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"Do you think we lost him," Aelita asked. She had been running from Beelzebub with Ulrich, and both were beginning to tire.

"Here's Beelzebub," Beelzebub said flying straight into Ulrich.

"Uh oh," Aelita said again running. Beelzebub merely watched her run and laughed.

"Now I wonder how much these swords would hurt Ulrich," Beelzebub asked himself.

"Shame you won't find out," Valerie said having finally gotten up. She punched the Beelzebub possessed Ulrich knocking the swords out of his hands.

"Oh ya, well watch this," Beelzebub said flying out of Ulrich and into Valerie. Ulrich, who didn't blank out like someone did when they were possessed by a ghost, punched Valerie and then took the sword from her. "Stop it," Beelzebub yelled flying back into Ulrich. Now just repeat that process a few more times until Danny finally came in with Tucker and Sam.

"Valerie, Ulrich, time to go," Danny said. At the moment Ulrich was swinging his sword around trying to destroy Valerie. Needless to say everyone knew that it was Ulrich who was possessed. Danny, though unable to transform shot a small and weak ecto-blast that knocked Ulrich back.

"You think that will stop me, nothing can defeat me," Beelzebub yelled swinging his sword at Danny this time. While he was doing so Skulker fell through the roof only to see someone trying to cut through as he would say, his prey, and he wanted to be the one to crush Danny.

"Leave my prey alone," Skulker said also overshadowing Ulrich forcing the already weakened Beelzebub out.

"Why I outta. . . leave," Beelzebub said quickly flying in the other direction. After that Skulker also flew out of Ulrich and left in the same direction that Beelzebub had.

"Well that was weird," Tucker said.

"Let's not question a good thing," Sam said. All of them, Valerie, Tucker, Danny, Sam, and Ulrich began to run to the exit of the castle. when they were almost there they saw Aelita who was watching an amazing (in a terrible way) war. Not only were there ghosts that were still under the command of the fright knight, and the demons who were following Xana at the moment, but also ground troops from America firing ecto-lightning.

"I guess the military didn't exactly like us having a war on their country with them not being involved," Ulrich said.

"On the plus side all of this chaos should allow us to escape," Valerie said trying to walk quietly out of the castle. The others followed, but after they only walked a few steps someone found them.

"Well, well, well, look what we have here, survivors," Xana said spotting the group. The demon lord fired a huge ball of energy that the group could barely avoid before flying down to them.

"Consider this revenge for killing my dad and then framing Danny," Valerie yelled punching Xana in the stomach. The beast wasn't even fazed by that action.

"Fool, do you honestly think that you can defeat me, I'm invincible," Xana yelled sending a huge wave of energy at the six knocking them all back. "Shame it has to end like this," Xana said taking out enough energy to finish all six of them at once.

"Then I guess you won't mind if I stop you," a voice said blasting Xana with a stream of white fire. Everyone looked at who had fired the shot only to see none other than Jeremy himself, he had a few scars, but he was somehow still alive.

"But how, I crushed, now evaporated you, your barely damaged," Xana said amazed at Jeremy's recovery.

"Oh technically I am damaged, my powers and blasts are white instead of red. You've made me what I'd prefer to be. And this is for hurting my friends," Jeremy yelled sending another blast of energy straight at Xana, "this is for destroying Amity," he yelled blasting him again, "this is for being a murderer," Jeremy yelled clapping his hands causing wave after wave of white energy to force him back. "And this is for being you," Jeremy yelled drawing energy from the air. When he had gathered enough he flew up to Xana so fast that he was but a blur, and then punched him from below sending him flying into the air. Still it was obvious that Xana had won, no ghost remained and the military had retreated, and almost every demon survived, it was a crushing defeat, and now Fusion had his sights set on Jeremy.

"Fire," another voice yelled as hundreds of black portals appeared catching every demons eyes. When the portals vanished hundreds of futuristic devices were in there place. On the very front of the army was a man holding a staff, not Will, but another man.

"Who are you," Fusion asked taking his attention away from Jeremy and the others.

"I am Hatsui, General of Magic," the man responded raising his staff. He chanted something in a language that no one could understand, but when it was all said and done an entire section of the demon army erupted in a white light, and when it cleared none remained. Fusion was shocked.

"Full scale attack," Fusion yelled.

"For Arkani," Hatsui yelled casting the same spell again causing another section of the demons to disappear. The futuristic devices fired more bolts of white light that cut down demon after demon. It was obvious that the new army would easily crush Fusion's, but that didn't stop him from taking on Hatsui head on. When the two did meet each other Hatsui had an evil smirk on his face.

"Die mortal," Fusion said sending black fire at the general. Hatsui again said something illegible causing white holy fire to erupt from the staff which overpowered Fusions dark fire. "Forgive me master," Fusion screamed dissolving.

"I say we leave," Tucker said raising his hand, "they may fight against Xana's army, but I don't want them to fight us to."

"Agreed, they may be fighting our enemies, but they still don't look to friendly," Jeremy said creating a white aura around all of them, and then in the blink of an eye, the entire group was gone.

Scene Cut

"Are you ready," Clockwork asked Will and Travis.

"As ready as I can ever be," Will responded.

"Same here," Travis said as well.

"Good, your first mission is to destroy the city of Tuin, that's where most of the Arkane professors live," Clockwork said. A black aura surrounded the two, and when the aura was gone so were they. Clockwork sighed. "They'd better hurry," Clockwork said seeing that Xana's army had been defeated.

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