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Chapter Eight

The moment John stepped outside of his house, the feeling that something was wrong just heightened. Removing the trucker on his head, he ran a hand through his very short hair. The diva who had stormed out of the Cena household moments ago was no where to be seen. Blue eyes scanned the lawn, a sigh escaping the West Newbury native when he didn't catch sight of any flashes of red. John jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned his head to see Randy and Marc standing behind him.

"Where is she?"

John shrugged off Randy's hand. "I don't know. I'm a take a guess and say when she couldn't get in the car she took off down one of the streets."

Marc crossed his arms, "You mean to tell me that redhead is roaming the streets of West Newbury and she has no clue where the hell she's going?"

John nodded as he stepped down off the porch, frowning when he felt drops of water starting to fall. "And to top it off it gotta start rainin' don't it."

"Asshole..." Randy muttered from behind the shorter man.

John quickly turned his head to glare at his friend. "I didn't do anythin'!"

"Exactly." Randy stated crossing his arms over his chest.

Marc nodded in agreement. "If you'd a just listened to the redhead when she said we should have gone home this wouldn't have happened."

Before John could get a chance to reply, Randy's hand moved and smacked the older wrestler upside the head. Cena glared at the Smackdown superstar, silently muttering curses under his breath as he rubbed the back of his head.

John looked up at the sky and sighed, putting his hat back on. "Alright, Marc take that street and I'm a take that one. Randy, stay here in case she comes back." He tossing the car keys to Orton. "Give me a ring if either of you find her she couldn't have gotten too far."

Orton rolled his eyes, "Yeah she's only waking around in the rain."

John choose not to comment on the other man's remark, instead stepping off the porch. He'd walked two feet before he was called back. Orton ran inside and fetched two umbrellas, tossing one to each of the two bodies who didn't seem to care that they were getting wet. After offering thanks, the two men went their separate ways in search of the redheaded diva.


The redhead in question was a good four blocks away from the Cena house. She had ran away from the house the moment she had left, the tears streaming down her face. Lita slowed her pace as the sky opened up thankful for the cold rain that fell.

As the rain fell harder Lita wiped at her face, moving the wet strands of hair that fell over her eyes away. She hated herself for crying, after all she was used to all the ridicule and jeers her decisions had made her. It wasn't like Mrs. Cena was the first one to ever speak to her as if she were some common whore.

'Like mother, like son.' Lita thought bitterly, remembering some of the things John Cena had often said about her.

Despite the fact that no one could possibly tell that she was crying, the redhead wiped at the tears that had fallen with the back of her hand. She really didn't care that the rain was starting to fall heavier. Nor did she care that after this it was a very likely possibility that she could get sick. All she wanted to do was get as far away from that house as humanly possible.

The words had stung. Lita couldn't answer why they hurt so badly, but they did. People didn't know the truth. They all just seemed to forget all the pain Kane had put her through. After her little stunt, she was made to be bad while Kane got away squeaky clean.

Lita let out a frustrated groan as she ran a hair through her now damp her, sniffing slightly as she wrapped her arms around her body.


The redhead quickly turned her head to see who had called, her damp hair smacking the other cheek at the swift motion. Hazel eyes narrowed as she saw the quickly approaching form. She squinted to get a better view at the person who called her name, surprised to see John Cena running towards her.

"Go away!" She yelled, not even giving him a chance to do anything before taking off again. Lita ignored the cries from the former WWE Champion. She didn't want to deal with him now.

John sighed, "Come on Lita! It's rainin'. Now ain't the time for your games."

The diva didn't stop, instead taking darting across someone's lawn. The dark haired superstar growled not at all pleased with this sudden turn. Granted, he didn't expect for the diva to welcome him with open arms but he kind of hope that she wouldn't run off on him again. Take a deep breath John chased after the redhead, catching sight of her just before she disappeared behind a house.

"GO AWAY, CENA!" Lita yelled as she glared back at him.

