of the manga, I shall skip it and pick it up when something different occurs.)


"Alright, it's time to start." Nicholas says as he claps his hands together and starts to form strange seals and symbols. "Yee who sworn to serve the house of Springfield, I command thee, in the name of your master, APPEARS!"

And just like that, in front of Yue's eyes, the space above the strange design seems to bend, wrap, and then a hole seems to form right there. '…This is… impossible.'

"…Come, and appear in the name of Springfield, I command you!"

"Ara, I did not expect to be summoned using this method…" A distinguish soft voice calls out from the whole be a pale hand reaches out, and pull. "The last person who used this spell is the damn pervert Nagi… Now it's you little Nicky?" Another hand shot out, and widens the hole. "So what can I do for you?"

"…Well, can't a boy just get a visit?" Nicholas says with a cheeky grin as he watches Sarah D. McDocland, dressed in a casual short-short jean and t-shirt, completely with boots pulls herself out of the wormhole with a predatory grin. "Ma, ma, there is no need for such a scary expression right?"

"Why not? It seems someone is in need of a spanky!"

With just that, the two seemly disappeared, but Yue knows better. The rustling of the grass, the whooshing of the air, the marks that appear on nearby trees, they're still here… "God forbid… this is out of my league…"

"Ooph!" Nicholas grunts as he plants a foot above the space of Yue's head to stop being driven into the tree. "D-damn, still as brutish as ever."

"Ara, that's very insulting to a girl." Sarah sings as she grabs onto Nick's arm and throw him across the clearing. "Ehehe, sorry there Yue-chi, almost hit you."

"W-what is going on here?! Sarah-san, what in the world!?"

"Eh, later. Need to take care of this first." Sarah groans as she leaps over a thrust from the kwon dao and then flips away from a kick. Not giving up, Nicholas quickly give pursue and hack and slash away at the vampire. The speed at which the exchange is going at is mind boggling to Yue. The skills that both combatants express make them look as if they're dancing. It is a deadly ballet, and Yue has the privilege to bear witness to it.

"C'mon Sarah, bring it out! I want to fight you at full strength!" The man, Nicky as Sarah calls him, shouts in excitement as he grazes the vampire on the face with a shallow nick. "You're no match for me without it. So what are you waiting for? Show me the thing that earns you the nickname of Iron Maiden!"

"Oh-ho? You want to see?" Sarah's eyes suddenly seem to gain some life. "It may be too much for you to handle… But no matter." Coming to a stop with Nicky not from away from her, Sarah reaches into her back pocket and pulls out a card, one that Yue immediately recognize due to the similar design to Nodoka and Asuna's. "I'll crush you for the arrogance of challenging me, and I'll crush anyone who dares to trifle with Negi-sama! Adeat!"

In an explosion of light, Sarah's outfit changed to their usual school's uniform, along with a pair of white gloves. Seeing Yue's confusion from the corner of her eye, Sarah grins sheepishly and says, "What? I like the uniform. Oh well, here we go."

Yue blinks as Sarah seems to reach in mid-air for something, when there is nothing. Then a sort of golden sphere appears around Sarah's hand, and when she pulls, out comes a 4 feet long sword. '…Damn, everything I knew is crumbling around me… just what had I got myself into?' The librarian thoughts as she unconsciously press herself against the tree. She wishes to leave, but her legs won't listen to her any more. The atmosphere is saturated with something that strikes fear in her heart, and as her wide eyes gaze upon the two before her, she gulps. 'F#$% me and my luck!'


'Well damn… maybe I shouldn't have.' That is Nicholas's thought as he tries his best to parry the rain of blows that pour down on him. If it's just one weapon, then he'll be fine. Heck, he can even take on multiple guys wielding different weapons and come out victorious.

What he can't handle is the constant switching between weapons and the unpredictability that comes with such ability.

'Argh! That was close!' Nicholas thoughts as he bends backward to avoid being decapitated by a katana, which then disappears and in its place is a poleaxe. "SH-!"

Using her momentum from the previous attack, Sarah swings the poleaxe in a large arc that cleaved a few trees down, but missed Nicholas as he jumps over her and landed back in the clearing. Discarding the poleaxe, which disappear in a golden light, Sarah gets into a stance as if to throw daggers, and once again, the golden sphere from before surrounds her hands. Once it's gone, there rests several throwing daggers that the vampire doesn't hesitate to throw.

Thinking quickly, the mercenary side steps the attack and raises his kwon dao just in time to block a horizontal strike from Sarah, this time holding a battle axe that would no doubt cleave him in two. 'Okay, she's really out for blood!!! Think Nick, think, how do I buy some time to activate the seal!!'

"The Iron Maiden, which is a medieval tool used for tortures." Sarah suddenly starts to explain as she continues to assault Nicholas with different weapons. "It is named that way as the exterior is made in the image of a maiden. However, the inside is lined with spikes, planted in such a way that they avoid vitals when closed on the victim. The most important is the two that aim at the eyes, just deep enough to destroy but not enough to kill. When closed, the eyes will be destroyed, and thus causing a rush a blood to leak out, making the exterior's maiden image to weep tears of blood.

