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This is it, the Epilogue. I think this is a good place to end it but I may write some drabbles about Jenny, Severus and family. Just to see how they live. I've had a few humorous ideas – we'll see. Do let me know if you liked the story – my ego does like to be stroked.


August, 2000

"You are squandering your talents, Severus. Grinding and concocting herbal remedies for ignorant Muggles, then returning home to edit poorly written Muggle drivel; surely you can see you are wasting your skills on unappreciative nobodies." Lucius sighed his frustration.

"I am quite content, Lucius. In fact, I've never felt more at peace in all my life," Snape explained.

Minerva McGonagall put down the glass of sherry she was sipping. "Severus, your contributions to the down fall of that horrible creature were immeasurable, to be sure. There has been total disclosure regarding your activities and, by and large, the Wizarding populace thinks you were shafted, along with Jenny."

Severus snorted, "Shafted? No, Minerva, they gave me the greatest gifts they ever could have; my wife and options."

"Options?" asked Malfoy.

"Yes, options, Lucius; Muggle or Wizard. You see, after I began attending Hogwarts, my Muggle world shrank. I was rather pleased to see it go, at the time. There were only ever shabby clothes, stale bread and misery for my mother and me." Severus paused and recalled the sullen woman who'd loved him, but had not loved enough to leave a bad situation. "This past year, I lived solely as a Muggle adult for the first time. Lo and behold, I discovered that I could live well and happily. I had Jenny, who knew all about me and loved me anyways. I was…content."

Lucius looked at his old friend, "Severus, you can't simply turn your back on a lifetime filled with magic."

Severus shrugged, "Why not? It turned its back on me."

Minerva shook her head, "No, Severus, you can't think that way. It was the policy makers in place at the time…the aftermath of the conflict…"

Jenny opened the front door and walked in, unaware of the conversation taking place in her house. She opened her umbrella to dry and set it aside. Kicking off her shoes, she opened the door and walked into the living room.

"Oh, hello, I didn't know we had visitors." She smiled at her husbands friends.

"Hello, Jenny," greeted Minerva warmly.

"Madam Snape," said Lucius formally, if a tad cold.

Jenny looked at Malfoy, as she walked over to Severus, "Did you have a good day, love?"

"Tolerable," he replied, as she bent and kissed his cheek before walking to the kitchen.

"Oh," she huffed, "You didn't get to the dishes," said Jenny, in a disappointed voice.

Severus rose, "I'm sorry, Lucius and Minerva arrived just after I got home, Jenny." He looked at his visitors, "Excuse me for a moment." He walked to join Jenny in the kitchen.

A moment later, Jenny came back into the living room with a glass of wine. "Don't forget to close the curtains this time. The tomcat from next door keeps staring in the window, trying to attack the dishes when they move around," she called over her shoulder.

Lucius gave her a look of disgust, "That's what you've reduced him too; petty household charms. One of the most powerful and talented Wizards alive today and you confine him to your insignificant, little, Muggle world. I hadn't thought you so selfish, Madam, as to keep a man from his true heritage."

Jenny put her glass down, "I beg your pardon, Lucius, what exactly do you mean?" She glowered at him, angry at his insinuation

Lucius snorted, "Why are you stopping Severus from returning to claim his rightful place among his people? You've been educated in, and now pursue, your career of sorting and stacking library books. You can't possibly think he'd be happy living as a mere Muggle." He pronounced the last two words as though they soiled his mouth.

"There's a damn sight more than stacking books involved in my job, sir. You listen here, Lucius Malfoy," she began, angrily; "You've no right to plant your snobbish, skinny arse on my furniture and then insult me. You may be Severus' friend, but I'm his wife and I won't take any shite from the likes of you, ever. I don't make decisions for him..."

"No, she doesn't," interjected Snape, coming from the kitchen. "In fact, old friend, she is the reason I returned at all. I was seriously considering telling Wizarding society, to go fuck themselves." He stood beside Jenny, and put his arm around her, "Jenny convinced me otherwise. I don't suggest you continue in your present attitude towards her." He cocked an eyebrow in warning to Lucius, who nodded in assent.

"You can't mean that, Severus," gasped Minerva.

Severus nodded, "Yes I do. My Muggle life wasn't perfect and, at first, I wanted nothing more than to just shut myself away. Unfortunately, or I should say, luckily, Jenny was here." He smiled and looked at his wife. "I fell in love with a woman possessing uncommon good sense, and a good pair of boots to kick me in my arse when I needed it."

