"Phil! Guess what!" Keely ran up to her best friend in the hallway, obviously excited.

Phil laughed. "What? It must be great for you to completely run past Via, without talking to her."

"Sorry Via. But Phil! The new reality TV show Teen House is coming here!" Keely cried.

Phil was a bit interested in this information. "Is that the show where they lock 14 teenagers in a house and see which ones get together?"

"Yeah. Too bad my mom would freak if I went on it. But it's still really cool, right?" Keely jumped up and down.

Via laughed. "Owen and me are going to sign up. It'll be a laugh if we get in. Ask if you can Keely. It would be so much fun if you were there as well."

Phil rolled his eyes. "You actually watch these reality TV shows?"

"Um…yes," Keely and Via said in unison.

Keely sighed. "I'll ask if I can, but I doubt my mom will let me. It's in vacation though. But I will have piles of homework. But hey, it's not everyday a reality TV show comes to Pickford, right?"

"Well, good luck getting in. There's gonna be thousands of teenagers wanting in," Phil said.

Keely turned to him, a look of surprise on her face. "Aren't you going to put your name forward as well?"

"Why?" Phil asked.

Keely pouted. "Philly-Whilly. Please put your name forward. Please." She batted her eyelashes.

Phil tried to resist. "Alright." He gave in. He always did though. "But if I get in I'm blaming you."

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Keely laughed.

It's kind of short. But basically I just wanted to give you a bit of inside information.

Teen House is completely my creation, but I think there is a TV show like it, called Big Brother. You may have heard of it. But this is like, Big Brother for Kids.

I don't own POTF...yadda, yadda, yadda...