"However, I'm not like that…" Sarah shouts as she stabs Nick's cloth and pins it to a tree directly opposite where Yue is sitting. Summoning another sword, she stabs it forward and further immobilizes the mercenary. "I do not cause them to cry tears of blood. What I do however is bleed them dry!" By now, there are at least seven different blades that pins Nicholas to the tree. Desperate and panicking, Nicholas used one of the most basic strategies in a battle: aim for the weakness.

"Hey, sorry little lady, no hard feeling!" The mercenary shouts as he magically sends his kwon dao at Yue, who gasps and press herself further into the tree, as if it would swallow her whole. Seeing what appears to be the inevitable, she closes her eyes, and feels the splash of warm liquids on her face.

'Huh? There's no pain? I'm not dead…?' Opening her eyes, she immediately regrets it as standing in front of her with the weapon through her stomach is Sarah. But she's grinning?

"Ara, Yue-chi, you could have dived to the side you know?"

There it is; that ever present smile, the raise of her eyebrow, the same tone used to scold Negi-sensei… That's the Sarah she knows, but she also isn't… "W-what…"

"Seal of the Underworld: Satanic Bind!"

"Sh-!" Sarah curses as she tries to flee, but it's futile as black chains erupt from the grounds and drags her to the center of the design from before. "Damn… this is bad."

"Seal of the Underworld: Satanic Bind is a technique used specifically to kill off the undead. The chain of hell shall lock away their mobility while the seal etched in the ground sucks away their power. Quite fitting no?" Nicholas explains as he wipes away a line of blood near the corner of his mouth. "Ma, ma, you gave quite the beating…"

"Hn, you avoided the spanking." Sarah jokes as she tries to find a flaw to break the seal apart. "Well then, what now?"

"Now…" With a sudden jerk, Nicholas pulls his kwon dao from Sarah, and the vampire's eyes widen when the wound continues to bleed. "Well, now I kill you." The mercenary announces with both his eyes open. Gone was the playful smile on his face that Yue sees a while ago. Gone was the man that seems so carefree a while ago. Now there stands the executioner, and Sarah's the prisoner.

"…Shit, I did not see this coming…" Sarah says with a defeated smile and gives Yue a reassuring one. "No worry Yue-chi, you're not at fault here. Now run along now. You don't need to see this."

"Ma, ma. At the very least, I'll do a clean one. Straight down the spin, how's that?" Nicholas asks while he lifts his weapon so that it points right at the place where, if going straight down, would cut thought the spine, into the heart, and out the stomach. "Fast, efficient, and it should done you in."

"Well, what choice do I have? Do your worst."

And down it came…




"Negi! Now isn't the time to slack off. We need to find a way out of this situation!" Asuna roars over the sound of the tornado that now surrounds them, separating them from the demons outside. The situation is tight. They're stuck between a hard place and a rock. And the idiot is looking at another place? "NEGI! WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?!"

"N-nothing… It's just… something feels wrong…"

"Negi-sensei, now is not the time to lose focus." Setsuna scolds as her eyebrows come together in a fierce frown. "We must focus on getting to Konoka-ojou-sama!"

"O-of course! Sorry." Negi apologize as he shifts his focus onto the situation while scanning around to look for anything useful. '…but I can't help but feel something is off…'

XXXXX A few minutes earlier… XXXXX

"YOU SAID THAT I CAN LEAVE WITH THIS!!" Evangeline screams as she continuously slaps the ground in front of the head master. "THIS IS ABSOLUTELY USELESS!!!" The chibi vampire shouts in anger at the teleportation seal she is currently kneeling in. Oh, the damn old man is so dead if she doesn't need him. "SARAH ALREADY DISAPPEARED!! SHE IS PROBABLY ALREADY THERE HELPING BOYA!! DO SOMETHING!!!"

"The spirit that which control the seal can be fooled temporarily… The school trip is after all "school related." So in theory, it should post no problem." Konoemon calmly explains as he strokes his beard. "However, Nagi used so much power that it's almost hopeless."


"…Mistress is getting so worked up… She's very worry about Negi-sensei." Chachamaru says by the sideline, and instantly regrets it as Evangeline plunge her recharge gear into her head and turn it at a furious pace. "A-ah, m-mistress, not s-so fast!!"


"M-mistress, n-no more!! Ah~! Pl-please!" If any one is outside right now, the sound would definitely cause some misunderstanding.


"A-Ah~!! J-jodo!!"


"Huh?" Stopping the torture for now, Evangeline glance at the teacup Sarah was using a while ago. "…It splits in half…"

"…This is an ill omen… An ill omen indeed…" Konoemon says as his mouth settles into a grim line. "…What could have gone wrong…?"