"Severus...Jenny, please, consider this; we are having a huge influx of youngsters, some of whom have never attended Hogwarts or any other school. Their parents kept them away because of the troubles. We need people like Severus. His knowledge and abilities are...well, few can match him." Minerva stood and approached her former colleague. "Please, Severus, we need you now more than ever. Good teachers are hard to find."

"We propose you teach at the Annex, Malfoy Manor. Only seventh years, and, you can teach potions, DADA and Arithmancy," offered Malfoy, "I know you won't admit it, but you had a keen mind for the calculations."

Severus shook his head, "I don't know."

"Say you'll at least think about it? Talk it over with Jenny?" asked Minerva.

Jenny looked at her husband, "We should talk about it, Severus. This is your career we're discussing. You should explore all your options, Severus. Don't discount them because of the past." She looked at the older woman. "We will talk about it, Minerva; no promises."

Minerva nodded, "I think I can promise you, remuneration will be generous, Severus."

"If you should teach at the Annex, the classes are held for Day students who apparate in. No house master duties. No detentions – we levy small cash fines for major infractions. House points are in effect, however; you can still have fun that way," added Malfoy, "You can apparate to work daily and return home to your loving wife in the evening."

"We said we would discuss it," said Snape, with some asperity, "Now, I'm sure you've some place else to be," inviting them to leave.

"I look forward to hearing from you soon," said Minerva, as she took her leave.

"Jenny, I meant no offence at what I said..." began Lucius.

"Yes you did, you poncy prat. You thought you were defending your friend, though." said Jenny, not unkindly, "It's just that you lot, you rich snooty buggers, who never split a nail working, don't look at us like we're normal. It's the same for Muggle snobs as it is for Magic snobs. Now, bugger off so I can snog my husband senseless."

Lucius bowed and stepped into the apparation spot created in the front hall of the house to leave. Minerva kissed each of them on the cheek and left as well.

"Lucius isn't rich anymore," said Severus.

"He was putting on airs, Severus; his type always does. Mark my words; he'll regain the money he lost. It seems cash is attracted to his type and they don't have to work at it." Jenny gave her working class convictions free vent.

Severus sighed, "Jenny Snape, you are incorrigible."

Jenny wrapped her arms around his waist, "No, my love, I'm insatiable and you're to blame."

"Ah, lead me on to my punishment," he retorted, as they headed to the bedroom.


September 2000

"Very intimidating," said Jenny, seeing her husband in full teaching regalia. "The youngest kids must have been frightened."

"That was the idea," he replied, with a sinister smile.

"I'll see you tonight then?" Jenny rose and walked to him. She smoothed the front of his robes before reaching up for a kiss.

Severus sighed, "I much prefer the start of a teaching day this way than any of the others I had at Hogwarts."

Jenny smiled, "Just don't be too much of a tyrant, these aren't young children."

Severus sniffed and looked down his nose, "Madam, I am the master of my classroom and I demand respect and obedience, or else."

"Or else, Lucius gets some money from the fine you will levy. A contribution made towards the renovation of Hogwarts Annex; in other words, his bloody house. I told you his type found ways to make money without working."

Severus shrugged, "Well, we shall be a little better off soon and then you shall have your car."

"Really?" she exclaimed in surprise, "But licence's and taxes and petrol..."

He silenced her with a quick peck on the lips, "Minerva said remuneration would generous. I'll earn more doing this for a week than I did working for a month at the other jobs." One last, quick kiss and he headed to the hallway to apparate, "Besides, I did rather miss baiting the little buggers. I hope I'm not too out of practise."


Ginny, Luna and Colin Creevey sat in the room waiting for the first class of Seventh year DADA to begin. Rumour had it there was a new teacher.

"Seems strange to have come from home to class," said Colin. "Almost like you're breaking rules or something."

"I miss all the students piling in to the Great Hall," said Luna, "It was like being part of a big family."

"We'll get used to it," said Ginny, "We can go to Hogwarts for dinner anytime we need to use the library. Professor McGonagall said they plan to open some extra rooms so we can book a bed to sleep over when we get close to NEWT's."

"Teacher's here," hissed Collin, noticing the door open, "Bloody hell," he exclaimed, seeing who appeared.

"Good Morning," drawled Snape in his customary manner," So you've all decided to subject yourselves to Seventh year Defence against the Dark Arts." He smiled, sending shivers down the spines of the students present. "Well, well, well...This will be an interesting year...if you survive it," he finished the sentence, the final T echoing around the room.

He looked over the faces of the students. He knew them all. He allowed himself a moment to reflect on the faces he didn't see. They had gone, disgraced by their parents or worse, dead. Shaking off the moment, he turned to the blackboard and flicked his wand.

