The Shinobi of Legends

By CrossoverFanatic

Chapter 1 – A New Beginning

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters who are originally from Ranma 1/2 or Naruto… even if I could own them, I'd much rather prefer to just create my own characters that can rival them in every shape and form.

In any case, original characters in this chapter consist of Uzumaki Noriko, and she does belong to me. Maybe I should copyright this characters, too bad I have no idea how to copyright something (I'm just that dumb and clueless).

Summary: Watch as Ranma ends his old life and starts a new adventure with a new family and new friends. But as times change, some things will always stay the same. Good lord, I suck at summaries……

"characters talking"

'characters thinking'

Saotome Ranma was considered to be one of the greatest young fighters ever to exist, his potential was so great that there was nearly nothing he couldn't accomplished. However in this fight against a near god-level being, there was doubt in many if he could even beat these impossible odds.

"Ahhh!" Ranma screamed out in pain after being hit by a large stream of fire.

"What's wrong, human?" Saffron mocked, "Is the heat too much for you? Perhaps if you beg for forgiveness, I'll allow you to live as my pet monkey!" He then laughed arrogantly while imagining the pathetic human dancing around in a monkey-costume.

'This bastard…' Ranma angrily thought, "Fuck off, you goddamn piece of bird shit!" He screamed out while he jumped out to kick the Phoenix in the face. However just before the kick connected, Saffron grabbed his ankle, and slammed his body into the ground behind him… then slammed his body again… and again… each time causing the ground to break up further and further.

"Ugh…Gyah…" The young martial artist moaned out in pain every time his body was roughly slammed into the hard rock. Just before his body hit the ground for the 10th time, he kicked at Saffron's wrist forcing the bird to let him go… unfortunately this action caused him to go flying into the mountain wall.

'Ugh… son of a bitch, well at least I'm not being tossed around like a sack of garbage now' Ranma wearily thought as he shakily got back to his feet, of course his relief was cut short by a giant fireball striking him across the chest.

"AHHHHHH!" He really cried out in pain as he heard the Phoenix King's attack, "Tenka Shunmetsu Koukyuu Dan!"

"Oh god… wha…what the hell is this … ?" Ranma moaned as he painfully landed on his back, then he felt himself being picked up by the throat. 'How can one person possibly be this strong…?' he thought as he saw the face of his tormentor.

"Face it, you pathetic monkey, it's all over… now is your final chance to beg for forgiveness," Saffron growled out. "If you don't, then I will just torture you in worst ways then ever thought of by any human." Ranma then muttered something but was too soft for the bird-king to hear.

"What was that?" Saffron leaned closer so he could hear. "I said… go fuck yourself, asswipe" Ranma then spitted in this face.

Saffron's face went red with anger, and he roughly threw the fighter's battered form to the ground causing his body to crumple up in pain. Wiping the spit off his face, "If that's the way you want it human…… DIE!" he screamed out in fury, while preparing fire in his hand.

However just before he could unleash his attack, he was hit in the back by a green energy-blast. "SHI-SHI HOKADAN!"

The energy blast itself didn't do much damage since Saffron's wings just absorbed most of it's power, but the shock and surprise of being struck caused his body to bend over.

"Leave him alone!" The Lost Boy screamed out, before throwing his umbrella straight for the birdman's head. But all it took was small burst of fire and the umbrella was instantly disintegrated, but Ryoga took that opportunity to use another of his patented attacks. "Bakusai Tenketsu!" He jumped up and jabbed the hard ground in front of Saffron with his finger, causing it to shatter into hundreds of sharp pieces, nearly all of them hitting his target.

"Rrrrrrrgh!" Saffron screamed out in pain, as the rocks cut through his skin and tore apart his wings.

