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I've seen several x-overs recently of these, and have been inspired to write my own. It's not just Stargate/Smallville, as I'll be mixing my Superman references. Pete never left, Lana and Clark never got together.



Clark sighed as he watched one of the EPA's trucks getting loaded up with the larger pieces of meteorites that had recently struck the rural community of Smallville. It was the second large meteor storm to strike the community in 15 years. Clark was well acquainted with this for the first storm had heralded his arrival on the planet Earth by way of Krypton.

He'd only learned of his true origins at the start of his 1st year of high school. He found it hard to believe that with all his abilities, he'd never considered that he might not be from Earth until the day his father brought him down to the storm cellar and showed him the tiny ship that had brought him to this world. He was so different from any one else he'd known, that it still surprised him at times how long it had taken to learn the truth of his origins. Or at least the part where his parents found him in a field after the 1st meteor storm and taken him into their home, raising him as their son. Not just raising him, but loving him and helping him cope with the weight of his secret and the need to hide his abilities.

Shaking his head, he tuned back into the world around him and his observation of the men working to remove the rather large meteor that had struck his family's home. He was currently no where near the farm itself since the piece of rock that size had affected him even from the main road nearly a mile from the house itself. Instead he was once again seated atop the water tower at another farm nearby.

He sighed and turned from his home to cast his astute gaze towards the center of downtown Smallville, using his specialized ability to zoom in and see through the face of the wall into the teen hot spot cafe. The Talon was the brainchild of his former longtime crush, Lana Lang. After the previous owners had wanted to tear down the formerly majestic theater and replace it with a parking lot, the driven teen had fought for the building's right to exist and convinced new local millionaire Lex Luthor to bankroll the project. They had been able to restore the old glory of the theater, giving it a second life as a coffee house. It was now thriving as the 'In' place to go both before and after school, boasting a faux Egyptian motif while offering both the most modern conveniences in high tech compatibility and a wide array of specialty coffees. Lex had spared no expense and installed the latest in computer connectivity, both landline, wireless, and even satellite servers for the use of the clientele.

It was so popular in fact, that it was also attracting the attention of the more mature clients, and so far there had been no conflicts between the eager youths and the more sedate professional crowds. Each had been respectful of the other, and somehow, without a word spoken, they had come to unspoken agreements on when each would dominate the limited space and how they would behave during those crossover times.

Right now, he watches as his mother sat in her office, going over the latest financials and trying to work out ways to better serve the customers. She had wanted to remain at the farm to help rebuild, but his father had insisted that she head back in to the Talon and make sure that the recent shower didn't affect the cafe adversely. A large part of the Kent income was currently tied up in the success of the Talon, and though the insurance would cover most of the damage to the home, they would need the extra funds provided from her position as manager of the Talon, as well as the selling of her locally famous baked goods to help restore their home to it's former level of comfort.

He grinned and waved, though he knew she couldn't see him. Then he turned and started looking around the town, practicing the ability to combine both his telescopic and x-ray vision. He'd only recently found out how to make them work together, and he wanted to perfect the skill before he left for college in the fall. If he left, he amended silently to himself. He still wasn't sure if he'd go, or stay and help his parents around the farm.

Deciding he'd had enough self-pity, he stood and stretched, returning his vision to 'normal' mode. He leaned on the rail and looked around, ensuring that no one could see him. With a grin, he casually lifted himself over the rail and over the edge, falling the 120 feet to the grassy ground easily. He didn't even feel the impact with the soft dirt, and his feet had barely touched down before he was off and racing, heading to the one place nearby he knew wasn't riddled with meteor rocks and the poisonous effect they had on him.

He hadn't seen Lex in a few days and even if his friend was busy, he could hang around the mansion. Maybe playing pool, or swimming in the indoor pool. Or he might just browse Lex's collection of expensive vehicles. If he was really lucky, Lex might let him take one out for a ride. He'd recently bought a vintage classic Harley Davidson that Clark had been itching to feel roaring as he speed down the highway.

