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It's 11:17 pm and I'm working on the next chapter, should have done it days ago but I was caught up with video games and enrolling myself into college, blah blah...-drinks hot milo-

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2 chapters left and this story will be finally over! Wohoo! Oh yeah, just want to clarify some things. About the last chapter. Don't you guys have a sense of humor? The rape part was a joke, it wasn't suppose to be a bad thing. How could Inuyasha rape HIS WIFE anyway? They love each other, they love MAKING LOVE to one another (Hahaha! That sounds funny!)

So yeah, have I care would ya? Inuyasha was just being naughty and Kagome loves his kinky side anyway so all is good.


How could you think of me that way! -sobs- Waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

Oh yeah, about their son's name. Pev

Hehehehe! Yes, that names exist. Some sophomore guy has that name. Unique name and I just thought about it cause...it sounds like a puppy name and well the baby boy was half dog. Inuyasha is half-dog demon anyway -shrugs-

Again, have a care,hehehe!

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