The Heart of Protection

Summary: Yugi has a pet dog named Yami. When Yugi becomes severely injured, Fate has it that Yami is transformed into a human to protect him. Falling in love...wasn't part of the plan. YxYY AU

A/N: Well, I actually had some trouble making a plot for this story, so I thank Angel Red for helping me out! THANKS A BUNCH! I hope you all enjoy this ficcie. Unlike the other one's I've wrote (this one's not a one-shot) But I plan to put my heart and soul into this. It will be a simple, sweet yet angsty story. I estimate around 8-10 Chapters at most. Please Review!

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Chapter one:

"Y-Yami..." Yugi moaned as he shifted positions in his bed. A slippery, wet tongue darted over his cheek again. "C-Cut it out you silly dog!" Yugi teased as he gently shoved the black dog's snout away from his face. A small whimper was heard from the other side of the bed. The same wet, black nose sniffed around. Trailing up Yugi's back, to the base of his neck, and under his chin. "Y-Yami!" Yugi shrieked as the tickling sensation.

Yugi gave in as he sat upright in his bed, rubbing the last bits of sleep from his eyes. He glared at the large black dog sitting next to him.


The dog named Yami wagged his long tail as he jumped up and licked the face of his Master again. Yugi grunted in displeasure as he lifted his spare hand to wipe the long trail of saliva dripping from the side of his head.


Yami was an unusual dog. He was covered in black fur, with some sections around his eyes, ears, and paws looking more of an auburn color. A red leather collar was around his neck, and a golden charm in the shape of an ancient eye hung from a metal ring. The charm was hidden behind a golden license and name tag, reading YAMI with Yugi's name, address, and phone number engraved onto the plate.

That wasn't what made him unusual. On the top of his head, there was some white fur in the perfect shape of a triangle. It was a small marking, only about an inch on all three sides.

"Yami..." Yugi said in a dangerously low tone of voice as he glared at the dog and shook his hand free of the slobber. Yami perked his ears up as he heard his Master. Making a whimpering sound in the back of his throat he laid his head on his paws, glancing up at Yugi with innocent crimson eyes.

Another unusual trait; a dog with crimson eyes. It almost made him seem demon-like. Almost...

Yugi melted as he stared at the face of the canine. Groaning in defeat he opened his arms wide, allowing the large black dog to bark playfully and tackle his Master to the bed. Once again licking his face on all sides.

Yami waited, glancing up and perking his ears at every sound that passed by the door. He was waiting for his Master, Yugi, to return home from his daily routine; school. Yami hated it when Yugi went to school. He moped around, tail between his legs, and sat at the base of the front door, waiting for the sound of keys.

For the past 10 minutes, the sound never came.

Yami was getting worried. As a dog he expressed this by making constant whimpers and walking around, as a human paces. His head turned to the door every few seconds, and his ears would shoot directly upward, catching any glimpse of sound.

"Worried for Yugi, aren't you?" Yami lifted his head to the sound of Yugi's grandfather, Solomon Muto. The senior walked over to Yami, broom in hand as he rubbed the back of the dog's ears. Yami melted into the action, sitting down and wagging his tail on the floor, making a 'swish' sound.

Solomon laughed as he stopped the loving action and picked up the broom.

"You sure are protective over Yugi, aren't..." Solomon stopped. He shook his head and went into the next room. "Look at me, talking to a dog, I sure am losing my age..." Solomon mumbled to himself more than Yami.

The black dog's head tilted to the side in curiosity.

Jingle! It was the sound of Yugi's keys,

Forgetting all about the incident, Yami snapped his head to the door and bounded forward, wagging his tail. The door knob turned, and out stepped the Game King, Yugi Muto. But, not looking as cheerful as before.


Yami ran around in circles, extremely happy to have his Master safe in his protection. Yugi grunted and hung up his jacket, severely missing the hook and not noticing how it dropped to the floor. Yami stopped running as he walked over to the jacket, sniffed it, and sneezed as he inhaled the scent of... paint?

"Hi Yami." Yugi said without much enthusiasm. His shoulders were slumped as he barely crawled up the stairs. "Sorry I was late, had to clean up over hours." Yami held his head low in suspicion. Master was not acting himself today.

Running up the stairs after Yugi, Yami found him in his bed. Springing his legs like a coil, in one smooth jump the canine landed on the bed, and took his place next to Yugi.

"I was so embarrassed today." Yugi spoke to Yami, shifting his position to rub the dog's black hair along the top of his head down his spine. Yami's eyes dropped from the soothing motion as he lay immobile. "During this painting class I'm taking, It was my job to open the new bottles of paint. That didn't go so well, I spilled green paint all over my clothes and floor. I had to wear my P.E. clothes for the next 3 periods. It was horrible!" Yugi moaned as he stuffed his face in the pillow covers. "I stunk up the whole school with paint!"

Yami whimpered in an assuring way as he snuggled closer to Yugi, offering his warmth and comfort. Getting close enough he licked the top of Yugi's nose. Yugi let out a small laugh.

"Thanks Yami." Yugi said with a chuckle as he lifted his head from the pillow. "You always know how to cheer a sad spirit up, huh?" Yami barked in reply as he licked Yugi again, directly in the center of his face.

