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What's A Girl To Do?

Dear Diary,

I'm a little confused at the moment, had lunch today with Ginny, and we engaged in a somewhat enlightening conversation.

Now as you know I haven't been in a relationship for a while, and as I was complaining about the lack of options, Ginny said I had plenty to pick from. I didn't know where she'd gotten that idea from, so she pointed out the men I see on a regular basis. It's gotten me thinking, could one of them be the one?

So Diary, I need your help. I'm going to list these guys (single ones - I have morals!), since Harry, Bill and Neville are taken. Then we shall see who will get the full whammy of Hermione Granger - Ginny's words, not mine. Just need to narrow the field, as Ginny said don't offer it to them all; don't want to appear like a slut. Me! I don't even think that it's possible, but she did have a point; don't want them to get the wrong idea.

Ok, first one. Ron Weasley.

I know. Me and Ron, together forever, the perfect couple, don't we look so good together? And on they go, but really, I don't think either of us really spent time thinking about it. It was mainly a comfort thing; our time at Hogwarts was a crazy time, constantly worrying about Voldemort, and concern for Harry. I think I just wanted something normal, comfortable, that would be the same no matter what.

I think I realised it wasn't going to work with Ron when I kissed someone else (Truth or Dare, more on that later), the spark with him was so strong I think if my hair wasn't tied up I would had an afro so huge it was bigger than Hagrid. So I broke it of with Ron, not long after, no point stringing him along hoping for that spark to come. He's had girlfriends since then so it's not like he's heartbroken over me, the reason I put him on the list is cause he's single at the moment, but he's not actually in the running. Great friend, best friend, but not boyfriend - ever again.

Percy Weasley.

No. Not a chance in Hades. Rather eat my own skin. Ok, that was a bit harsh, but ewww! I know he is now back in the Weasley fold, but I will always think of him as someone who didn't believe his family and turned his back on them for his career. He will always be a slimy git to me. So no chance.

Next, George.

Sweet George. There may have been a chance for me and George, if he didn't decide he fancied Seamus, so technically he is single but he bats for the other team.

On to Fred. Now we dated for a little while, and it was fun. Really misunderstood is Fred. Like George, underneath the prankster exterior is a really funny, loving, smart guy, not to forget like all the Weasley men - drop dead spunky. I think we could have really worked out if he didn't move to America to manage the US franchise of WWW's. So alas, but who knows if he moves back it could happen.

Last, but certainly not least.

Mr Truth or Dare. Draco Malfoy.

Now I know we didn't along at school, and then there was that whole Death Eater thing, Dumbledore's death was supposed to be his initiation into the ranks. To say that Voldemort wasn't happy that Draco didn't complete the task would be a vast understatement. So Draco ended up with the protection of the Order. Voldemort as punishment to Draco for defying him, unfortunately killed his mother.

It took some time, but he was trusted. Turns out Snape was playing both sides. Waiting for the victor to emerge, so he would have been on the winning side no matter which way it went.

So Truth or Dare. Let me lay it out for you. It was Harry's 21st three years ago. Ron and I were still together. We had been since the end of the war two years previous. Now it was just us younger ones (Harry, Ginny, Ron, Neville, Luna, Draco and me), and as it was a party we were a bit drunk, some more than others. The dares had gotten slightly risqué, plenty of snogs, flashing and even a lap dance for Harry - from Neville! So as payback for setting Neville onto Harry, Ginny, that devious witch, sent me into the closet with Draco for a snog. And of course, being Wizarding Truth or Dare, the dare had to be done, magical locks and all.

Well let me tell you, that boy knows how to kiss a girl. The things his tongue did in my mouth… well I think I could have died and gone to heaven. It ended all too soon with an extremely pissed off Ron dragging me, a little dazed, out of the cupboard. I ended it with Ron not long after. Gave it a couple of weeks, so people wouldn't think it had anything to do with the cupboard.

I don't know if it would work with Draco, but I would be willing to try. Underneath the extremely hard shell is a soft and gentle, tender person. With the right amount of an edge. Things with Ron would never have worked out after the kiss.

I think I have my answer right here, it's pretty obvious isn't? But the question is, does he feel the same way, should I go for it? I don't know if I could take that kind of rejection. I think I need to think about it some.

Thanks for your listening as always,

Hermione Granger

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