Arrgh! by cappyandpashy4ever

That's right people! This is the final chapter! A little sadness, a little romance, and a mysterious end that will make you beg for Arrgh2! I've also included a sneak peek of the sequel so be on the lookout! Well, begin reading the beginning of the end of the begin- oh just read it already!

Chapter 8: A new hope

Night had fallen over Pirate Island. Glen stood beside the rock where he knew his brother lay. He allowed several tears to slide down the bridge of his nose, dappling the sand with salty drops.

"No…" Glen spoke to himself. Boss could not have just gone away like that. He had so many years to catch up on with him. "This is those damn pirates' fault." Glen shuddered, wiping a tear from his cheek. His sorrow was suddenly replaced with a different emotion. Unimaginable, merciless, fury. He ran to the edge of the island and looked out over the sea. The same sea that had claimed his father's life.

"I won't let you pirates get away!" screamed Glen. "You hear me? You'll pay for what you've done to my family!"

"I'm with you, Glen!" exclaimed Cappy, shaking a bit and with swollen eyes.

"The ham-hams will show no mercy!" shouted Stan, clenching his fist. "Glen, can you lead us to the hotel room where the pirates are staying?"

"It'll do us no use." Replied Glen. "The way I know Redfeather, he's already convinced Hambone to leave the island. They'll probably be at the dock already."

"Well, that's where we'll go too!" said Hamtaro, trying to insert a note of bravery into his shuddering voice.

"HAM-HAM POWER!" shouted all the hams, watery.

Glen led them to the dock where, just as he predicted, a large brown ship sat, slowly setting sail.

"They're not getting away this time!" cried Cappy as he leapt onto the ship. The other hams followed.

"Didn't we tell you to die already?" asked a sly voice that could only belong to a certain Crossbones. The large muscular hamster protruded from the shadows, unsheathing a long, silver sword. "This time, you will not survive!" Crossbones swung his sword at Cappy.

CHINK! Then came the sound of metal on metal. Glen had rushed in front of Cappy, drawing his own sword and shielding Cappy with it.

"Where's dear Silvershovel to protect the young one?" Crossbones smiled slyly, taking another swing at Cappy, which Glen easily blocked.

"He's dead thanks to your sorry attempts." Glen spat at him.

"Always knew that Silvershovel was too protective for his own good." Snarled Crossbones, taking another swing that was repelled by Glen.

"Don't you dare talk about my brother that way!"

"And what if I do?"

"Then I'll kill you."

"I'd like to see that!" snarled Crossbones. (Yes, what comes next is…you guessed it. A fight scene! This fight is dedicated to my good friend Tsubaki Munegawa, who I hear like fight scenes quite a bit!)

"AIIEEE!" shouted Glen, smashing his sword into Crossbones'.

"You'll have to do better than that!" cried Crossbones, taking a rapid swing at Glen, who darted out of the way.

"You've terrorized my friends for long enough!" shouted Glen, cutting his sword through the air. Miraculously, he heard a cry of pain as the sword made contact with Crossbones' foot.

"Aye, your gonna pay for that!" Crossbones swung the sword fiercely, making a small cut on Glen's ear.

Faa-shoom! Glen's sword sliced through the air with lightning speed, knocking Crossbones' sword out of his paws. Glen advanced on Crossbones, holding his sword on his shoulder in a ready-to-strike pose.

Surprisingly, a contorted smile stretched Crossbones' face. "G-going to kill me, boy? The one who was always caring for you as a pirate? The one who always snuck food into your bunk when Hambone didn't feed you? You owe me, Gleamjaw, and killing a few hamsters is too hard for you? I know you don't have it in you to do it, Gleamjaw."

"I will never betray my friends. My true friends. And…" said Glen, leaping into the air and preparing to strike. "My name's Glen!"

A slicing sound came after this, followed by a piercing shriek, a gentle drip of blood, and Crossbones was no more.

"Glen…" Cappy muttered as he tore his eyes away from the mangled pirate.

"Shh!" snapped Glen, perking his ears. Footsteps were growing ever closer. "They're coming!"

"The pirates?" Hamtaro questioned. "We'll kill them all."

"There are two many of them." Glen repeated. "We have to find some force that will wipe them all…" his voice trailed off as a huge group of pirates emerged from thee inside of the ship.

"What's going on?" asked on of the pirates.

"Dammit! They've gone and killed Crossbones!" said another.

"It's those people!" responded a third. "Aren't they the ones that the captain told us to kill?"

"I'd notice that stench anywhere." Said the first. "It's the traitor Glen and his faithful companions. Kill them!"

The large group of pirates began to advance on the ham-hams. Some wielding swords, others maces and still others, pointy sticks.

"What was that idea of your earlier?" asked Cappy frantically, backing away from the group into a corner.

"We need something that will cause a large blast, something that will wipe out every single one of them." Responded Glen, dodging a few swings.