Hell, if that didn't distract him from the fact that he couldn't go home yet, he could always race over to Metropolis and visit Dr. Swan or catch the afternoon showing at any of the Omniplex theaters. There had been a few movies released recently he hadn't had a chance to see with all the increase in meteor freak activity and the problems with Jor-El, his biological father.



Daniel Jackson was tired. It had been a long day, or rather a string of several long days, and all he really wanted to do was head home to his quiet apartment, lay down on his own soft mattress, and sleep for the next 20 or 30 hours.

But sadly, that wasn't going to happen. Members of SG-28, a joint British/ Japanese unit, had recently uncovered a temple on P9C-4J1 that told of an alien race feared by the Go'auld. The race was apparently several centuries or millennia ahead of the Go'auld in technology, though they never seemed to leave their home system. The Go'auld had tried to invade, but had been soundly fought off. If the text was correct, the Go'auld had captured several of the alien race, and tried to implant them with symbiotic spawn but had failed.

This had puzzled the Go'auld, but the real surprise came later. Upon reaching the planet, the unknown Go'auld leading the expedition had had a single slave brought before him. The meeting, and it's aftermath, had been secretly recorded by an early Tok'ra, who had hidden the recorder with the text. SG28 had found the recording, it had been inoperable do to it's age. Sam was working on it in her lab, and Daniel was anxious to see it. The text claimed that the alien race had abilities beyond those of the Go'auld. They included enormous strength, speed, increased healing(on those few times that could be injured), the ability to create fires with their eyes, and to see through solid objects as if they were glass. If even half those claims were true or even exaggerations of lesser abilities, then Daniel could see why the Go'auld had desired their slavery. With beings such as these, they would have been even more powerful then even before or since.

He was reaching for the phone to calls Sam's lab, when the contraption rang. He chuckled and picked it up, knowing who it had to be. "Hi Sam, did you get it working?"

Showing no surprise at her friend and team member's apparent psychic knowledge, the multi-doctorate soldier chuckled. Ever since he had returned to human form after his ascencion, Daniel showed occassional flares of precognitive skills as well as several previously unknown abilities. "Just got it on, haven't even played it yet. It needs some type of code word or something to play, and I thought you might have found something in the texts you found. I already called Jack and Tealc, and they are on the way down."

"I'll be there in a minute, let me just gather my notes." he said into the phone, holding it to his ear with his shoulder while gathering the ancient text and his translation notebook. "I'm on the way, don't start it without me."

"Daniel, I don't think I can. I can't speak Go'auld, and even if Tealc beats you here, he won't know the code to get this thing playing. I have a fresh pot of coffee waiting for you."

Daniel grinned. His friends knew him so well. "I'm there." he said, then hung up, standing and leaving his office. On his way out he handed Nyan a list of recent artifacts to work on translating that he didn't have time to do with his schedule. "Sorry to dump this off on you, Nyan, but the general needs these by tomorrow afternoon and it looks like I'm stuck with the works SG28 brought back."

The small stature alien bobbed his head rapidly. "Do not worry, Dr. Daniel. I am pleased to be of help. I will finish these as quickly as I can. Is there anything else I can do to help you when I finish these? Or do you wish me to continue to work on cataloging the artifacts from P9H-2T1?"

Daniel paused as he waited for the elevator to arrive. "If you finish those today, just keep with 2T1 for now. I saw some odd symbols in those ruins that look like they might actually belong to a more highly advanced culture then ever lived there. They might have been brought and left behind by a Go'auld or some other race. After I finish with this translation, and view that vid that was found with it, I'll come look for you and see if you need anything. Did you get a chance to eat yet today? I know you often skip meals, but I don't want you getting sick doing my work."

"I have indeed had a pleasant meal, Dr. Daniel. One of the medical SG team members wished to learn more of my people, and I was only too happy to speak of my former home. She was quite engaging."

Daniel grinned. He had a good idea who Nyan was talking about. "Then I'll talk to you later." he stated, stepping into the elevator and punching in the floor and access code for Sam's lab level.