Cena growled, preparing himself as he quickly caught up with her. Without a single intent of hurting the redhead, Cena speared the diva as gently as he could. A surprised gasp left Lita's lips as John contacted with the back of her body. The pair fell into a kiddy pool with oomph, John knocking the wind out of the redhead as he landed on top of her.

Cena quickly took advantage of the diva's reaction of shock and pinned her wrists to the side of her body. Lita's chest rose and fell heavily as she glared up into deep blue eyes. She's didn't like the fact that he managed to catch her. Nor did she find the position they were in to be all that appalling.

"As if I wasn't already fucking wet Cena." Lita growled, trying to pry her wrists from his hands.

John rolled his eyes, "If it weren't for the fact that we're currently outside in the pourin' rain, I'd make a comment about that."

Hazel eyes narrowed as the diva tried to wiggle herself free. "You do that and I'd have to kill you."

"Stop movin' and listen to me." He snapped at her, glaring back into her eyes.

"No! I don't have to listen to you. Now get the fuck off me!"

"Ya tryin' the wake up the whole neighbor hood? God woman, relax and I'll get ya outta the damn rain."

Lita stilled her movements for a moment, still glaring into his eyes. John smirked down at the woman thinking he'd won. Now that he got her to relax, he could work on getting her back to the car where Randy was waiting. Before he could continue further with his train of thoughts, the dark haired superstar felt the diva's knee shoot up between his legs. Cena let out a howl of pain, his hands relented their grip on the redhead's wrist and shot down to hold himself.

"You...fuckin'...slut..."He hissed through clenched teeth.

With John's body over hers the rain had for the moment halted the assault on her face. The redhead's face contorted as her eyes flashed with a sadness John never noticed before. Tears shone in the depth of her hazel eyes, she blinked fighting for control so she wouldn't cry.

"You. Fucking. Asshole!" The diva yelled, her knee coming in contact with his lower extremities once more. Satisfied with another howl of pain from the superstar on top of her, the diva managed to push John's heavy body away.

Lita scrambled to her feet, glaring down at the wrestler as he looked at her through slightly closed eyes. The rain resumed its beating on her tired form while the diva debuted about kicking his in the stomach for good measure. Before she could take any further actions, the diva thought she heard someone faintly calling her name.

"I hate you." She muttered, ignoring the faint sounds and turning on heel to run through into the next yard.

John groaned, rolling onto his stomach to watch the diva run pass the next house. As he tried to not focus on the pain, he saw something he didn't expect to happen.

"Stupid bastard." Lita mumbled to herself, as she fought back the tears. She couldn't say why his words hurt her so much. It wasn't like it was the first time that he had said such things to her. Maybe it was because they were outside of work and he sounded like he truly meant them.

A small sob escaped her lips as she ran a hand through her damp hair. She blinked as the rain continued to fall, blinding her vision. The redhead didn't notice the sprinkler left out from the previous day. Before Lita could grasp what fully happened, her foot had caught onto the sprinkler and the diva found herself falling to the ground. She let out a small whimper of pain as her knees came into contract with the hard sidewalk and over the jolt of pain that ran through her arms as her hands landed palm first onto the concrete.

Lita couldn't take it any more; she let out a loud sob. Her nails scraping on the concrete as she clenched her hands into a fist.

"Why won't everything just go the fuck away!" She cried.

The redhead lowered her head causing her wet hair to fell over her shoulders and shield her face from view. Her shoulders shaking from each sob that racked through her tiny body. Lita couldn't help but feel helpless as she sat there on the ground, knees and palms still stinging from her previous fall. The redhead suspected that her ankle may also be sprained due to the throbbing she felt.

A short gasp escaped Lita's lips as she felt a hand touch her shoulder. Snapping her head to the side, she saw Cena standing behind her once again. A grave expression on his face. Lita scowled, quickly trying to put up a front and shoved his hand off her shoulder.

"How many times do I have to tell you to go away before you fucking listen to me!" Her voice betraying the stone cold expression on her face.

