Arrival At Hogwarts

"Lily?" James asked.




Remus looked at Jen, Jen looked at Remus. They both knew what the other was thinking; Lily and James had been saying those exact same words for the past half an hour, and they were getting sick of it.





"Will you two shut up?" Remus said, finally cracking.

"No." James said huffily.

"Awww Jamesie! You look so cute when you do that!" Lily said playfully.

"Really?" James said, moving closer to her. "Does it turn you on?" James asked, seductively.

"Oh yeah…" Lily said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

"Were you being sarcastic?" James asked.

"No." Lily said, lying. Why was it that all sarcasm seemed to pass straight over James's head? She sighed and stood up.

"I may as well go now…" Lily said.

"Go where?" James asked her.


"Can I come?"

"I guess so." Lily said, a bit unsure.

"Score!" James said and stood up, following Lily out of the compartment. "Where exactly are you going?"

"Uh…the girl's change rooms." Lily said, smiling slightly.

"Ohhhhhh!" James said grinning like an idiot. "Can I come in!"

"No!" Lily said. James looked down, a bit disappointed.

"Why not?"

"It's a girls' change room!" Lily told him exasperatedly.


"Get over it James, you can wait outside."

"Fine then." James said, walking next to Lily.

"Disappointed at all?" Lily asked him casually.



"Because… I want you Lily! I want you bad…" James' voice deepened to a sexy drawl as he pushed her up against the wall, his mouth hovering a few inches from Lily's.

"Is that right James?" Lily said, looking into his eyes.

"Yes." He said his voice still low. "I want you Lily. I want you right now."

"Right now?" Lily asked.

"Yes…" James said, and lowered his lips to hers, making her gasp at the warmth of his kiss. James hand moved to the buttons of her school blouse. Lily realized what was happening and slapped James lightly on the cheek.

"Well too bad, is that all you ever think about?" Lily asked him, continuing her walk towards the girls' change room. James hurried after her.

"No! Not all the time. I have Quidditch to think about, and you of course. I only think about sex every…" James did a quick calculation in his mind "3 minutes…"

"3 minutes! My god you're obsessed."

"Hey it's not just me! Every guy thinks the same way!"

"Yeah, sure." Lily said.

"I'm sorry." James said sincerely. Lily stopped and looked at him funny. "What?"

"It's just… Oh never mind." Lily said, and continued walking.

"Ok. Um…Lily?"




"Please don't start that again." James whined.

"Fine." Lily sighed, and stopped outside the girls' change room door. "Now, you wait here and don't come in!" Lily said, already knowing that James was at least going to try and get a peek.

"I won't!" James said. Lily didn't know whether he meant he wasn't going to wait there, or if he wasn't going to come in. She knew which one she thought it was.

"Stay." Lily said, and smiled before she opened the door.

"Lilllleeeeeeee" Said a voice, in a low sexy drawl. Lily jumped and turned around; she was in her underwear only. James stood just behind her, obviously liking what he saw.

"James! What are you doing in here? I thought I told you to stay outside the change room!"

"I couldn't help myself! I just couldn't bear the thought of you being alone…in your underwear…or possibly naked…in the change room, one door away." James said, still in the low sexy drawl.

"James! You couldn't help yourself hey. Well here you go," she said, stepping back a pace, "I'm in my underwear and your standing there watching me."

"I know." James said, smiling seductively. "But I'm sure you would look so much better with your underwear off…"

"James! I can't believe you just said that."

"Well believe it, because I just did." James said, quickly covering the space between him and Lily. Lily's heartbeat quickened and her breathing grew heavier.

"James…" Lily moaned at the closeness of him.

"Are you wanting something?" James asked her seductively.

"Yes!" She said, and pulled him to her by his school tie.

"Mmmmm." James mumbled, leaning down and kissing her. Lily pulled James' tie off quickly.

"Well someone's in the mood aren't they?" James said, helping Lily take his shirt off.

"Muchly so. And you better…" Lily threatened.

"I better?"

"Just shut up and kiss me again!" Lily said, growing impatient as her hormones raged.

"Feisty. I like it!" James said, taking no time to start kissing Lily again, and deepening the kiss. Lily gasped and moaned as James quickly got his pants off and pressed up against her, kissing her again. Lily's hand moved to James' back and pulled him even closer to her. James undid Lily's bra and threw it to the floor, not really caring where it went. Then started kissing her neck, moving slowly down to her chest, Lily moaned as James hit a bunch of nerves at the base of her neck. James sighed at Lily's obvious pleasure. Lily's breathing grew heavier. James was just about to go further when the door creaked open a bit.

"Lily?" Jen's voice floated in, followed by her head. Then she saw James. Without his shirt on, without his pants on, standing in his boxers. Then she saw Lily's school clothes, and her normal clothes, and her bra on the floor. Lily's face, bright red, poked out from behind James' shoulder.

"Hey Jen." Lily said shakily.

