May The Force Be With You, Jareth

Chapter 6

Just as LeAnn and Jareth sat down to dinner, Luke and Mara burst in, lightsabers humming. They looked at the scene in surprise, which caused both LeAnn and Jareth to chuckle. "What happened here?" Mara asked. "Your neice and I have a truce, at the moment," Jareth replied. "Just until we're outta here, though," LeAnn added. "Then I go right back to torturing him along with my fellow peach sisters." she said, grinning. "We were just about to eat dinner. Would you like to join us?" Jareth asked.

"No, thanks," Luke said. "We really should be getting back to the Academy before anyone misses us. And you, young lady, need to get home before your mother starts to worry." Mara said, giving a scolding look to her neice. LeAnn only looked innocent. "Alright. Bye, Jareth. See you in the next peach war," she said, an evil glint in her eyes as she, Luke, and Mara faded out.


Late that night, in her room, LeAnn held up a crystal, looking into it. "Why didn't you tell her? I wished myself away, Jareth, just like you asked me to. And I ran, just like you asked me to, and ran to Uncle Luke and Aunt Mara, just like you asked me to. We had it all planned. Why didn't you tell her the truth, like we planned?" Jareth sighed as the young listian's barage of questions. "I could sense the time wasn't right," he replied. "Soon, though, it will be, and I shall tell her," he said, his voice much calmer than LeAnn's. He knew the girl had never been patient.

"When will the time be right, Tights? I need some signs so I'll know when to get you two together again so you can tell her, dammit!" "Look for physical changes, crystals, anything," the King replied. "But trust me, you'll know, because I'm going to keep an eye on her, now, and when the time is right, I'll send you crystal, that glows just like your lightsaber, yet is as cool to the touch as granite stone." LeAnn sighed. "Fine. I'm just tired of keeping this secret," she said, before throwing the crystal down in a shower of glitter.