John frowned. Her voice sounded so shattered. Shaking his head, Cena looked down at her unphased by her harsh dismal.

"I didn't mean what I said."

Lita scoffed, swallowing the lump in her throat. "Bullshit, you meant it. Just like you meant all that shit you say about me in the ring."

Only wanting to get as far away from the former champion, Lita tried to stand up. The throbbing pain in her ankle only getting worse when she stepped on it. Letting out a yelp of pain, she fell forward only for the man she currently hated to catch her.

The stood still for a moment, Lita glaring into the soaked shirt of the superstar. A soft sniffle reached John's ears, signaling to him that the redhead had began to cry again. He wrapped his arms more securely around her waist.

"Look don't cry." He mumbled not sure what else he could possibly say to her. He wasn't used to dealing with women's constant mood swings. For Gods' sake he grew up with four other brothers, emotions really weren't a top priority with them. Cena took a deep breath, "I did-"

Anything else the dark haired man had wanted to say was cut short as the diva's hand came in contact with the skin of his cheek. John slowly opened and closed his mouth as he glared to the side, feeling the diva breath heavily against him.

"I may have deserved a kick to the balls earlier but I sure as hell didn't deserve that." He snapped, turning his attention back to the diva in his arms.

Wide hazel eyes looked up at him. "Let me go."

"What was that?"

"I said let me go Cena! Or are you hard of hearing?"

Cena glowered, "Woman, ya can barely walk without falling on your face."

"Let me go." She repeated her statement, this time using her clenched fists in hopes of getting her point across.

She was acting childish, although she didn't want to admit it. Hitting John in the chest with her fists was only going to make things worse. But she didn't care. Lita closed her eyes as she continued to beat fruitlessly as his chest, wishing she were anywhere but there.

"Calm down."

"I won't calm down!" Lita snapped, "You're nothing more then an overgrown ape that doesn't even care how I feel! You're just a son of a bitch and after tonight I do mean that literally."

Blue eyes narrowed, "What the hells your fuckin' problem? I'm tryin' to be nice and you gotta jump down my fuckin' throat. Now, I can take a lot shit but ya got no fuckin' right to talk about my mama like that."

Lita laughed hollowly, "Oh so I can't talk about her but she can talk about me any fucking way she wants to? That's rich Cena. Really rich. Like mother, like son."

"This comin' from the woman who was cryin' and yellin' up at the sky like it was gonna give ya some fuckin' answer." John replied bitterly. At the moment he didn't care that anything he may say hurt the diva's feelings. She'd crossed a line and injured or not he wasn't going to sit around and take her bullshit. "I don't know why I'm wastin' my time talkin' to you. I ain't gonna hafta deal wit' you for long. In a couple o'weeks your gonna be out of my hair and back as that asshole Edge's personally little whore!"

The tears that welled up in her eyes seemed to do nothing to soften the cold gaze Cena currently wore on his face.

"I hate you." She muttered softly. "I FUCKING HATE YOU, CENA!" She shouted, slamming herself as hard as she could against his body.

John didn't move, just stood still as the redhead slammed her fists against his chest as hard as she could. He half expected her to claw at his face with her nails, and deep down inside he knew he probably deserved it. Lita sobbed as she continued to beat against his chest. Nasty words leaving her mouth in harsh tones. Before he knew it the diva had stopped her attack, her head pressed against his chest as she cried. The diva muttering words, he was pretty sure he didn't want to hear. With out so much as a word to the diva, Cena scooped the redhead diva into his arms. He may have said harsh things to her, but he knew she had a painfully swollen ankle and despite his cold attitude he wasn't going to force her to walk. Ignoring the sound protest from the redhead, John hastily retraced his steps back to his house. John silently prepared himself for the onslaught of questions that were going to erupt the moment he came into view with the diva in his arms. He knew that he wasn't going to get away from this without getting an earful from both Randy and Marc. John Cena was in for a long night.