The lift went through the standard trip, and finished with the customary slight thump upon reaching the right level. Daniel made sure he hadn't dropped anything and stepped out, nodding to the guards stationed next to the doors. The guards, familiar with the archeologist, allowed him to pass without bothering to check him. This was a technical breach of procedure, but with the frequency of visits from Daniel, Jack and Tealc to the level, and their sheer fame within the ranks, no one bothered them with the usual small hassles unless there was a security condition being run.

He entered Sam's lab, and nodded to the other members of SG1. They were already seated around the main work table. The device brought back by SG28 was sitting in the middle of the space, and about a foot and a half above it floated a cube of glowing light and a string of Go'auld text. He took a seat next between Sam and Tealc and placed his armful on the table top.

"Let's see how to get this working." he said, ignoring Jack's groan and Tealc's raised eyebrow as he and Sam started throwing ideas at each other. Only the occasional suggestion from Tealc about phrasing and secondary meanings interrupted as they worked on translating the text and finding the code to access the recordings.

Jack grew bored watching them, as he usually did. It wasn't that he couldn't understand most of their babble, but he tried not to show how much he did understand unless necessary. He didn't want to be treated differently by his teammates if they learned he had degrees in several areas of Astronomy as well as a degree in aerodynamic physics. He hated the thought that they might one day learn that not all of his previous assignments had been in the field and that he had spent some time working in research labs designing better, faster planes, many of which were in use today.

"So what's the verdict, kiddy's? Can you make this thing work or not?" he asked, playing idly with some doohickey from Carter's desk.

Sam and Daniel shared a glance and a sigh, and turned as one to face their CO.

"I think I've got most of the translation, but from reading what's inscribed on the device, if I'm off on any inflection in the phrase, even in just the tone or volume of my voice, it will cause the device to self destruct. And since it uses a naquadah power supply, Sam thinks that the explosion might be strong enough to at least burn out most of a level." Daniel stated, a frustrated frown on his face.

Jack quirked his own eyebrow in imitation of Tealc towards Carter. "This true, Carter?"

Sam let out another frustrated grimace. "Yes sir, Colonel. If Daniel makes even the smallest mistake, the self-destruct device inside the recorder is powerful enough to take out a medium sized building. Or to destroy this whole level."

"So it's up to Danny Boy to make sure he dots the I's and crosses the T's, then?" Jack asked, grinning as his friend and teammate's exasperated face at the nick name. "In that case, I'll just have the rest of the staff get off level and alert the General what's going on. I trust Danny to get it right. He the linguistic genius who speaks 50 languages."

Daniel sighed. "Jack, I can only speak about 30 languages." there was a pause as Daniel's face flushed. "The others are just dialects of languages I know." He grunted as his friend and team leader just grinned at him. "Fine, I'll do my best." he turned to the text and the recorder, making a few more notes before taking off his glasses and rubbing his eyes. He barely noted that Jack had already used the PA phone to evacuate the level and advice the General of what they were attempting. He grinned as he realized a moments pleasure in the trust the General and the rest of the staff had in Sg1 that they were permitted to perform these little experiments without any of the usually months of double checking and outsourcing that usually had to be done for any project to get the go ahead.

Eventually, he felt fairly comfortable with the wording of the coded activation phrase and turned to Tealc to confirm his decryption. The Jaffa warrior studied the text, but simply nodded to show that Daniel's translation and phrasing were correct as far as he could tell. Considering that the Go'auld had frozen the language since first exploring space and conquering their first slave races, this was a good sign. The Go'auld had not wished for a change in the language since that would mean that they'd have to track the changes as the language evolved on the diverse worlds they had conquered. So they had forced their slaves to remain in the culture they'd been taken from, not allowing any growth or advancement of any kind, technological, linguistic, or spiritual. This allowed a Go'auld to leave a world and return decades or centuries later, and find the world exactly as it had been before.

"Okay, here goes nothing." Daniel stated, before shifting his mind into Go'auld. " By Nimeth's order, play your message. "


So should I continue? I think I have some good ideas. For reference, anything in fancy brackets like these is Go'auld/ancient Egyptian/Abadonian. Anything in reverse alligator like this is Kryptonian, and anything in normal alligator's is any other language like this