"Hey Lils." Jen answered, her face going a brighter shade of red. "I'll give you a second."

"Thanks." Lily said, as Jen closed the door. Lily rested her head on James' shoulder, and sighed.

"I guess were going to have to continue this later?"

"I guess so." Said James. "Damn shame though."




"Have you ever done it before?"

"Done what?" Lily asked, picking up her bra, and putting it on. Then walking over to her school clothes, and starting with them.

"Had sex, have you ever done it before?" James asked, nervously.

"Why?" Lily asked, flushing slightly.

"Just asking."

"No actually, I haven't."

"Oh. I thought so. But I wasn't sure."

"Why James?"

"Because, I want your first time to be special."

"Oh thanks. I didn't know you cared." Lily said sarcastically.

"I'm being serious Lils." Lily looked at James, and saw that he was in fact, being completely serious (for once).

"Why? You never cared with any of the other girls you screwed." Lily said haughtily.

"But your different. I only screwed them because I wanted a screw. I actually like you Lily, and I never want to hurt you, and I never want to lose you. I want your first time to be special. Not in the Hogwarts Express girls change room." Lily looked at James, A tear in her eye.

"James…" Lily said, and James pulled her to him and hugged her close to him. Lily started crying.

"What's wrong? Lily? Why are you crying?" James asked, looking utterly confused and worried.

"It's n-nothing James. I-I'm fine. Don't worry."

"But I am worried! I don't want to see you cry. I don't want to see you hurt. I…"

"I've been mean to you all these years, thinking you were a conceited asshole. And then by accident, we get together, and I learn just how nice you are. I feel so stupid!" Lily said, sobbing.

"Lily, I was a conceited asshole back then. Majorly. I knew what I was doing, and I didn't see anything wrong with it. I've changed. I don't know why or how. But I've changed. You have nothing to be ashamed of." Lily hugged James close.

"Thank you." She said, before getting some make up out of her bag and trying to fix up the damage the crying had done to her features.

"I don't know why you bother to put that on. You look sexy enough as you are." James said seriously.

"There is no way I'm going out there looking like this!" Lily said, smiling. "I don't want everyone to know about my personal life."

"Good point. But you're still as sexy as ever." James said, in the low sexy drawl.

"Oh James. Not right now! You said you wanted my first time to be special."

"Good point." James said, kissing Lily quickly and walking out of the girls change rooms. Jen walked in a second later.

"You! And my brother. This is so unusual!"

"I know." Lily said dreamily.

"Your thinking about him aren't you?"


"I'm psychic."

"No your not!" Lily said, laughing.

"Yes I am!"

"Yeah, sure."

"It's true!" Jen said.

"I believe you."

"I'm sure you do."

"Anyway, what did you want to talk to me about?"

"The train is going to arrive soon. I decided to come get you."

"Oh, thanks."

"I guess we better be going now?"

"I guess we better." Lily said, picking her stuff up and walking back to the compartment with Jen.

"Hey Lily." Remus said with a knowing look.

"Hey Remus."

"Did you and James have a nice walk?" Remus said, pretending innocence. James looked down at the floor. Sirius sniggered.

"Yes in fact, I did." Lily said, giving James a little smile. Sirius sniggered again.

"Going all the way next time Lils?" Sirius asked.

"What!" Lily said and put her stuff in her trunk.

"Just don't forget to use protection." Sirius said, half seriously. James flushed. Lily just looked Sirius in the eye.

"Since when have you cared Siri?" Lily asked as the train started slowing down. Sirius flushed as James sniggered. "I thought so."

"Bendel, Rhian" Called Professor McGonagall. Rhian sat down on the stool and placed the Sorting Hat on his head. A few minutes later the hat roared "Ravenclaw!"

"This is one of the most boring sortings I've ever been to." James whined to Remus and Sirius.

"That's only because Lily is right there and she's yours and you can't touch her." Sirius whispered grinning.

"That might be it." James said, looking at Lily. God he liked her. Her long auburn hair, her sparkling Emerald eyes, her flawless ivory skin. He just couldn't stop thinking about her. But this time she was his, at least, for the time being.

"Blackwell, Jeremy"

"I really miss her Padfoot." James said, staring at her, laughing at something Jen had said, which was most likely about food. Lily looked at him then, and smiled before turning back to Jen. James sighed.

"Mate." Sirius said. "All I can say is, don't ditch us for her."

"Thanks Padfoot, best advice I've had all day."

"Yes! I gave James the best advice!" Sirius exclaimed, rather loudly and some second years looked at him funny. Some Fourth years leaned closer, realizing that this could be some serious goss.

"Yeah, on my own girlfriend." James said, laughing. Some student's eyebrows rose at James's mention of a girlfriend, wondering who it was. "I miss her."

"But she's sitting right over there!" Remus said, and some of the students looked around at the people at the table.

"I know!" He said, staring at her again. God she was so perfect!

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