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"You WHAT!" Ichigo screamed to Rukia who was busy reading her manga.

"I told you, I signed us up for that ski trip. We're going there next week," she said, not taking her eyes off her manga. "Why you being so hard headed about this? You know how to ski don't you?"

Ichigo looked at her incredulously. "Of course I know how to ski, but that's not the point! I don't want to go skiing!" Rukia flashed her eyes dangerously.

"Because I want to learn how to ski. And you're going to teach me!" Ichigo frowned angrily. It didn't look like he had a choice. Well, without being beaten anyways. "I'm going for a shower," he said and without waiting for a reply he went.

Water shot down on his skin as he thought. Maybe this trip won't be so bad. It will give me some time alone with Rukia…

Ichigo slapped himself. He couldn't believe he actually thought that. These thoughts had a way of creeping up on him a lot lately. He couldn't possibly.. No. Rukia was like a sister to him, he couldn't think that way of a sister. But she does look good…

He slapped himself again. He didn't know when the first time these thoughts started entering his brain but he knew it must've been from the heat or that he was sick or something. He did NOT have feelings for Rukia.


Rukia looked up from her manga. That was easy for once, she thought looking at the door. Usually he would say something stupid that deserved a kick. Rukia guessed that it was because she was training him well.

She could hear the water from inside the shower and Rukia stopped herself just in time before she could think of how Ichigo looked naked. Skiing did sound like fun, that's why she had signed them up. It wasn't like they were going alone. Inoue-san, Sado-kun, Tatsuki-san and two friends of Ichigo's that Rukia couldn't remember. All she could remember was that they were stupid beyond measure.

The shower turned off and Rukia started reading her manga. She didn't want Ichigo to think that she was waiting for him to get out, even though that was the truth. The door opened and Ichigo entered.

"Rukia, it's late. We should be going to bed now. School tomorrow remember?"

Rukia shook her head. "This is a good story! Just wait five minutes." She heard Ichigo grumble and she forced herself not to laugh. It was so fun for her to piss him off, he would act like a little kid.

"Ichigo, do you really want to go on the trip? We don't have to go…" she said looking at him thoughtfully. He nodded and Rukia smiled. I guess he's not such a dinosaur after all…


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