Cappy's eyes darted around, looking for a weak spot. Finally, he found it. A blazing hatch in the middle of the ship, steaming with coal. The furnace.

"Get everyone off the ship." Cappy told Glen.

"No, I won't leave you." Replied Glen as he and Cappy dodged a few more blows.

"Please Glen." Cappy pleaded.

"Alright, promise me you'll be okay."

"I can't promise that…" Cappy stopped as Glen's face fell. "It's okay, I have Boss's strength on my side."

Glen smiled sadly, handed Cappy his sword and leaped the crowed, pushing all the others off the ship. Except one. Pashmina.

"Cappy," she stated, firmly. "I won't go. I'll fight with you forever."

"But Pashmina…" Cappy stopped at the stubborn look on Pashmina's face. "How good are you with a sword?"

"We'll soon find out." She responded, snatching Crossbones' sword that lay a few feet away.

Cappy and Pashmina battled their way to the furnace, clashing their swords. By the time they reached their destination, the mirror-like silver blades were coated with crimson.

"Pashmina," Cappy said quickly. "Before the pirates get up, you need to get back to the others. It's too dangerous for you from here."

Pashmina nodded and returned to the others on the dock.

"Aiiahh!" shouted Cappy, thrusting his sword into the furnace. The sword instantly began to melt. "Damn!" Cappy swore. "I need a bigger sword!" His eyes darted around, and came upon a large and rather beefy pirate carrying an enormous steel blade. Cappy leaped into the air and kicked the pirate in the head, quickly knocking him out and causing him to drop the sword. Cappy grabbed the handle of the blade, but was unable to lift it.

"Heh!' laughed another pirate. "The little green one's trying to pick up Hamwood's sword!" A chorus of jeering followed these words.

"I may still be Cappy," he said, smiling up at the pirates. "But I have Boss's strength now. And… I won't let you win!" Cappy gave an enormous upward thrust, and the sword lifted in his paws. He took one last glance at the stunned pirates, and then he threw the sword across the ship.

"Hah! The little runt's gone mental!" chimed a dancing pirate to cheers of laughter.

"Don't be so sure." smiled Cappy, pointing to the sword. The blade was moving fast and not slowing for anything. Several pirates darted out of the way. Then, with a deafening thud, the sword hit the furnace. At first, all was silent. Then cam a low rumbling sound. And then…FWOOSH! A huge burst of flame shot out of the furnace as it exploded! Before anybody could do anything, the fire rushed forward, taking out all the pirates who stood too close to the furnace.

"Cappy! RUN!" yelled several ham-hams. Cappy was already sprinting down the length of the ship. Crack! Cappy's ankle snapped as he tripped over a body. And soon, the orange light engulfed his form.

"CAPPY!" screamed Pashmina, tears spilling out of her eyes. Before anyone could stop her, she ran straight into the blaze.

Pashmina had no inkling of what she was doing. She rushed into the fire without caring. She turned over blackened boards and lumps of coal in a mad frenzy to find Cappy. Without noticing that her scarf had caught fire, she ran forward as a loud of smoke encircled her head. Then, she saw it. A tiny spark of green in the mass of swirling crimson.

"P-Pashmina." Cappy choked. "G-go back. You can still make it."

"No…" Pashmina sobbed. "I'll take you back with me."

"It's already too late…" Cappy's voice trailed off.

"Then I choose to die here with you."

The impact of these words forced a smile out of Cappy.

"Pashmina…" Cappy coughed through the smoke.

"Yes, Cappy?" she stared at him with shining eyes.

"I…I want to say so much more" he grinned. "Then a simple I love you."

"You've said enough already."

As the air around them grew thin, Pashmina laid her head in Cappy's lap, and they closed their eyes, as one.

Cappy opened his eyes. He was lying in a lush, green pasture. The sky was a bright and cloudless blue and a bubbling river flowed in the open. Pashmina was still lying in his lap.

"Pashmina, wake up." Cappy shook her a bit. She grunted a bit, but didn't open her eyes.

"Let her sleep." Spoke a soft voice from above. Cappy looked up into the spreading branches of a shadowing tree. There, in the uppermost branch, kneeled a dazzlingly beautiful hamster with long raven black curls. She wore a silver kimono and in her left paw she held an oaken chest that seemed to be glowing slightly. The girl jumped down from the tree, landing perfectly on her feet.

"Who are you?" asked Cappy. "And what is this place? Why are we here?"

"I," spoke the girl. "Am Huntira, the soul keeper. This is the place where all hamsters come after they die, before I take their souls to the spirit realm."

"Am I dead?"

"Not until I take your soul. As of now, you and your friend are neither alive nor dead."

"Are you going to take mine and Pashmina's soul?" asked Cappy.

"That is what I'm here for, I'm afraid."