"Turn to page two hundred and twenty four, Hex repelling charms. Read the chapter and be ready to practise in twenty minutes." He settled in the chair behind his desk and looked at the homework assignment he planned to give. It felt right to be here. It felt like home.


July 2001

"It's a lucrative venture. There are businesses like it springing up all over. I simply want to open the market in the North. It is a tourist area, after all." Lucius Malfoy sat drinking after dinner brandy in his refurbished dining room. Jenny and Severus sat on either side of him.

Jenny looked at her husband then asked, "Why are you offering it to us, Lucius? We both have jobs."

Ah, there you see – you have jobs where you work for others. I'm offering you a venture where you will be your own employer. You did say your librarian training offered more than advanced book stacking, as I recall?" Lucius cocked an eyebrow at her, and waited for her reactions.

"Stop being a smart arse, Lucius," said Snape. "What would be our involvement?"

"Well, actually, it would involve Jenny and Draco. I propose to open an internet café, come coffee shop, come book shop in both Braemar and Stonehaven. The tourist industry, both Muggle and Magical, is thriving quite well in both locations." He sat back and sipped his brandy waiting for a reaction.

"What do you want me to do?" asked Jenny, already figuring it out.

"Offer your expertise of course, my dear. You know computers and books; I've trained Draco in business and money management. Between you and my son, with my business acumen, and your husband's abilities in magical warding, we can run two lucrative locations offering services to both communities." He smiled at his own prowess.

"Exactly how will this prove beneficial to us, Lucius? Jenny and I are pursuing careers of our choosing. What would prompt us to change?" Severus asked.

"Profit, old friend; I'm not asking you to put forward any money, only Jenny's brilliant abilities."

"You've changed your tune," said Jenny.

"Come now Jenny, surely you can see the possibilities." Lucius looked at her, knowing he had touched a spot in her heart.

"They are all the go in some of the bigger cities – I don't know, maybe..." Jenny sat pondering the idea of being her own boss; choosing books and helping people on the internet. That's what brought her and Severus together.

"You would have a bisected café, magic and Muggle?" asked Snape.

"Of course," Lucius replied, "In fact, we've already scouted out locations. Would you like to visit them?" He had her and he knew it...

August 2001

"You sneaky bugger, Lucius, you never even hinted you were going to use elves," said Severus, looking over the modern establishment which had undergone an amazing renovation.

"Yes, and they all have clothes too, thanks to Miss Granger. She will be working for us shortly, after finishing her last year at University. We will open the second shop then." Lucius looked around with a satisfied smirk on his face.

"Are you ready, father? You should be on the other side," said Draco.

"Of course, Draco. Let's welcome our friends. Severus, Jenny, shall we begin?" He smiled and moved through the portal to the side of the shop Muggles wouldn't see.

Jenny took a deep breath, "Well, here we go," she said, indicating the young squib girl who'd been hired as a server should open the door. A small group of people entered, having been given tokens for free coffee from several of Braemar's tourist spots. A similar scene took place on the Magical side, albeit that the customers were far more flamboyant and had arrived by floo as well as by foot.


June 2002

"I'm looking into opening a special search engine for Magic folk called Goaccio," said Hermione. She was sitting with Jenny in the new shop they had just opened in Stonehaven, Scotland. Hermione would be taking this one under her wing, while Draco would commute between both.

"Goaccio?" asked Jenny, "Why that name?"

"Accio is a summoning charm, so – Go and Accio, Goaccio," she explained.

"How do you know Muggles wouldn't stumble across it?" asked Jenny, amused at the brilliant young woman.

"You'd have to have a password to use it and you'd need to answer some questions to qualify for membership, of course. That means even squibs could use it."

Looking past Hermione's shoulder, Jenny noticed Severus coming from the portal to the magic side of the shop. He approached their table.

"Miss Granger, if you wouldn't mine, I need to speak to my wife, privately," he said without preamble.

"Of course, I'll just check next door." Hermione rose and left. Severus slipped into her seat.

Jenny frowned at his unusual behaviour, "Severus, what is it?"

"Jenny, a situation has arisen at Hogwarts. It was unforeseen, but not really unexpected," he began.

Jenny reached out and took his hand, "What happened? Is someone hurt?" she asked.

He shook his head and looked away, "Not exactly, it's..." he sighed, "Professor Vector was acting as Deputy Headmistress for the past two years. She has decided to get married to a professor from Durmstrang and has accepted a position there. Minerva is looking for a replacement. Flitwick has declined as did Sprout – they said they were too old. There are other possibilities but..."

