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Chapter 28 : I'm home.

The wind was so cold Zen lift the scarf on her neck to cover her face, she loved the city but she missed the warm beach, why was here so freaking cold? She entered the campus dorm and close the door behind her, she said a silent pray for the heating system.

"Hi Hatachi!"

"Hi Sashuki, why do you get prettier every day ah?" The dark headed girl that salute Zen blushed a bit.

"Oh stop it, why are you always flirting Zen?"

"I can avoid it, perhaps if you go out with me I'll calm down..."

"Right, tell me how was your brother's wedding?"

"Nice, I can show you the pics later...in my room"

"Ha, maybe I'll go... I'll love to see you in a dress..."

Zen smiled back at the girl, she wished to stay and chat a little more but she had to hurry. "Hey Sashuki have you seen Tenoh?"

"Ah she was packing some things in a van, perhaps she's still in her room"

"Thanks sweetie, I'll see you later ok?"


Zen climb the stairs leading to the room she shared with Tenoh for the past years, she knocked gently on the door. Haruka was putting some CD's on a box, many other boxes were scattered around.


"Hi Zen I wasn't expecting you I thought you'll stay in Tahi a few more days"

"There was nothing left to do there...aren't you going to ask me anything?"

"What? How was the wedding? Lovely bride? I think I can spare me the details...thanks"

"It was a nice ceremony in case you wondered"

"Thanks for the no requested information..."

"Are you ok?"


"That's why your eyes are so red and puffy?"

"I'm not in the mood for psychoterapy"

"You're on the denial fase"

"And you're on the I'm going to kick your ass fase, why don't you leave me alone?"

"Ok... hey I need a little favor"


"Be nice. I totally forgot I had to give a tour to this new girl and Sashuki finally agreed to go out with me so ...you think you could give her the tour please?"

"I'm packing"

"Oh come on, you owe me, after you left I was the sidedish of the town. Just a quick tour, besides, she's pretty."

"Pretty ingeneer student?"

"Art Mayor, but she's hot"


"She's waiting for you in the downstairs lounge"


Haruka change into a clean shirt and grabbed her coat, she was in a terrible mood but perhaps taking some air could help her, she walked downstairs and entered the students lounge, it was empty except for a girl facing the fireplace, she was wearing a skirt bluewith white high boots and a light blue trenchcoat, her long hair falling down her back...

"What the...what are you doing here?"

Michiru turned around rubbing her hands she was freezing herself here, she had never been so cold before, she smiled at the shocked blonde and looking completly innocent she search her pocket for a little note.

"Hi, I'm waiting for my tour guide. I'm the new Art mayor student..."

Haruka came closer to the Aqua godess, looking raging. "What are you playing at?"

"Me? No plays, I'm here to study"

"And where's your husband?"

Michiru try her best to look cool, she felt the anger in Haruka's voice. "Husband? Who's husband? I don't have one, I have a girlfriend...but perhaps I should say 'had' cause she has abandon me twice you see..."

"Ah... what about the wedding? Didn't you get married yesterday?"

"Yesterday?" Michiru placed one finger on her chin and look up like thinking... "yeah...I recall a wedding, very nice wedding actually. Hanzo looked happy, although It made me think about getting on a diet I mean, if Maeve fit into my dress with 4 months of pregnancy I'm definetly fat...do you think my thighs are fat? Zen says it's the dress shape but I'm not so sure..."

Haruka was trying so hard to digest the words that she took like a minute to talk again. "You didn't marry Hanzo?"

"No. And not because Maeve was pregnant, well yes, but that's not the most important reason, I didn't marry him cause I love my girlfriend and I hope she'll find a way in her heart to forgive me..." Haruka looked amazed, Michiru walked closer to her and placed her hand on Haruka's arm. "So are you showing me the campus?"

Haruka shook her head a few times. So Michiru was here for her? She turned around and walk to the door. Michiru looked hurt to see the blonde walk away from her. Had her plan failed? When Haruka arrived to the door , she turned around. "Are you coming or not?" She smiled and Michiru smiled back at her brightly.