Ryoga looked at the fallen man in shock, 'I did it. I actually did it! I hurt Saffron! Bwahahahaha, take that Ranma, this only proves that I'm stronger than you!' he smugly thought to himself while laughing like a maniac. 'Now Akane will love me, and soon we'll be getting married and then we'll buy a house…'

While Ryoga was busy with his delusions of a future life with Akane, he failed to notice the Phoenix healing his wounds with his fire and looking at him with an expression that could melt Antarctica in a millisecond.

'You damn human, nobody attacks the future King of this planet… NOBODY!' Saffron's eyes flared in anger and bursted into fire, and he prepared to incinerate the lowly creature before him without as much as a second thought. "Burn!" he then unleashed a huge stream of fire, which was quickly descending on the lost pig-boy who was still preoccupied with his fantasy.

"Ryoga!" Ranma screamed out at his friend which snapped him out of his thoughts. "Huh?" Ryoga turned around to see what could only be described as the flames of hell coming straight at him. 'Akane…' were his final thoughts just before he was completely engulfed by the attack.

Upon seeing the look of horror on Ranma's face, Saffron chuckled evilly. "I see now… you have a soft spot for these humans don't you?" He then turned his attention to the rest of the people coming towards them, which Ranma also noticed.

"No, please don't……" Ranma begged.

"Hahahahaha…" Saffron laughed darkly, before focusing fire on his hand which he shot towards the group of people who could do nothing but stare at the instrument of their destruction.

After making sure that all the humans were slowing burning to their deaths, Saffron turned his attention back to the last remaining human, hoping to catch a glimpse of shock or horror on his face. But he was extremely surprised to see Ranma just looking at him with a blank expression. "What's wrong human... don't tell me you already lost your will to live, the game was just getting good."

"You heartless bastard…" Saffron just gritted his teeth at the insult and shot off a ball of fire towards Ranma, who just grabbed the fireball right of the air. "How!" Saffron screamed out in shock, just before he had to narrowly avoid his own attack which was thrown right back at him.

Glaring at Ranma, Saffron was once again shocked to find him gone, only to reappear right in front of him with a fist lodged in his stomach and he felt his body fold up from the strength. "Ugh…" Before his opponent could get back up, Ranma quickly hit him in the back of his head with his elbow. The moment the birdman hit the ground, he kicked him right in his face sending him skidding across the ground, and he slammed into the mountain wall front-first.

The moment Saffron impacted on the mountain, Ranma ran straight for him but was forced to dodge a stream of fire by jumping to the side. Then he had to defend himself as Saffron shot off from the mountain and started to attack him using the Kinjakan, but Ranma was able to quickly dodge all of his attempts at hitting him. All the while, he was leading the Phoenix-King in an all-too familiar dance which went unnoticed by the immortal being……

It appeared as if Ranma temporarily had the upper hand in this fight since Saffron couldn't touch him, but that quickly changed when the Phoenix-King grabbed the Gekkaja and used the powers of both staffs against him. Seeing that a large burst of fire and ice was coming straight at him, Ranma focused all of his energy onto his hands and shot off one of his strongest techniques, "Mouko Takabisha!" Unfortunately, due to a lack of confidence, all that came out was this small puff of smoke which quickly dissipated into the air.

Seeing that his attack was non-existent, Ranma was forced to quickly jump out of the way but he still got partially clipped by the power of the blasts, and as a result when he landed on his back, he saw that one of his legs were horribly burnt and the other completely frozen.

'Shit…' thought the severely injured fighter, but Ranma looked up to see Saffron land in the pattern he made earlier. 'But I've got him now……'

Just before Saffron could take advantage of his opponent's weakened state, he saw a smirk on Ranma's face, and realized something. 'A trap…' he thought to himself in shock, and looked around to see that he was now standing in a spiral, '… this damn human!'

"Hiryu Shoten Ha!" came the desperate cry of the now handicapped fighter. And just like that, the tide of the battle changed once again. While Saffron managed to escape the tornado by flying away, both the Kinjakan and Gekkaja were instantly destroyed by the strength of the ice tornado.