"Okay, just make it quick." Said Cappy. He pulled Pashmina's sleeping form to him, and braced himself.

Huntira raised her paw. A wonderful sensation cam over him. It was warming his entire body. He could feel his soul leaving his body behind as a rushing flood of enjoyment obstructed his mind.

"Dying really isn't do bad." Thought Cappy. But then, the sensation stopped, and he opened his eyes to find himself back in the lush field, Pashmina still slumbering on his lap.

"Ah." Smiled Huntira. "I cannot take your soul."

"What?" asked Cappy, confused.

"You never told me that you were the chosen ones."

"What?" Cappy repeated.

"You and the girl," she pointed to Pashmina. "Are the ones that have the power of Kitra."

"The power of what?" Cappy was still confused.

"You will soon find out, little one." Said Huntira. She waved her paw, and a jet of blue light flew from her oaken chest. The light flooded over Cappy, forcing his eyes shut. And he knew no more.

The fire had long since burned out. The ship lay blackened and burnt, covered in decaying bones and planks. Fearing the worst, the ham-hams turned up the whole ship, looking for their friends.

"Over here!" shouted Hamtaro. The hams gathered around him. Hamtaro brushed away some rubble, uncovering the faces of Pashmina and Cappy. Their eyes were closed. "Wake up!" shouted Hamtaro, slapping their faces.

"Hamtaro," Bijou sobbed. "I don't zink zey are sleeping."

"What, are they hypnotized or something?"

"Hamtaro," explained Maxwell, his eyes red and swollen. "What Bijou means is…"

"Err…" grumbled Cappy, opening his eyes. The hams were scattered around him with tearstained faces. Dexter and Howdy stood on either side of Pashmina, and Glen hovered over Cappy.

"Cappy, are we dead yet?" mumbled Pashmina, turning to Cappy.

"PASHMINA! CAPPY!" shouted all the ham-hams, nearly squeezing them to death in the process.

"We thought you guys were goners!" cried Panda, wiping his tears.

"Wha- the pirates!" shouted Cappy, suddenly sitting up strait. "We have to get the pirates!"

"The fire like, wiped them all out. You did it, Cappy!" Sandy praised.

"How on earth did you survive?" asked Maxwell, holding out his notebook through massive sobs.

"Well…" started Cappy. He thought about Huntira and the lush green fields. He thought about the soul chest. He though about what Huntira had said, that he and Pashmina had the power of Kitra. Would anybody ever believe him? "I guess it was just a miracle."

"Are we ready to get off this dinky little island?" asked Howdy.

"Yeah, but how?" asked Hamtaro.

"Don't worry guys. I gotcha covered." Sighed Cappy, leading them to the little yellow raft. Glen looked away.

"C'mon Glen. It may not be what you're accustomed to but it's not that bad." Said Pashmina.

"No," said Glen. "It's not that. It's just, I-I wanted to give my brother a, a proper burial."

"Agreed." Said Cappy, starting to walk in the direction of Boss's rock, as they were now calling it.

"How do we lift up the rock?" asked Dexter when they got there.

"I'll do it." Said Cappy. "I'm not going to waste Boss's strength." Cappy lifted the rock, and he saw the most wonderful thing he'd ever seen. Nothing.

"Cappy, what's taking you so-" Glen stopped as he looked under the rock. "Hah! I always knew that Boss wouldn't die that easily! The Boss-man lives on!"

Many cries of triumph were heard from the hams.

"I promise," said Cappy to the sky. "One day, I'll find you Boss."

The hams walked to the dock and boarded the raft. Cappy pressed the locket into Glen's paws. "Here, this belongs to you."

"Nah," said Glen, forcing it back to Cappy. "I think my father would have wanted you to have it."

"Thanks, Gleam- Glen." Cappy smiled, and the hams sailed back to their home, in the clubhouse.

"Those fools," spoke a voice from the bushes. The burnt form of Captain Hambone crawled out from the forest. "I will get that locket, and with it, the destiny sword."

Yep! That's the end! I know, crappy ending but oh well! As promised, here's a sneak peek at Arrgh2 Masters of Destiny.

"Ah, it feels so good to be home!" sighed Cappy, hopping up and down. "Same old room, same old bed, same old clock and- Oh my gosh! It's midnight!"

"We better get some sleep." Said Maxwell, sensibly. "Glen, you can sleep in Boss's room until further notice."

The hams scattered into their own rooms. Cappy slid under his covers. It felt so good to be back with Wilma, Tucker and Jake again that he fell asleep instantly…

"Cappy?" spoke a strong, unrecognizable voice.

"Wha-" Cappy awoke. He opened his eyes to see a floating, glowing figure of a handsome hamster.

"Cappy, I am here to ask your help. I sense that Kitra is in danger!"

Cappy had never seen this man before, but his name rose to the top of Cappy's throat like he'd know him forever.


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