Keely Teslow walked through the door of her house, which she shared with her husband and her daughter Stephanie. They had been together since high school, and even though some people said that they would soon get sick of each other, she doubted she would. She loved Phil.

"Hey Keels! I fixed the TV!" Phil called from the living room.

Keely laughed. Phil had taken the week off to try and do some 'handiwork' around the house. "With or without the Wizrd?"

"Hey!" Phil protested. "I can fix things myself you know"

Keely rolled her eyes as she hung up her coat. Twenty years of putting up with this. She sometimes wondered how she did it. But then she took one look at Phil's smile, and it all became clear. "You're about as good a liar as Pinocchio Phil."

"Who's that?" Phil said, sounding shocked.

Keely paid no attention to the shock in his voice, and carried on. "You didn't have Pinocchio in the future?"

Phil shook his head. "Not whoever that is. Who's that on the TV? Because it sure looks like..."
Keely gasped as she walked into the living room and a close up of Via and Seth came on the TV. "It's Via. And Seth. And that's us outside! On the balcony!"

"No way," Phil said, shaking his head. "I knew today was Teen House re-runs, but I thought it'd be newer versions."

Keely laughed, and snuggled up on the couch next to Phil. "It's a major coincidence. Look at my outfit!"

"What is it with girls and clothes?" Phil laughed, remembering that morning on the balcony.

Keely pushed him playfully. "I had such style, and you know it!"

"You still do Keels," Phil smiled.

Keely hugged him. "Now that's why I married you."

"Why?" Phil asked.

"Because you're so nice. I can't imagine you being totally mean to anyone. Except maybe Tanner. But he deserves it," Keely smiled.

Phil looked back at the TV screen. "Look."

The camera zoomed in as Phil and Keely kissed. "That was so sweet," Keely smiled. "The best first kiss ever"

Phil rolled his eyes. "You can only have one first kiss Keels"

"I know. But I'm glad it was with you," Keely grinned.

Phil nodded. "Me too Keels. I'm glad we eventually got round to it."

"Do you think we've made up for all the lost time yet?" Keely asked.

"Not quite," Phil said, and kissed Keely, just as their daughter walked in.

Stephanie took one look at her parents and wrinkled her nose. "Eew"

"How was your day Steph?" Keely asked.

Stephanie sat on the edge of a chair. "About as good as any fifteen year olds day at school. Fashion Zombies were taking over my life, I forgot to do my book report for English and Leah keeps bugging me by saying that I like Jason as more than a friend."

Phil felt a smirk come over his face.

Keely tried to keep from smiling. "Cool"

"Oh, mom, dad. There's this reality TV show called Teen House coming to Pickford. And me and Jason and Leah were wondering if we could go in. Please? Oh, and Harry is going as well. Although I don't know how we're going to survive with him. Hopefully he won't use any of his stupid chat-up lines," Steph asked.

Phil tried to stop himself from laughing.

"Sure you can sweetie," Keely smiled, sharing a secret look with Phil.

Steph squealed and hugged her mom and dad. "Thank you, you guys! You are the best parents ever!"

Keely laughed as Steph left the room, off to call Jason. Jason had moved to town recently, and had tutored Steph in maths. They had become best friends from then on.

"Do you think it'll take them as long as it took us?" Phil asked.

Keely shrugged. "Maybe"

"Don't you think it's a bit weird though?" Phil asked, looking back at the TV.

"What? That it's like history is repeating itself, and that they're both probably going to hook up on the same TV show that we did?" Keely asked.

Phil nodded. "Yeah."

"Nope. I don't find it weird at all," Keely said, smiling.

Phil looked at her strangely. "Not even a little bit weird?"

"Phil. I live with you. A guy from the future. Who has things that won't be invented for years to come. I grew up, using spray food, the Wizrd, the New-Ager…I don't find that much weird anymore," Keely smiled. "Though it would be weird if they got married."

Phil looked at her. "Bet you they do"

"How much?" Keely laughed as she heard Steph playing her guitar upstairs.

Phil shrugged. "Just forget it"

"He kinda looks like you, you know. You're cuter though," Keely said.

"Thanks," Phil said, sarcastically.

Keely rolled her eyes. "Enough with the sarcasm, Mr. Cynical!"

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