"Gah!" Yugi groaned as he stuck out his tongue in disgust. Giving Yami a playful glare, he lowered his head like a dog would do and growled in a taunting sound. Yami knew that action right away as he hopped off the bed and shuffled down the stairs. "Come back here, Yami!" Yugi shouted after him.


It was going to be one long game of tag.

"Alright, this is the LAST time I'm going to throw this ball." Yugi said, hands on his hips with a begging black dog in front of him. Yami made loud whimpering noises, begging for Yugi to throw the hyper-bounce ball already. "Yami..." Yugi warned, pointing a finger down at the canine. Yami made a small bark as he laid fully down on the concrete, tail wagging like a motor. "Good boy!" Yugi praised as he tossed his arm back, and threw the blue ball forward.

In a blink of an eye Yami jolted after the ball, legs moving in a one black blur and eyes directed toward the object bouncing along the streets. Every time the ball bounced on the floor, Yami's ears would twitch. Unfortunately, the sound of the ball bouncing was drowned out by the sounds of cars. Lots of cars.

Yugi held his palm to his forehead to get a better view. Widening his eyes in shock, he grimaced as he realized he threw the ball a bit too far.

"Yami! Come on back!" Yugi called to his pet. Yami turned his head toward Yugi and was about to make the first step when something else jolted him in the other direction.

Yami paused and looked around. He felt something...something strong. Yami's ears constantly twitched back and fourth, nose following the pattern and lowering to the ground.

It was until Yami began to move in the opposite direction, that Yugi took off after him.

"Yami!" Yugi shouted after his dog as Yami ran down the street, head low. The crowd in the sidewalks began to double, then triple, then impossible. Yugi had to shoved people aside, repeatedly calling out Yami's name.

It wasn't much longer that Yugi lost total sight of the canine.

Yugi panicked.

This was unusual of Yami to just run off like that, unless Yugi was in harm. Yugi bit his lip as he looked around, through alleys and crowds. Just where would Yami have gone, or what caused him to go in the first place?

Being the curious dog he was, Yami continued to wander, following the path of that strong current. It was a pulse of magnitude, different sources of energies came together in this one item. Yami knew it was an item, because he could sense it. An old item, one that seemed to call out to him for some strange reason.

Turning a corner into an alley, Yami's nose continued to sniff around. He was getting closer. Hopping from one garbage can to the next, Yami found just what he was looking for.

A solid, patterned box.

Using his nose to flip the lid open, Yami sniffed inside. It was a bunch of pieces, that seemed like a puzzle. They were extremely hard, and some had imprints of a ancient markings. Yami's eyes showed a high content of curiosity and bewilderment. Using his tough nose once again to close and secure the lid, Yami opened his mouth wide to grasp the box in his fangs. Stumbling backwards due to the unusual taste and feeling, Yami walked out of the alley.

"Yami!" Yugi called for the umpteenth time. "Yami where are you?" Yugi shouted, holding his hand to his mouth as a projector. This was not good! How could he lose his own pet?

A black figure moved to the left of him.

Snapping his head in alert, Yugi sighed in relief. It was his dog, holding a large golden box in his mouth. "YAMI!" Yugi said exasperated, as he marched up to his pet and glared at him. Eyes full of more worry than anger.

Bark! Well, a muffled one.

Yugi's eyebrows rose as he eyed the golden box. Removing it from the canine's mouth, he slid the lid off and peered inside. It was a set of small gold pieces.

Yugi's eyes shone with excitement as the gold glistened in his amethyst eyes. He absolutely loved games.


Yami leaned down and tugged on a leg on Yugi's pants, pointing him in the direction towards home. Yugi leaned down and patted the dog on his head.

"Thanks, boy." Yugi whispered to the dog and hugged him around the neck. Letting go, he went back to admiring the puzzle. "I guess we're not going to find that ball, are we?" Yugi asked, glancing down at Yami.


In a flash Yami took off a few meters ahead and turned into another alley. Yugi slowly walked to catch up with him. By the time Yugi turned to the alley, Yami was already walking out, holding a very dirty, blue ball.

Yugi made a disgusted look. "Yami! Where did you find that thing?" Yugi pinched his nose at the scent it gave off. Yami dropped the ball from his mouth and pushed it towards Yugi until it hit the side of his sneaker. "Ew! Okay forget about it, we're going home!" Yugi said as he ran down the street. "Think you can catch me, Yami?" Yugi challenged, as he already had the head start.


Yami happily chased after him.

Yugi sighed in frustration as he leaned back into his large leather chair. Grunting and glaring at the unfinished puzzle in front of him. He bit his lip. There had to be an easier way to do this!


Yugi stopped contemplating and looked down at his black canine. He instantly laughed.

His grandfather had tied a red bandana around the whining dog's neck. Yami tried to reach behind his neck to tug it off, which is where dogs are unable to reach.

Pleading crimson eyes looked up to their master.


"Oh Yami..." Yugi mumbled as he leaned down and untied the bandana. Yami ferociously licked his master's face and bounded away down the stairs, enjoying his freedom. Yugi just shook his head and sighed. "Silly dog..." He smiled before going back to his hard concentration.

Fishing out for a piece in the small golden box, he pulled the exact one out.


Perfect! Yugi smiled gleefully as he picked up another piece.


To Be Continued...If you review!