Heart of Protection

Summary: Yugi has a pet dog named Yami. When Yugi becomes severely injured, Fate has it that Yami is transformed into a human to protect him. Falling in love...wasn't part of the plan. YxYY AU

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Crimson eyes looked down to the boy lying unconscious.


Yami kneeled down, and cradled Yugi's bruised head in his lap. He wiped the sticky blonde bangs off Yugi's face with his newly formed fingers, wincing at how cold the skin was to the touch.

"Master, you tried to protect me." Yami whispered, looking sadly down at Yugi. "I'm supposed to protect you, Master." Yami leaned down, eyes never removing themselves from closed eyelids. He rested his forehead against Yugi's. "I'm supposed to protect you..." Yami whispered, a single diamond tear falling onto pale cheeks. He hoped he wasn't too late.

A bright golden eye appeared on Yami's forehead.

In minutes, police sirens were heard in the distance.


"Where is he? Where is my grandson?" A concerned Solomon Mutou hurried into the hospital, slamming his rough hands on the main lobby desk. "I just received a call that he was reported to the hospital! Yugi, Yugi Mutou, where is he!" He said in a hurried voice.

"Please calm down, sir. Yugi has been sent to room 219, you'll need a pass to get in." The nurse said, waving her hand so that he could follow her.

As soon as everything was settled with registration and what not, Solomon Mutou gasped and lifted his hand to his mouth at the sight before him.

Poor little Yugi was lying on the pure white bed, limbs stationary while his heart rose and fell with each breath. There were bandages around his head, arms, and one of his ankles.

'What could have happened? He was only gone for a half an hour, at most!' Grandpa Mutou couldn't help but let the tears fall. "Do you have any idea what happened?" He asked the nurse, who was still in the room.

"We are not entirely sure, but there was only one other being on the roof where we found him." The nurse said. "A criminal, who the police have been trying to catch for weeks. He was found dead, a bullet in his chest. Luckily, there weren't any gun wounds on Yugi. Though he did have a nasty concussion on the right side of his head, a sprained ankle which was torn up badly, and a few scratches along his arms. The doctors aren't sure when he is due to awake, but when he does he should be well enough to go home." Grandpa Mutou nodded his head in sorrow before saying his thank yous to the nurse as she left the room.

He stood there, eyeing his grandson looking lifeless on the linen sheets.

'Yugi, of all people…'

Solomon looked down at his shaking hands.

He was still shook up about what previously happened at the game shop. He spent all night trying to look for that dog, it was extremely unlike Yami to run off…let alone charge through a door like that. Solomon quickly found a replacement door in the attic and fixed the broken one after the incident, but was still concerned for Yami.

After an unsuccessful stroll around the neighborhood searching, he returned to the shop and heard the news of Yugi. Dismissing the dog from his mind, he rushed over to the hospital as fast as he could.

Solomon sighed, taking a seat in the plastic chair beside the bed.

'I hope that dog knows his way back home…Yugi will be devastated if he finds Yami missing. Or worse.' He dug his face in his palms, the stress starting to take a toll on him. He knew his time was coming soon, but what about Yugi? He just couldn't leave his grandson alone in some orphanage…he needed to know his grandson would be safe…happy…loved.

It was when he looked up, that Solomon noticed a small shimmer of gold, just beneath Yugi's bed. Leaning down he reached under Yugi's bed frame and picked up the object.

It was a golden pyramid, an eye carved onto the front. 'I've seen this before, Yugi has been consistently working on it for the past few weeks'. His fingers traced along the silver chain that wove into a small arch in the puzzle. He figured it was removed from Yugi's neck when he was rushed in the hospital. The elder looked down to his bruised child. 'So he finally completed it, and this is the thanks he gets?'

Shaking his head in dismay, Grandpa Mutou placed the golden pyramid down onto a small table by Yugi's bed. He sat and waited quietly for Yugi to awaken. Hopefully it would be soon.


Crimson eyes gazed at the new replacement door that had taken the place of the ruptured one. From across the street, Yami sat at one of the bus stop benches.

Even as the many crowds crossed his path, taking notice of the unique boy sitting and staring, only one thought was occupying his mind…


Yami gripped the edge of the bench in anxiety as he continued to stare at the door, as if any minute his master would arrive in a car, a smile on his face…

Yami let out a breath of air that was visible in the cold weather.

He let his eyes take a rest as they closed shut, head bowing down to his chest as he recalled what had happened earlier in the day.

He remembered seeing that man, the one with the gun. He remembered hearing a loud BANG, hearing Yugi gasp in shock…he remembered pain, and lots of it. So much pain that he collapsed to the ground unmoving, unable to regain his senses to save his master as the darkness surrounded him…

Yami lifted a hand to rub the soreness that suddenly appeared on his shoulder.

Then he remembered light.

He could still feel it surrounding him, almost choking him…that awful yet wonderful sensation rushing through his veins, giving him life in a new form, this form.

And he didn't understand any of it.

'What…happened to me?'

