Years later, when asked to comment on what it was like to grow up having the parents he had, Aiden Malfoy had this to say:

"They were my parents. I grew up. I'm not sure what you are looking for. They never tried to hide us from the publicity, Kelly and me. They used it, really, to teach us responsibility. They never tried to scare us into behaving. You know telling us that if we messed up the whole world would be watching, but they did make sure we understood that. They told us that when we did something good just as many people saw. It didn't make us better or any more special than anyone else. It was simply the life we had and that was it.

"They told us what happened, so long ago. They told us what Dad's childhood was like, what Lucius did to Mom, and all of that. They told us about their trials and they made us memorize Uncle Harry's speech when we were really young. They made sure we understood why Dad did what he did and why Mom believed in him.

"They were very careful to teach us about honour and nobility and honesty without pushing us or weighing down all heavy. It really wasn't that hard, really, considering how they lived it all. I mean, anyone who had Dad for Defense Against the Dark Arts in school knows where he stands and learned pretty much everything I did if they paid attention. And Mom's work in the Ministry, well, her achievements pretty much speak for themselves.

"They never stifled us with expectations either. We were always allowed to be what we wanted to be as long as we did so with excellence. Kelly became a healer and, well, you all know what I've done. Sometimes I wonder if I could have blocked Mom's best shot when she played, she was a chaser you know.

"Anyway, I guess the most important thing I learned from them was that it doesn't really matter what kind of world we live in now, if we want it to stay safe and whole for our kids and grandkids we have to live like we mean it. What was it like to grow up with my parents? I can't imagine any other life."

Draco had named him for his hair. He had inherited his mother's red colour and Draco couldn't help but name him "fiery." It proved to be appropriate for his personality as well. He learned to control his temper when he was small, but he always had the enthusiasm and spirit to fit his name. He was the keeper for one of the premier Quidditch teams in the world. They took the cup twice during his career.

The name Kelly was also chosen for its meaning. It also proved to be appropriate. Kelly was indeed a "warrior." She may have been born years after the Second War of Purity, but she had her own battles to be fought. She introduced many muggle methods into St. Mungo's, improving the treatment of more ordinary ailments and injuries. After her mother died, she transferred to the ministry and continued Ginny's work for reform among the magical community, opening more doors and broadening more horizons.