Arrgh! By cappyandpashy4ever

This is just a little story I've been planning in my head for a while now. Just please read and review!

Chapter 1: Kidnapped

Tell me, reader, are you familiar with the term lucky? Surely you at least know what it means. As the dictionary puts it, being lucky is the probability that you will succeed at all attempted activities within a certain time span. But is that what luck really is, the probability of success? Reader, do you know what it feels like to be lucky? It is an exuberating rush of strength and power. You are invincible. If you don't know the sensation of luck, don't worry. You will someday. It all depends on whether you believe. If you have been lucky before, you know the feeling of never ending jubilation. But not all luck is good.

Reader, surely you are acquainted with Newton's third law of motion. If not, the phrase goes "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." Well, this rule applies with luck too. If there is good luck, there is definitely bad. And that is where our story begins, the thin line between good and bad luck. And I can tell you, Cappy was definitely feeling the latter, one night, as he was being dragged away in a cold leather sack. But the nigh hadn't started like this, there were various events leading up to it. And that is what I shall tell you, how it all started…

It was night time at the clubhouse, and almost all the hams were asleep. Cappy was among the few that were still awake. He was following his bedtime routine, as he normally does. After carefully selecting his pajamas, he slid down the banister and into the kitchen for a mug full of steaming cocoa. On even days were marshmallow days, odd were cinnamon. Today was June the sixteenth, so Cappy stuffed three fat, gooey nuggets into his mug. After draining it, he stepped up the stairs and checked the time. It was ten until midnight. Reader, you may be wondering why Cappy was up so late. Well, it just so happens to be that Cappy had just moved out of his mother's house and into the clubhouse. Since his mom made him go to bed on schedule, Cappy liked picking his own curfew.

He crept into his room and bundled under the covers. Now was time for the hardest decision of the day, which pillow would he use? I think now would be the proper time to tell you that Cappy's pillows were not ordinary pillows. They were, indeed, three of his old hats that had been stuffed. Cappy could not bear to rid himself of them after they had worn out, and so he had found a way to keep them forever. Now, back to Cappy's decision. Would he use Wilma, an old purple fishing hat that had seen more fish caught then stars in the sky? How about Tucker, a worn out sun hat that saved Cappy from many a sunburn? Or would he use Jake, his trusty baseball hat that had long since lost its luster? Cappy decided on Tucker and tipped his head onto the soft material. Cappy lay there for quite some time until he realized he was not asleep. He attempted to shut his eyes and drift into the land of night, but it was no use. He opened his eyes to a shining moon beam, lighting up his room. Cappy stared out his window and into the sky, the bright stars dappling the inky blackness. It truly is beautiful, Cappy thought to himself, I wonder how those stars feel. They all share the sky, and yet, each one is hundreds of miles away from another. Cappy scanned the sky, searching for the one star, that one special star. He remembered his mother's warmth as she held him on her lap out on the front porch. Together, they would look up at the stars, and his mother would hold up a paw, pointing at the brightest star in the bunch.

"There it is" Cappy could hear his mother's voice whispering. "Your star. Cappy's star."

Cappy's eyes darted around in the quilt of sky. And then he found it, the star that gleamed the brightest.

"My star," Cappy said out loud. "Cappy's star." And he instantly felt the warm rush of sleep overcome him.

Cappy awoke a few hours later. He stared at his clock. It was three in the morning. Tell me, reader, if you woke up at three in the morning, what would you do? Most people would just go back to sleep right? Well, it just so happens that Cappy is not most people. Cappy only woke up early if something was wrong. He strained his ears, trying to grasp a sound. But nothing came. Slowly, he walked over to his window and looked outside. His jaw dropped. Standing in the yard of the clubhouse, stood several shadowy silhouettes. Cappy shivered. He must tell the other hams. What if these people are dangerous? Cappy already had his paw on the doorknob, but it opened from the other side. There stood the huge form of something. Cappy knew from the gleam in its smile that it was not friendly. Cappy's scream of horror never left him.

"Going somewhere?" the giant figure smirked. Cappy had not time to answer, for at that exact moment, two more figures snuck up behind Cappy, and grabbed his arms. Cappy was no match for three huge guys, and his kicking and flailing seemed pointless. He opened his mouth to speak, but the largest of the figures held a knife to his throat.

"Speak a word, and you die." The strange figure moaned with a deep voice. Cappy felt his arms being bound. He was lifted off his feet and stuffed into a bag. As he was being dragged, around what had to be the yard, Cappy could hear conversation.

"I brought the bait, Cap'n."

"Thank you, Crossbones. You are excused from kitchen duty tonight."

So, thought Cappy, I am bait? For what? But Cappy had no time to wonder, for at that moment, a blast of salty air hit him through a small hole in the bag. Cappy peered out. The figures had brought him to the beach. Cappy looked a bit harder, until he saw it. A huge, grubby pirate ship. Pirates? I am bait for pirates? But he hadn't time to ponder this new thought. The bag in which he resided was hoisted onto the deck. Cappy heard the one called Crossbones laughing. He peered out his hole. The whole ocean lay ahead of him. And that's when it hit him. He was out at sea with pirates. Worse, he was being kidnapped by pirates. Bound and gagged, he could do nothing but stare out of his hole, and wait for the realization to sink in. He might never see the ham-hams again. He was leaving his whole world behind. He was leaving the clubhouse. Leaving his friends. Leaving Wilma, Tucker and Jake.

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