Yami opened his eyes and looked down at his newly formed human hands. As a dog he loved the way Yugi gave him rubs behind his ears, the way his delicate and smooth hands felt on his fur…

His eyes filled with sadness as his thoughts trailed back to Yugi. How could he confront Yugi like this? He knew Master was happy with Yami being a dog, but would Master be happy with Yami being a human? Could they still have the same amounts of fun they had before?

Yami's crimson eyes looked up to the darkened sky.

'No.' Yami answered himself. No, he could not. Yami no longer could sleep at the foot of Yugi's bed, Yami could no longer pounce on his master when he walked through the door, Yami no longer could nudge Yugi's leg under the table to give him some food from Yugi's plate, and he could no longer lick his master on the face to wake him up in the morning…right?

Dread coursed through Yami like wildfire.

He didn't want to lose what he had with Yugi. He didn't want to lose Yugi's touch, Yugi's scent, Yugi's smile, Yugi's laugh. He didn't want to lose Yugi. He didn't want to lose his master.

Ever since that day Yugi rescued him from that terrible boy, Yami had become attached to say the least. He wanted –no, needed his master's presence more than he needed food or water.

He relied on Master for everything, even his very soul.

Realization dawned on Yami.

Was it his turn to love and protect Yugi?


'Just go away! Leave me and Yami alone!' Yugi shouted in his mind, digging his head deeper into Yami's fur coat for protection.


Yugi felt Yami pull harshly from him.


Yami lay immobile on the floor, the bully hovering over him with his gun faced down, smoke still rising from the nozzle…

"YAMI!" Yugi's body bolted off from the bed, breathing heavily as he sweated bullets. He instantly regretted the action as a sharp pain jolted through his brain. He lifted his hand up and pushed against his temples, whimpering in pain. He felt movement to the right of him as two arms embraced him with love.

"Yugi! Thank heavens you're awake!" Yugi looked over to see his grandfather dart over to him and wrap him in a big hug. "A-are you hurt? What's the matter?" His grandpa asked in concern. Yugi could only shake his head, slightly shifting over to give him a better position.

"I-I'm okay, Grandpa. Really." Yugi tried his best to give his grandfather support, even if his head was still pounding like a hammer. After staying in that position for five minutes, Grandpa Mutou pulled away. Yugi didn't miss the few tears that strayed from his eyes.

"I don't mean to enforce this upon you so suddenly, but…what exactly happened, Yugi? I was so worried when I got that call…"

Yugi looked down at his bandaged wrist and ankle. Both body parts felt numb, sore, but not in pain. He lifted his hand to rub the bandage covering his forehead. A small twinge of pain reflected as Yugi removed his hand.

"I…I just remember…" Yugi said, racking through his memory of the past. "That guy, he seemed to want me and Yami dead--"

Yugi's voice failed him as his eyes widened in panic. Images of Yami's unmoving form lying on the cold, wet ground flashed through his eyes…

"Y-Yami! What happened to him, Grandpa? Is he ok?" Yugi blurted out, putting his hands on his grandfather's shoulders as tears threatened to fall from his eyes. "I-I couldn't save him, that damned kid had a gun…he shot him, Grandpa. Twice!" Yugi spoke in a quickened, almost incomprehensible pace. A salted tear roll down his cheek as the memory flooded back to him. 'No matter the injuries, Yami continued to fight…continued to protect me.'

Solomon was shocked, to say the least. 'Yami had been there? With Yugi? The officers didn't say anything about a dog in the area…' He looked with widened eyes down at his grandson. 'Yugi's going to be devastated, especially if…'

"Yugi…" His grandpa said softly as he placed his hand on his son's shoulder lovingly. "The officers didn't say anything about a dog in or near the area where you were." Solomon spoke with a horse voice. He could only watch as Yugi's eyes filled with confusion and worry, but he continued. "They only recovered two bodies; you, and that man."

A blanket of silence suddenly surrounded them.

Yugi let his hands slowly fall from his grandpa's shoulders.

"How can that be?" Yugi whispered, looking down at the tiled floor. "He was there, Grandpa! He was protecting me! Fighting off that bully until…" Yugi closed his eyes shut, hands forming fists as he tried to block out the memory. It was too painful, to see his best friend lying there without a heartbeat. Stabs tore through Yugi's heart. 'Yami…'

Solomon looked helplessly at his grandson. It was almost as if he could feel the immense sorrow radiating from Yugi's trembling form.

"Yugi…" He spoke softly. "The last time I saw Yami was when he broke down the front door of the game shop and ran out. I spent all evening looking for him until I got that call that you were here."

Yugi's eyes opened, glossed over with tears. His grandfather's words never made it to his ears. He uncurled his fingers and lifted his hands, palms showing.

"He was there, Grandpa." Yugi repeated through choked sobs, looking down at his palms which his tears fell into. "I can still feel his fur, the blood, his unmoving heartbeat…" Yugi let out a cry, pressing his palms deep into the mattress below him. Solomon quickly gathered his grandson into an embrace. "He was dead, Grandpa!"


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