This is the sequel to Return to the Wrong past. If you didn't know that than you didn't read the summary.

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Here's the story normal POV. Guess where.

"Paul get over here," someone yelled. "I found something really weird.

"Copy that Mark," the other said. Both had just found what was supposed to be the palace of an ancient civilization. On the walls were encryptions and decorations showing people controlling fire. "What is it," Paul asked.

"I don't think this civilization is as primitive as we think," Mark replied pointing to a huge metal tube in the center of the room.

"What is that," Paul asked not knowing about a lot of science.

"That's a cryogenic chamber, it freezes people in time. But America is just beginning to experiment with them," Mark explained. Paul got an idea that could get them famous.

"Anyone in there," Paul asked looking at it.

"I don't think we should be messing with that," Mark said being more rational than his partner. Paul ignored him and opened the chamber. Blue and icy smoke rushed out of the chamber.

"I am free," the man yelled. He then glared at the two intruders, then at his own hands. "What was I thinking using Zhao, this form will not do," the man yelled again. His entire body began to glow a deep black and when it was over he looked completely different. Black eyes, black hair, no taller than five feet and a half. Not to mention he looked thirty years younger. Which was about fifteen because he looked forty five before. The other strange things about him was the fact he spoke English.

"You speak English," Paul stuttered. Both the man and Mark looked at him.

"He just transformed an all your worried about is that he can speak English," Mark retorted.

"I speak English, along with every other language. I was frozen for ages, the tower of Babel did not effect me," he explained.

"Now for the more important question. . . how did you do that," Mark asked. The man smiled.

"Powerful magic, something you will soon get a first hand experience with," the man answered his eyes glowing black. Mark gasped for air before dying. "I kill swiftly, let's see Mark am I right."

"No Paul," he stuttered afraid.

"Hmm, well then prepare to meet your dead friend," the man yelled holding up his hands. A ball of black magic began to glow and then the man hurtled it at Paul engulfing his body in flames. The man chuckled a bit. "X.A.N.A. has returned."

That was two idiots awakening X.A.N.A., again they're idiots. Jeremy's POV.

"Come on dipstick you can do better than that," the over energetic guitarist yelled. I dodged another one of her so called power cords.

"Don't you have something better to do, like pretending paparazzi are chasing you or better yet coming up with another line other than dipstick," I yelled extending the claws I had kept in. Over the last ten thousand years I had spent in the ghost zone my powers grew greatly. I didn't have the normal ghost powers most ghosts would, instead I had almost every power X.A.N.A. did. Which probably made me almost as strong as this Pariah I had heard about. In reality I knew his real name. . . Ozai. Some people never do change.

"Ha, ha. I'm gonna send you laughing all the way. . . to um," she started but couldn't finish. "I'm just gonna blast you," she yelled. She played a cord on her guitar and a pink fist hurtled towards me. Of course I just blocked it with a black magic shield.

"I'm sorry to say this but you've been cut from this presentation," I yelled using my claws to slice right through her guitar. She stared at the two broken pieces and for awhile I thought she'd start to cry. "Now how bout telling me where the ghost portal is," I asked. That was what got this whole fight started. I just wanted to know where the portal was and she called me a dipstick.

"That way," she said pointing away from Skulker's layer.

"Got it, and you really need to work on your insults, dipstick just doesn't cut it," I replied leaving towards the portal.

"One more thing," she yelled.

"Ya," I asked.

"There's a halfa on the other side of that portal, Danny Phantom, he'll try to shove you into his thermos," she said. I laughed. Skulker had once stolen one of those and tried to use it on me. It didn't work cause technically I wasn't a ghost but a wandering half demon who'd been sent to the world of ghosts.

"I'll remember that," I returned leaving towards the portal. It was closed. "Great," I sighed before extending my claws again. I cut through the medal easily enough because there was no type of magic sealing it. I quickly fazed through the now weakened ghost portal and resealed it. I looked around what seemed to be a lab. "Hmm Fenton Bazooka, Fenton Ghost detector, Fenton Anti-creep stick, someone's pretty egotistic," I stated picking up something that said 'Fenton Thermos'. "So this is the famous Fenton Thermos," I said to myself putting it down.

"And then there's me the famous ghost catcher Jack Fenton," someone yelled. I looked and saw a guy who had eaten way to much, and that was putting it in a nice way. He was holding up the something called the Fenton Rocket Launcher.

"I will repeat you have way to much ego," I stated before he shot me with a rocket. It knocked me back to the wall but it felt pathetic compared to what X.A.N.A. used to do to me.

"Ha, no ghost gets away from Jack Fenton," he said putting down the Fenton Rocket Launcher and then he grabbed the Fenton Gloves.

"Do you have anything that doesn't have the word Fenton in it," I asked getting up.

"Well now that you mention it," he thought while grabbing me with the gloves. I vanished from his grasp and reappeared behind him. "Your not getting away from me you ghost," Jack yelled picking up the anti-creep stick. I stared at him.

"Two things, one I'm not technically a ghost and two do you honestly use that on ghosts," I asked. Jack looked at what he was holding.

"Well I'll give you the weapon part, but you're still a ghost," he yelled picking up the Fenton Bazooka. He fired but I created a wall of black magic that blocked the shot.

"I don't have time for this," I said to myself powering up dark energy. I shot it at the wall and when I finished the blast all that was left was a gaping hole. "Sorry to cut the meeting short, but I have a demon to hunt," I declared bringing the wings out. I quickly flew out of the Fenton lab and into the sky.

"Get back here ghost," I heard Jack yell. Great, now I have a sad excuse for a ghost hunter, hunting me. Especially sense I'm not technically a ghost. While I was flying I came by a huge screen TV on top of a building.

"The two archaeologists Paul and Mark were found badly burned in an ancient temple of the coast of the Atlantic. The temple rests on a large island still intact today. This is truly a sad event as both the men came from our very own Amity Park. Back to you Caroline."

"In later news Danny Phantom has saved our town from yet another ghost yet the minds of many stay unchanged about him," Caroline began to say. By now it took super hearing to hear them. It didn't matter about this Danny Phantom, all that mattered was that I took out X.A.N.A., once and for all.

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