"Minerva offered you the position and you'd need to move back to Hogwarts if you accept," finished Jenny.

"Yes," he confirmed. "There hasn't been a married staff member in half a century let a lone a married Deputy."

"How would it work, Severus?" wondered Jenny, thinking of the news she wanted to share.

"I'm not sure," he told her honestly. "Why don't we go home and talk about it. I've invited Minerva for tea so we can ask questions.

Jenny told Hermione she would be leaving for the day and apparated with Severus to Manchester.

"Severus, I need to tell you something too." Jenny sat on the sofa and stared into space.

Severus frowned, "What is it, Jenny?"

"I know we never discussed it, and knowing how you feel. We could just end it I suppose..." She trailed off.

"End it!" exclaimed Snape, thinking she was talking of their marriage. "We'll work it out Jenny, why do you want to end it? I won't take the job, if that's all it is. I don't want to end it, Jenny. I love you...unless you've changed your mind about us." He knelt in front of her, taking her face in his hands.

Jenny looked at his distressed face, "What are you talking about, Severus? I wasn't talking about US, at least not directly."

Severus watched as tears formed and fell from her eyes.

"What is it, Jenny love? Whatever it is, it can't be that bad," he told her gently.

"I'm pregnant, Severus. Two months gone." She closed her eyes, convinced he'd be upset. "I meant I could get an abortion. It's still early enough. I know you hate kids."

"You'd get rid of my child?" he asked, a strange melange of emotions surging in his mind.

"I don't want to be rid of it," she admitted finally. "I'm not sure I can carry it to term and I don't know if you want it, even if I can. You might never love it and you might stop loving me," she told him through her ever increasing sobs.

"Oh, Jenny, how long have you kept this to yourself?" He tipped up her chin and used his thumbs to wipe away her tears. "I've never thought about being a father because I never thought I'd find a woman who loved me enough to give me a child."

"Do you want this baby?" she asked innocently.

He gently touched her belly, thinking about the tiny flicker of life kindled there, "I created a life," he said in wonder. "We created a life with our love. How could I not want this child?"

"I lost my first one, Severus. Maybe I can't carry a baby to term."

Severus sat beside her and pulled her into his arms, "That was a long time ago Jenny. Things have changed in the medical world. Have you see a doctor yet?" he asked suddenly.

"No," she admitted, "I just did one of the home kits to test.

"Do you want to go to a Muggle clinic or do you want to go to our hospital?"

"A magical hospital?" she asked.

"Well, yes. We do get sick and injured, you know. Somehow I doubt Manchester Royal would know how to deal with someone sprouting a fresh growth of canary feathers or had chicken wings instead of arms, from a charm gone wrong."

Jenny chuckled in spite of her tears. "So they have midwives too."

"Yes and if you want, they might have way's to help you carry to term if there are any problems." He found himself suddenly thinking of a baby in his future; it was not unpleasant.

"Now, what about the job offer?" she asked.

"Oh yes, there is that..." he muttered, wondering how his life got so complicated so quickly.


September 2002

Deputy Headmaster Severus Snape met the new crop of first years climbing the stairs to reach the Great Hall. He looked them over trying to figure out who would end up in his House of Slytherin. A couple of them seemed obvious, but the others were not.

"Welcome to Hogwarts," he began, "The start-of-term banquet will begin shortly, but before you take your seats in the Great Hall, you will be sorted into your houses. The Sorting is a very important ceremony because, while you are here, your house will be like your family within Hogwarts. You will have classes with the rest of your house, sleep in your house dormitory and spend free time in your house common room."

"The four houses are called Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Each house has its own noble history and each has produced outstanding witches and wizards. While you are at Hogwarts, your triumphs will earn your house points, while any rule-breaking will lose house points. At the end of the year, the house with the most points is awarded the House Cup, a great honour. I hope each of you will be a credit to whichever house becomes yours."

"The Sorting Ceremony will take place in a few minutes in front of the rest of the school. I suggest you all tidy yourselves up as much as you can while you are waiting."

His eyes wandered over the youngsters once more, coming to stop on one young girl, who was smiling and staring at him. She pushed her way forward and stood in front of him.

"You," he stated, repressing a smile, "Why am I not surprised? When did you turn eleven?"

Lily from Manchester smiled up at the face of her Halloween adversary for several years, "My birthday was yesterday and I'm not surprised either."

"Really, how so?"

"You knew all about mermaids and fairies and you could make flowers grow in grotty old high flats. Will you show me the mermaids and fairies and help me learn how to make plants grow?" she asked.