'…So heavy…'

'My body feels so heavy… and I'm so tired…'

'Maybe I need a little rest? Yeah, just a quick nap…'

"Um, t-this isn't the time little Sarah."

'…Leave me alone… just a quick nap.'

There is a sigh. "I g-guess it can't b-be helped… I'll take over for now. Besides, he broke the seal… thus punishment is needed…"

'…Go get him… wake me up when you're done…'

"Mm…Please don't worry. I'll finish everything."


"Y-you killed her!! You monster, you killed her!!" Yue shouts as she beats her fist against Nicholas. The man just sighs while gently patting the girl's head. What can he do? He's not use to this.

"You should have run when she told you to." Nicholas mumbles only to wince when the girl deliver a strong kick to his shin. "Ow, what is that for?"

Tearful black eyes glare up at him as the short librarian stomps her feet. "BUT YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO KILL HER!! Y-YOU… YOU COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING ELSE!!"

'…I'm surprised that she isn't in denial or frozen in shock…' Nicholas thought as he continues to take the verbal beating the girl is giving him. 'She is truly strong mentally if she isn't as traumatized as she should be after seeing that…'

"YOU BASTARD!! HOW CAN YOU BE RELATED TO NEGI-SENSEI!! HOW CAN You… kill… her?" Confused by the sudden and abrupt end of the abuse, Nicholas peer down at the girl to see her staring at disbelief at Sarah's position? "What in the…"

"Ow… it's such a long time since I felt pain…" Sarah's voice, or what is similar to Sarah's voice, says, causing Nicholas to tense up before spinning around to see what is suppose to be a corpse shifting around. "Hmm… this is quite uncomfortable… Let's see…" A clone appears behind the suppose corpse and yank the kwon dao out with one pull, and it disappears once the task is done. The 'corpse' winced before slowly testing the limit of the chain that continues to bind her. "Note to self, never do that again… Hmm, the wounds are healing – not a pleasant sensation at all…- and the body is responding… That's good. So far so good… Well, I guess being twin helps the body to accept, even if only for a bit. Hmm, maybe I should find my old one? Nah, it's probably rotten or just dust."

"…This is supposed to happen… right?" Yue asks in shock as she watch Sarah's hair grew longer and longer, as if it's exposed to an incredible amount of hair-growing solution. The fact that it's also slowly turning a midnight black doesn't help at all. "…That's not right… Logically this shouldn't be happening…"

"Hmm, well little lady, in the world of magic, anything can happen…" Nicholas says in exasperation at the sudden revival. "Damn it… and I thought it'd be enough… This would be troublesome." Then something totally unexpected happens.

"Alright, here we go!" The 'corpse' announces before opening her mouth, and inhales. And right before his eyes, Nicholas watch as the magic used for the seal be devoured.

"…Damn, this is getting worst…" With a burst of speed, Nicholas appears next to his discarded weapon, picks it up, and thrust it at the 'corpse' with all his might.

"Magic Reversal…" The 'corpse' whispers loud enough that Nicholas's eyes widen as the chains of hell suddenly burst apart and then surrounds his weapon in a death lock. "Seal of the Underworld: Chains of Sins."

"Crap!" Dropping his pole arm, Nicholas jumps backward as cold sweat forms on his forehead. "Shit, she knows magic reversal… and she devours my magic… I think I unleashed a monster."

"Oh, no, no. You didn't unleash a monster." The 'corpse' says as she stands up and brushes off the imaginary dust on her. "It's just the wrath of a phantom."

The 'corpse' then claps her hand, and the school uniform, which is now tattered, changed. A loose white blouse now adorn her torso while a ankle-length skirt covers her long legs as well as the high-heel boots that now covers her feet. Then a heavy black cloak appears on her shoulder, except the cloak lacks a hood. Then it –for to Yue, the corpse doesn't seem human any more- blurred and appears next to the short librarian.

Ayase Yue, currently 15 years old and at the tender age where she should be worrying about school and her love life, flinched as it pats her head with a gloved hand –Yue absently noted that it's the same glove as before. "Ahaha, s-sorry about scaring you. But Sarah is resting right now, so I'll be taking over for a bit." It says, and Yue dare a glance at the face that still looks like Sarah's, yet not hers.

Long, black bangs cover the right side of her face. A single yellow, cat-pupil eye smiles at her as wild strands of hair brush against her cheek. The same two bangs that frame Sarah's face are still present, only longer. The two are so similar, yet so different at the same time. "A-and stop looking at me as if I'm some kind of creature. I b-bet you're e-even referring to me as an 'it' i-instead huh?"

The stuttering… as oppose to Sarah's confident speech… Similar voice, only this one's is meeker…

"N-now, now. I have business to conduct. S-so please wait for a b-bit." It… no, she says as she turns around with a swish of her cloak. "Ah, Nicholas w-was it? You kinda p-pissed lil' Sarah off…"

"Well shit…" Nicholas manages to choke out as a bead of cold sweat slides down his face. It would appear that he has put himself in some serious crap this time.


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