Hey everyone! Here's the last chapter, and the last limerick! Actually, it's really the first limerick, since I wrote this one a while ago. I think I posted it somewhere already, but here it is again, in case people missed it:

There once was an elf-lord named Elrond
Who accidentally fell into a pond
His children all laughed
Thinking him daft
And so, Elrond dyed all their hair blond

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Legolas found that Aragorn had been totally correct regarding his concussion's severity. It took him longer to recover than he expected. The bruises faded, but headaches remained. He kept his pain a secret from everyone, retrieving painkilling herbs himself when he needed them.

He unexpectedly continued to suffer spells of dizziness, usually when he moved too fast. It happened once while walking down a flight of stairs, but he'd grabbed onto the rail and saved himself from falling. He was relieved that no one had been there to see it.

When the Queen returned from visiting her former home, the four friends planned their trip.

The day that they planned to leave, Legolas woke finally feeling fully recovered. He dressed and took his pack, slipping some painkilling herbs into it just in case.

When he went down to the stables, he found Faramir and Gimli already there. They smiled at the elf as Legolas took his horse out of the stall.

"You look well," said Faramir.

"I feel well," Legolas replied. "And I look forward to a trip without mishaps!"

They laughed, and Aragorn soon joined them.

"This time, we truly will have an enjoyable trip!" said Gimli.

"Aye, as long as we keep away from caves," said Aragorn.

Legolas grimaced at the memory. He looked down at Gimli as the dwarf held his hand up to be pulled onto the horse, but then looked at Faramir. "I know how we can avoid mishaps on this journey."

"Oh?" said the Steward.

Legolas nodded, not helping Gimli up. "Aye. Leave the dwarf here!"

With that, Legolas rode off.

Aragorn laughed and Faramir's jaw dropped.

Gimli huffed, walking to Aragorn and holding out his hand to ride with the human instead.

Aragorn looked at him, at Legolas, and then back again, throwing a grin at the dwarf before suddenly galloping after the elf.

Gimli watched them, his mouth dropping open. "What? Legolas! Aragorn! Stop!"

Faramir laughed as he watched, and the sound of Legolas' own laughter drifted back to them.

The elf halted about fifty feet away, gesturing for Gimli to come.

Gimli shook his head and ran to catch up, muttering the whole way.


Well, there it is, another story finished! Here's a preview for my next one, which I've been DYING to post, (the reason for my sudden twice-weekly postings of 'Brother', lol!) The title of this one is 'Torrent':

Fade in…

Legolas shuffled wearily into his bedchamber, soaked to the skin. He'd been outside since before dawn of the previous day, helping to dam several rivers that were overflowing in the abnormally-wet autumn. Winter was not far away, so it was a very cold rain. Legolas shivered, normally not bothered by nature's chill, but being drenched non-stop for the past two days in the windswept rain was enough to make even an elf feel cold, especially this time of year.

Closing the door behind himself, he tiredly leaned against it, eyeing his soft, warm bed. If he hadn't been so wet, he would've thrown himself onto it without hesitation. The sound of heavy rain caught his attention and he looked towards the balcony, knowing that scores of elves were still out there, desperately trying to control the flooding...

Scene changes…

The twins were both woken by an incredibly loud crash, and they dove out of their beds, automatically rushing to the other's room.

"What was that!" Elrohir shouted, his heart pounding frantically. "Where did it come from?"

"I do not know!" Elladan exclaimed, likewise shaken. "Come!"

They both ran down the hall of the Mirkwood palace towards their father's room, bursting in to find it empty. Surprised, they said nothing as they ran for Legolas' room next, likewise finding no one there.

"Elladan..." said Elrohir, fear gripping his heart.

Wordlessly, the older twin took-off running, with Elrohir following behind.

They made their way through crowds of elves, everyone trying to find out what had happened.

Heredil suddenly grabbed their shoulders from behind them, moving forward. "I cannot find Thranduil or Legolas!" he said, nervously. "Have you seen them?"

"No," said Elladan. "Our father was not in his room either!"

Heredil paled…

Scene changes…

A groan filled the air, but the blond-haired elf who emitted it didn't even realize he'd done so, as he lay unable to move thanks to the pain that gripped his body.

Thranduil's mind spun dizzily as he tried to remember what had happened. He found that his eyes were closed, and he couldn't understand what was causing his pain. Dragging his eyes open, he found himself lying on his stomach.

"Legolas!" he shouted, pushing himself upright. Rather, he tried to shout, but it came out as more of a croak. He immediately fell back down again when the pain intensified greatly, and he couldn't hold back a startled cry. His entire left arm screamed at him in agony, and his head throbbed with each beat of his heart. "Legolas…" he called, weakly.

He received no answer, and Thranduil closed his eyes for a second, breathing deeply. He winced when he felt a rib shift, and carefully maneuvered onto his right side with a groan.Wincing, he began to drag himself with his uninjured arm, trying to find his son. His entire body hurt, his left leg worse than the other. There was a long, bleeding gash on it, but he did not think it broken.

The King's hand suddenly encountered a piece of cloth, and he found that it belonged to someone's arm. He grabbed the hand, before desperately feeling the body's clothes in an attempt to identify him. He found it to be his son, and nervously felt for a pulse, his own heart hammering with fear. It took a few seconds, but he finally felt a weak beat beneath his fingers. "Legolas! Please wake, ion-nin!"

There was no reaction from the younger elf, and Thranduil laid his spinning head on the ground in dismay. He felt his consciousness slipping, and just before the blackness reclaimed him, he realized something.

Where was Elrond?


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