"You pathetic mortal, this ends now!" Saffron snapped angrily then prepared to put all of his remaining power into this final attack.

"Yeah… for once you said something that makes sense," Ranma emotionlessly agreed, while focusing cold energy into his fist. "Everything ends now……" He ominously finished.

At the same time both fighters attacked. Saffron shot off a fireball nearly the size of the mountain, and Ranma shot off a large cyclone-stream of ice.

"Tenka Shunmetsu Koukyuu Dan!" Saffron screamed out.

"Hiyru Hyou-Toppa" Ranma whispered.

When the two attacks collided with each other, the force was so powerful that it completely ripped apart Phoenix Mountain in a matter of seconds. Through the power struggle, it seemed that Saffron's fireball was going to overpower Ranma's ice-stream……

"AHHHHHH!" Ranma screamed out.

……but in the last moment the young fighter focused all his energy and concentration into the blast and gave it enough power to rip straight through the fireball.

"No… No… NO!" Saffron screamed out in horror as the ice blast came crashing into him, freezing his body completely which shattered to thousands when large pieces of the broken Mountain came in contact with his frozen body.

Ranma, at this point, was falling helplessly towards the ground below since the mountain was destroyed. Also while Saffron's fireball may have been slightly weakened, it still had enough power to retain most of its form and thus continued down its path straight towards the exhausted and injured boy. 'It doesn't matter anymore… I beat Saffron and avenged everyone, there's nothing else for me here,' Ranma tiredly thought as he felt the heat burning his body………

'Goodbye… minna.'

These were his final thoughts just before the fireball completely eviscerated his body, and Saotome Ranma left this world forever.

Then again every end has a new beginning, and with that said……

"Arashi, you bastard!" Screamed out the woman currently laying on the table and attempting to push a small baby out of her. "It's because of you that this is happening! If you ever touch me again, I'm gonna castrate you with a dull kunai!"

"Ow…" said man whimpered, and was currently on his knees crying in pain because his wife was in the middle of breaking his hand, not to mention threatening his manhood. 'Women are scary when they're mad……' then everything went dark for him.

Soon, the pain finally receded and the young woman began to hear a baby's cry, then looked at the doctor with hope in her eyes, just wishing to hold her baby now. "Congratulations, futari-dono. You are now the proud parents of a beautiful, healthy baby-boy," the doctor said while holding a small baby who definitely needed cleaning up.

"Oh Tsunade-sama, may I please hold him now," the woman wearily pleaded.

The doctor then pulled down her mask to reveal the Legendary Medic-Nin, Tsunade. After all who else would be better qualified to give birth to the first child of Konoha's two most prestigious ninjas. She was called in a few days earlier when it seemed like it was time for the baby to be born. Normally she wouldn't have come back to this village no matter what, but it was by special request from her former sensei. Plus it was her best student who was going to have a baby, Noriko was someone she genuinely cared for because of her purity and innocence. She was definitely one of a kind and deserved only the best treatment.

"Just wait a few minutes Noriko-chan, right now the baby needs to be washed, cleaned, and thoroughly examined, besides you need to rest your body." Tsunade then looked down at the floor and frowned at what she saw, "And somebody wake up Arashi as well and get him some medical attention. His hand needs to be checked out and I think he bumped his head when he fainted."

Noriko just giggled to herself at the sight of her husband unconscious on the floor, and Tsunade just rolled her eyes and muttered darkly to herself, "And men are suppose to be the dominant species in the world, yeah right."

A little while later, the proud new mother was resting in her private room, holding her newborn and making cute sounds at him, while he was grasping her finger with his tiny hands. Meanwhile the proud new father was also lying in a bed next to her, and was currently being berated by his former sensei.

"How could you have fainted, Arashi!" Jiraiya asked stumped beyond belief, "I thought I taught you better than that! Just what kind of man faints in front of his woman?" He whapped the poor man across his bandaged head for good measure, making his headache even worse.

