She looked up from her desk as the door opened. "Have a seat, Deck. Nice to see you up and around."

He wasn't fooled by her sweetness. Beneath the candy coated words was pure arsenic. She had her own agenda and Lydecker didn't like it. Sitting in the chair, he set the dark wood cane across his lap.

"She did a good job on you Deck. Are you getting old on us?"

"This soldier was highly trained for ops like this. If your security had been better, she would never have gotten that far."

"You were there, Deck." The last words was spit out of her mouth in a slight of familiarity. "Not only did you let another X-5 slip through your hands, you lost our top breeder, a TX-1, and..." She flipped through a folder in front of her. "Another one who looks even more promising. What do you know about the sister?"

"Just what's in the report. She has some remarkable abilities but we do not know where they originated. We are working on it now."

"Do you think you're up to it?"

Lydecker got up and headed to the door. "I know my mission."

"Be sure you do." She replied. "This may be your last one."

An evil grin appeared on her face as the door closed behind him. She pushed a button and a young Asian man came in. "Is everything ready?"


"You are sure he doesn't know?"


"Good." She said and bounced her fingertips against one another thoughtfully. "Let me know when the arrangements are all made and you are settled."

The man nodded and left the way he came.

Settling back in her chair, Renfro looked at the folders in front of her. Lydecker might be on his way out but the Project was just beginning.

THE END...for now.