"Haruka I'm sorry, I love you"

"I love you too..." Haruka lift the little girl's chin and bring her to a passionate kiss, it was as if time hadn't past. They were together and that was what matter.

When the kiss break Michiru gasp, Haruka smiled at her. "Later, I have to tour you around the campus unless that was a trick for me to talk to you..."

"No trick I signed up for the Art mayor"

"And Tahi?"

"It'll be there when we get back for vacations right?"

"You and your gilfriend? Nice, you should introduce her to me..."

Michiru smiled and follow the joke. "You wouldn't like her she's a cocky blonde..."

"Touché... hey why are you walking so funny?"

"Oh my feet hurt, I think my toes are frozen and I hate wearing heels is it always so damn cold here?"

"No, spring will be nicer...so are you willing to live here at Tokyo?"

"Sure in 4 years after I finish my mayor we'll move back to Tahi with my dad, you'll build your race circuit there and I'll be a nice lady of leisure"

"Ha, you have all that planned? What's your father going to say about it?"

"Oh he agrees, he gave me the best advise someone could have told me he said: Follow your love to the end of the world."

"I'm not quite sure how things happened? So Hanzo married Maeve?"

"Yeah, his father was a little pissed but I guess the idea of a grandkid soften him, he seemed thrilled with the perspective...and well my dad found about us...you know. I thought he'll kill me but well he just help me decide...I didn't come with you the first time cause he's sick"

"So I heard...are you sure you wish to stay here?"

The couple walked to the open bay, the wind was cold, Michiru rest her head on Haruka and placed her hand on her pockets. "I'll go wherever you go, I'll visit my father often Tahi isn't that far from here"

"Won't you miss your home?"

"I'm home"

"How's that?"

"Home is where the heart is, I'm home with you"

"I love you my mermaid"

"And I love you back Ruka...take me to our house I'm freezing to death"

"Ah...about that you see I sold my house"

"You did?"

"I was going to live at Tahi..."

"Oh well we'll have to buy another one then"

"We can have an indoor pool"

"I'll love that"

"Michi, I'm sorry too...you know I didn't meant what I told you the other day right?"

"I know, I forgive you...come on let's go"

The couple walked togheter back to the dorm, Haruka's arm around her. "So I'm dying to hear all about the wedding, was everyone surprised Hanzo switched girlfriends? And you must tell me what did your father said when he found out I'm a girl..."

Michiru stop walking, Haruka looked at her concerned. "Well Ruka...you see...he doesn't know...perhaps we can break the surprise for him when we go visit him next time..."

"He doesn't...oh boy, that's a pickle, well we'll have to face it together...sometime"

Michiru smiled at the blonde. "You missed a lovely wedding, they seemed really happy"

"I bet...so tell me did you kept the dress Michi?"

"Is that...oh it is!" Haruka blushed a bit, the smaller girl was almost jumping with excitement.

"So...what do you say?"

Michiru stop smiling and showed a serious face to the blonde "Oh...you're not marrying me just cause I'm a wealthy heiress are you?" Haruka looked shocked, a second later Michiru burst into laugh. "I'm kidding! Of course I'll marry you..."

"Damn Michi you're going to be the end of me!"

"No, but I'm the begining, the begining of eternal love, I love you Haruka"

"I love you too Michi" The couple kissed once more in the middle of the campus, some boys whistled at them.

"Hey! It's not a show!" Zen walked to them looking happy. "Hi love birds finally together?"

"Zen, you rat, you set us up"

"And it worked! I'm glad you're together, although I'm not so glad I'm not a sole heiress..." Zengiggled and so did Michi. "Now Tenoh you better take care of her she's virtually my sister and she'll bemy business partner too after the merge"

"So the merge went on?"

"Yeah, our fathers got to the conclusion we get along better as brothers...it was the best"

"That's great..." Haruka hold Michi's hand and caress her fingers she couldn't wait to be alone with the beauty.

"What are you waiting for Haruka? A written invitation? Kiss your girlfriend don't you see she's wishing for it?" Michiru blushed at Zen's honesty but she thank it, a moment later Haruka kissed her once more and now Michiru knew it was a fact, she had found her destiny , their souls would be together forever.

The end

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