"Gomen, Jiraiya-sensei! I don't know what happened, but you don't have to hit me!" Arashi whined, then blushed when he heard his wife giggle. She always did find it amusing how he acted around his former-sensei. It was his fault that he was nearly helpless in front of the Sannin, it's also been that way since childhood.

"Hopefully your son will grow up to be a stronger man then you," Jiraiya commented while looking over at the baby. Arashi did the same and just replied "I know he will Jiraiya-sensei, I just know it."

Knock, Knock

"Come in" The door opened, and walked in Sandaime Hokage, Tsunade, and Orochimaru holding many flowers, toys, and other various gifts.

"Ah, it seems that everyone wanted to give their best to the new parents" Sarutobi told the surprised mother, sitting down in a chair next to her after he set the flowers down on the desk. Jiraiya helped Tsunade set down the rest of the presents on the floor and desks, all the while taking the time to admire her 'assets' while giggling and whispering something about writing a book.

However he regretted doing this while standing so close to her, because not even a second later he ended up being punched through the wall courtesy of Tsunade-Power! (Which by the way is much stronger than Youth Power, so imagine how devastating it is… shudders)

While muttering an apology to everyone in the room, Tsunade angrily walked out the room while grumbling about perverts. 'That goddamn pervert, I should hang him out of the window by his own tongue,' threatening thoughts like this were circulating through her mind as she stomped towards a cowering Jiraiya.

Orochimaru could only sigh despairingly at his teammates' childish behaviors, and quietly set down the rest of the gifts before standing by Noriko's side to look at the baby. 'So small…' Orochimaru curiously thought.

A few moments later, both Sarutobi and Noriko were wincing and flinching at the sounds of Tsunade beating the stuffing out of perverted old frog-hermit while he begged for mercy. Arashi was just cheering Tsunade on, yelling about how Jiraiya shouldn't pick on his poor defenseless students. While Orochimaru was too preoccupied with the baby and just ignored everything else.

"Please Tsunade-hime, not the face, not the face!" Jiraiya pitifully cried out, which was of course ignored by the angry medic-nin.

"Ummm… ahem, as I was going to ask before, how are you feeling Noriko?" Sarutobi asked concerned for her health, besides he had long since learned to ignore the antics of his two former-students.

"I'm doing just wonderful Sarutobi-san…" Noriko replied while looking fondly at her beautiful baby-boy and caressed his cheek lovingly, "…just wonderful."

The old Hokage just smiled seeing how happy and content she looked at that moment. 'Oh yes… she was definitely meant to become a mother.'

"Ah, Orochimaru-dono how rude of me, would you like the hold the baby?" Noriko politely asked once she realized that the Snake-Sannin was looking at the baby with a curious gleam in his eyes.

Orochimaru just slightly nodded, before carefully taking the baby from her, he then gave a small smile when he saw that the baby was gurgling in his arms. "I've never held a baby before…" he finally said after a minute of silence, "…it's quite a fascinating experience." Noriko and Sarutobi just smiled after hearing that, they never pegged the snake-sannin to be someone who liked babies.

"Oh god, I didn't mean that you should hit me down there though. Not there, please not down there…! AHHHHHH!" Another shriek was heard from outside but the pitch was much higher than before, leaving no question as to where Tsunade had hit Jiraiya.

Soon, Tsunade walked back into the room looking quite satisfied with herself, and decided to take the baby from Orochimaru and started playing with him herself. Tsunade just tightly but gently cuddled the newborn to her bosom while squealing like a school-girl. She then held at him an arm's length, examining him with a calculating look and a cute frown, "Hmmm…" before quickly hugging him again.

"Kya! He's so adorable!" Tsunade finally exclaimed. "Oh my god, I never want to let this sweetheart go! I wish I could keep him, he is just so cute!"