"That and much, much more, Lily, now back into line," he told her sternly, frowning at her, as she smirked back at him.

Placing the old hat on her head, he watched as she was sorted into Slytherin. He shook his head, thinking universe had a perverse sense of humour.


December 10, 2002

Severus was in the middle of a third year DADA class giving a lecture on Grindylow's, when he heard a knock on the class room door. He indicated a boy at the back of the class should answer it. When the door opened, Minerva McGonagall entered, her face flushed from her haste.

Professor, a moment please, quickly." She beckoned him forward.

"Everyone, remain in your seats, quietly," he instructed, as he joined the older woman outside.

"What is it, Headmistress?" concerned at her demeanour.

"I got a fire-call from St Mungo's. Jenny's been taken there in labour. Hermione and Molly are with her."

Severus felt his heart begin to pound. "It's too early; she's not due until January."

"What are you standing here for man, go," ordered McGonagall, "I'll take your classes. Go on." She fairly shoved him down the hall. She watched as he broke into a sprint and ran down the stairs. She hoped he took a moment to get a winter cloak; it was snowing outside.

Severus arrived via the floo at the Casualty Ward of St. Mungo's. He approached reception and waited until a man, sprouting an elephants trunk for a nose, was directed to the proper floor.

"Next," called the Mediwitch behind the desk.

"My wife was brought in experiencing premature labour. She's a Muggle. "

"You're in the wrong area, you need the maternity annex," said the woman impatiently.

"I know, how do I get there from here?" he asked in the same tone.

She sighed, "Go down this hall and look for the picture of the Nanny Elf and follow the pink and blue braided stripes to the Nanny Elf statue. Make sure you have your Father's ID card, or you won't get in," she called to his back, as he jogged away.

"Yes, alright," he muttered to himself, dodging staff and patients in his rush. He pulled his card from his inside pocket and flashed it at a small statue of a Nanny Elf. The doors to the Maternity annex opened and admitted him. He saw Hermione and Molly Weasley standing in the hall.

"Where is she?" he demanded.

"Room five down there, Severus, but are you sure you want to be there?" Molly watched as he slid to a stop in front of the door bearing a large number 5. He took a deep breath and opened the door. Molly and Hermione a loud yell just before the door closed. "Let's go to the tearoom, Hermione. This could be a long wait." Molly took Hermione's arm and led her to a lift.


"He's so tiny," said Jenny wearily, as she looked at her new son in her husband's arms.

"He's perfect," Severus assured her, feeling strangely comfortable holding his child, though he'd never held a baby before. "Almost six pounds."

"He needs a name," said Jenny, "We never talked about names, did we?"

"For all the talking we do, we never seem to get to the more mundane, practical things, do we?" he teased.

"What would you like to name him, Severus?"

"I have to admit, I've looked for names," he admitted sheepishly.

"I know you did, you silly man. I saw your search when I was checking the site history on the computer. That's why I'm asking."

"Well, for traditional wizards, the old latin names are used; like mine. It's about the only tradition my mother kept. I thought perhaps Darrius Albus Peter Snape." He looked at her for a reaction.

"What does Darrius mean?" she asked.

"Spelled with two R's, it means 'He who upholds the good'. And then, Albus is obvious and Peter, after your father."

Jenny smiled, "I like it very much. Now, why don't you introduce him to our friends? I really want to sleep."

He stood and looked at the Midwife, who said, "Jenny is fine and so is your son. She's very tired. Why don't you do as she suggests; there's a small committee of people waiting for you."

Minerva and Lucius turned when they heard footsteps behind them. When the turned, they were stunned by the sight of Severus Snape wearing lime green sterile robes.

"There's something you're never likely to see again," muttered Draco in his father's ear.

"Hush, Draco, he couldn't give a damn how he looks right now," replied Lucius, recalling his own son's birth.

"How is Jenny, Severus?" asked Minerva.

"She's fine, just very tired," he replied. He looked around at who was present; Lupin, Tonks, Hermione and Ron, Harry and Ginny, The Malfoy's and Minerva along with half of the Weasley clan. He'd not realized how many people had become more than mere acquaintances to him and thanked providence again for Jenny and her influence.

"I came to introduce someone to you," he began in a steady voice, "I'd like you to meet my son, Darrius Albus Peter Snape; all six pounds of him. He's perfect." His voice suddenly broke, and for the first time since he was a child, he didn't care who saw him weep as for the first time in his life, Severus Snape, cried tears of joy.

The End...maybe