Goodmorning Potter

'I love you Lily.' James whispered in her ear, squeezing her tightly. 'I love you too James.' Lily answered, squeezing him back. James bent down and kissed her.

Lily Evans awoke one morning after a rather peculiar dream about James Potter, who was also in his sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizardry. James was the twin brother of Lily's best friend, Jennifer Potter. The Potter's lived on the street adjoining the one the Evans' lived on. Lily shook her head, doing two things in the process, waking herself up slightly and pushing the dream about James to the back of her head. Lily yawned and stretched then got out of her bed, still tired. Slowly Lily walked into her private bathroom and got in the shower.

Half an hour later Lily was wide awake… and clean. She had only one thing left to do. Lily held up her favourite pink top and looked at herself in the full-length mirror before putting it on. She opened her second draw and got out a pair of white jeans then bent down and searched for her sneakers to go with the rest of the outfit. Lily pulled on her jeans then tied up the sneakers and stood up, smiling at her reflection. Her waist length thick auburn hair was tied up in a ponytail; her sparkling emerald green eyes were bright with the morning sun. Lily's smile grew. She was the most popular girl at Hogwarts, and now she was going to prove it…again.

Lily walked down her street quickly then turned and walked down another street towards the Potter's house, Lily did this nearly every day of the holidays. It was practically part of her daily routine. Lily stopped in front of a well-manicured garden and walked up the tree-lined path to the huge white marble mansion that awaited her, stepping up between the marble pillars to the massive front doors of the Potters' house. Lily smiled to herself and wondered what Jennifer was wearing that day.

The Potters House

Lily knocked again and stood waiting patiently. She had already knocked three times. Suddenly a very tired and annoyed looking James flung open one of the front doors wearing only a towel around his waist. Lily noticed how toned his upper body was with a smile, then realized what she was doing and shook her head to clear her thoughts. James had obviously been playing a lot of Quidditch. James blushed slightly and mumbled for Lily to come in.

"Hello James, how are you today?" Lily asked walking into the Potters' Entrance Hall.

"I've only just woken up and was about to take a shower actually." James answered tiredly.

"Well sooorrrrry!" Lily bit back angrily "Just tell me where Jen is then I'll leave your royal highness to go wash his-self, and it smells like you need it too!"

"Yeah whatever, Little Miss I'm-So-Smart. Jen is up in her room, sleeping I believe. And at least I smell like a normal person who showers every day. Unlike you who smells as though you've accidentally walked straight through a car wash." James retorted getting slightly angry himself.

"'I'm surprised you know what a car wash is!" Lily huffed then stalked off down the hallway. James sighed and messed up his hair before walking off to have his long awaited shower.

"JEN! WAKE UP!" Lily shouted and chucked another pillow at Jennifer.

"Mmnphmnbmd." Jen mumbled and rolled onto her stomach picking up a pillow and hiding her head under it to try and block out Lily's voice. Lily grabbed the pillow, chucked it away and rolled Jen over.

"Wake up sleepy head!" Lily said pulling the blanket down to Jen's ankles.

"ButIDonWanna!" Jen said jumbling her words together and rolling over again. Lily got off the bed, walked over to the window, and opened the curtains quickly while shouting "GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE!" Really happily. Jen groaned then sat up and blinked.

"Fine, fine I'm up!" Jen said and stood up, walked over to her wardrobe and grabbed some clothes before walking into her bathroom to have a quick shower.

Author's Note

Hey everyone! I decided that this story REALLY needed to be re-done… and fast. I hope it's better now. It was a bit too preppy and weird before, I don't understand why exactly the weird and preppy got 70 good reviews but hey. Well anyway, here we go. Thankyou to everyone who has read the "new" story this far, you're all very nice. I want to know what you think of this new version so please review for me! THE SECOND CHAPTER IS LONGER Please review for me. Thanks! Love,