The baby was soon starting to 'coo' and gurgle… ummm…… gurgles of happiness! After all, who wouldn't be happy being in this type of cheerful atmosphere.

While Tsunade and Orochimaru were both admiring the baby and making comments about how cute or small he was, Sandaime was quietly talking to the new mother, "Are you sure you're feeling fine? You were in labor for a long time after all." Noriko just held the kindly old man's hand, "Hai, Sarutobi-san. There's no need to worry about me, as long as I know that my son is healthy and strong, everything is just perfect."

Arashi upon hearing that, just smiled and came to the same conclusion that was made earlier by the Old-Man Hokage, his wife was definitely destined to become a mother, the best one at that.

Sarutobi just sighed in relief, "I'm glad to hear that, Noriko. By the way, have you decided on a name yet?" Hearing that question made everyone in the room look at her with questioning eyes, all of them wondering what she would name him.

"Hmmm…" Noriko slightly pondered on that, but then turned to Arashi "What do you think he should be named, anata?" Arashi just told her that she should be the one to have that privilege, since she was the one who did all the hard work.

Then at that moment Jiraiya yelled out some of his own suggestions from out in the hallway, just before Tsunade threw a lamp at his head for suggesting stupid names like Pantsu, Bra, and Pantyhose. Honestly, Pantyhose! Tsunade just shuddered and felt truly sorry for anyone who had to introduce themselves as 'Pantyhose.' Really now, who in their right mind would allow their newborn to be given that horrid name.

A continent away in Iwagakure no Sato (Hidden Rock Village), a beautiful woman sneezed while looking at her baby who was generously named by that kind white-haired man she saw walking around in the woman's bathing house a few months back………

Arashi and Orochimaru were just shaking their heads at the sheer stupidity of their former-sensei/teammate (respectively); leave it to that super-pervert to want to name a baby after women's underwear.

Tsunade then gently handed the baby, who was surprisingly still quiet despite all the noise, back to his mother so that Noriko could be properly inspired on what to name him. After thanking her, Noriko looked deep into her baby's beautiful blue eyes and let him grasp her fingers once more, before coming up with the perfect name for her baby…

"Ranma…" Noriko quietly whispered. Everyone then turned their heads towards her, including Jiraiya was slowly crawling back in through the broken door.

"What was that again Noriko-chan?" Tsunade politely asked, since no one could hear her small whisper.

Noriko then looked up and said, "From now on, his name will be Uzumaki Ranma."


Author's Comments (R&R)


Well that's it for the first chapter, I hope those of you who were able to read this completely enjoy it. I'm relatively a new writer so you'll have to excuse my crappy writing.

I already have the 2nd chapter all written out, but I'm gonna wait to upload it so I can make sure that I got it just the way I wanted. After all, more ideas are coming to me by the second and I need to find ways of integrating it in the story.

By the way I plan on putting this story in both the Ranma and Naruto section, since this story is going to split into two parts by the end of chapter 4 or so. Obviously the one in the Ranma section is going to cover Ranma's journey which basically means a brand new storyline, but the one in the Naruto section is going to cover Naruto's life and basically just re-shape the entire Naruto story hopefully for the better.

Also for those of you who think that Tsunade was out of character, you have to take into account that this was the first time she's seen a baby in a long time, so just imagine that her maternal instincts took over. Trust me; you'll be seeing a lot of Tsunade being all lovey-dovey with her precious little Ranma-chan.

Oh, and congratulations to those of you who recognized the character I mentioned during that Pantyhose naming thing. Hehehehehe, that's right I plan on including nearly every single Ranma 1/2 character in this story in one way or another, so be sure to be on the look-out for them.

However don't expected Ranma to hook up with any of them since I'm planning on making sure that Ranma gets hooked up with either of my created characters or one of the Kunoichi from Naruto…… actually I plan on making this a Harem story, but for those of you who despise this type of story I'm going to include a lot of drama and action so that you don't get completely disgusted.