Just a preview of the sequel entitled, Vanilla Sun.

-Excerpt of Vanilla Sun-

"Shackles and whips? Are you experiencing a dominant streak?" Yami smirked and sat cross-legged on the ground before the game board.

"Maybe. You better be a good boy. Now let me explain the rules." Yugi folded his legs under him and sat on them and pointed to each of the characters on the board. "The first person is Plumpy. Whoever gets to him first gets to use the plumb candy in any way he wants. So whoever lands on the candy character first gets to use the corresponding candy in the bag. And then we just play until we get to the end. Only thing is I took out the character cards from the deck so you actually have to pass them not skip straight to them. And no shortcuts will be used either."

"I see." Yami smirked. "And the outfit?" Yami noted the small paper hat on Yugi's head that made the outfit complete.

"This? It's just for fun." Yugi winked. "So Yami, if you are ready we can start."

"Oh, I'm ready." Yami smiled. "This game requires no skill."

"Just like the Chocolate game, so it's even." Yugi smiled. "You draw first." Yami reached for a card and smirked. "Double Purple" he moved the red kid forward and smiled at Yugi. "Your turn."

"Don't get cocky Yami." Yugi frowned when he only got one Yellow block. Yami smirked and drew again lading on a red square. "Looks like you get the plum candy." Yami reached for the bag and pulled out the plum flavored candy, it was in the shape of a small doughnut. "I wonder what I do with this." He smirked and pushed Yugi back lifting the skirt. Yugi's face reddened as he felt Yami's hands on his thighs. "What's that you have there?" Yugi shivered as Yami ghosted a hand over a candy thong that clung to Yugi's form like a second skin. It left nothing to the imagination as it had molded around Yugi's cock perfectly.

-Vanilla Sun... Out now-