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To Sleep Eternally
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

It was dark inside that crystal, so very dark. The darkness was not like the darkness of Earth – a darkness that was spattered with light –, but nor was it a darkness like the Dark Kingdom – a darkness created by the hatred within people's hearts. It was a darkness which would make the darkness of death seem to be a blinding light, a darkness that was omnipotent and unbroken, a darkness that was not just surrounding him but within him as well, eating away not only at his mind but at his very soul.

He could not feel his body, he was weightless as the air as though only his spirit survived, but he could feel pain, such pain. The pain seared through him in such a way that it was indescribable. Even his Queen's repeated punishments were nothing compared to it.

However, even that would have been bearable if it wasn't for them. They were the spirits of his victims, the spirits of his past come back to haunt him, to remind him of all that he had done wrong. They hissed it to him, showed it to him. They repeated and repeated it until each minor mistake seemed to be a major lapse of judgement. He had done nothing right in his entire life, for he knew he had once had one albeit that it was a long time ago. Or was it? It seemed that way, and yet he had no clue. Perhaps no more than a few minutes had passed since he was imprisoned, perhaps as much as a million millennia. He didn't know; time seemed unimportant there for it did not affect him. His torment would be eternal, this 'sleep' within the stone, frozen and away from all else, was eternal.

Time did not matter; his torture would never end, the darkness would never fade, insanity would forever gnaw at his mind. For that was the nature of his fate, of his punishment. That was what occurred when one, even one as strong as he, was condemned to sleep eternally.